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    28, Everton/Celtic fan based in Liverpool. Likes playing on FM as Celtic for the past couple of years but looking for a fresh game with a new challenge.

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    Scouser - favourite colours are Green (Celtic) Blue (Everton) and Red (politics)

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  1. Why on earth are you NOT playing Scott Brown? His mentals and work rate and tackling and marking are amazing!
  2. How the hell did you set up to beat Rangers 9-0? Did you have another user playing as Rangers with a youth outfield player in goal? Shocked. I beat them 4-3 with Garner getting a hat trick for them (YET HE HARDLY SCORES IN REAL LIFE - again,more unrealism in FM's SPL engine)
  3. Interesting, we have an FM17 thread on TalkCeltic.Net (Celtic Fans Forum) and most of us are sceptical of how 'balanced' (or unrealistic) the SPL is and some in fact of what you saying/claiming because most playing Celtic are struggling. I like yourself vary it on a game by game basis but in 3 straight years of playing FM I've got nowhere in Europe with Celtic, especially in the first season. Unless you where saving and replaying? Near on impossible. Otherwise, some decent tips for me mate and all the lads back at TalkCeltic.Net there, cheers.
  4. Yeah I dont know how you achieved all that mate because no matter how conservative i play in Europe or how attacking/cautious I play in the league we lose more than 4 games a season, only win it by about 6-10 points and get murdered in Europe. The whole SPL In game needs a serious balance and AI change because watching Aberdeen play like Real Madrid and Nial McGinn be the SPLs Messi does not wash.
  5. I dont think its tactics, even when i play conservatively or with a standard mentality or our shape isn't too attacking you get randomly beaten 0-2 at home. Meanwhile, Aberdeen are playing like Real Madrid and Nial McGinn is the best player on planet earth whilst a load of loan signings from the English Championship and youth players from Chelsea are out performing a Celtic team that on ability is full of internationals and clearly light years away in the game and in real life. Not realistic and needs sorting out.
  6. Hi When playing as Liverpool (Or any club who uses their recruitment structure for that matter) why don't targets or signings have to be agreed by the transfers committee or taken from the pool of players scouted and shortlisted as a committee?
  7. Having played as Celtic last few years its immensely irritating the unrealistic 'balance' (rather than imbalance as is the reality) considering the unbeaten run, 19 point gap between them and the 2nd best team (in real life) currently on route to an almost certain 6th in a row League Championship , to find smaller teams in the SPFL in the game score amazing goals or win at home against you despite having 4 shots to your 24 (x3 hitting the bar). I frequently find on Celtic saves no matter have hard or good you are or the team is you seem to lose between 5-8 times a season and this just is NOT realistic and the AI needs to be adjusted to represent that ability gap. Aberdeen are playing like Real Madrid in my save and that is not realistic or faithful to modern football let alone Scottish football.
  8. Hi This option from this year already EXISTS in the game but 95% of the time is NOT clickable/choosable - why? I'd like when signing players at least on free transfers who are injury prone or who are currently injured to be allowed to release them on a free without compensation/by mutual consent if they are seriously injured. This happened with Craig Gordon at Sunderland. Could this be inserted as standard? A similar problem exists with 2 year loan deals which are available in game but hardly ever clickable.
  9. Hi So I've played as Celtic in the past who have Paddy Roberts on a 18 month/2 year loan deal from Man City. AC Milan also loaned a Sevilla player on a 2 year loan deal before eventually signing him 1 year into it. 32 year old Defender but name escapes me. This option EXISTS in the game but 95% of the time is NOT clickable/choosable - why? Could this be inserted as standard? @Neil Brock
  10. In a few recent saves like Rangers did with Joey Barton I've signed players on free transfers on big wages who've ended up not trying, going AWOL or openly disrespecting my authority. I've been unable to discipline them adequately or strongly enough under the limitations of the game. They are on big long term contracts alienating/disharmonizing the rest of the squad with no interest in playing and the game has little scope to deal with this problem. Could the game not allow us to report this behaviour to the board to be dealt with internally through a disciplinary procedure with the ultimate penalty being able to rip up that players contract without compensation (Like Adrian Mutu/Bosnich at Chelsea) or as in Barton's case as Rangers through mutual agreement at a knockdown price? This could also be integrated into the media element of the game when asked why players are misbehaving by being able to ride through the questions with 'its being deal with internally' like Mark Warburton dealt and answered the Joey Barton issue. @Neil Brock
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