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  1. Not sure if anyone else is having that problem, but my game keeps crashing on Auto-Save... Settings: Auto Save = Every Week Auto Save Mode = Rolling Files Save Compressed Save Safely Verify Available Disk Space I had that problem with my first game (before patch)... I started a new game a while after, with the updates installed, and it is still crashing on a good portion of weekly Auto Save... Extremely frustrating...
  2. Yes, I noticed that a while back and posted about it, so it is not only you with that issue...
  3. Thanks for all the answers. I kinda figured it wasn't changing as previous versions but it doesn't hurt to ask...
  4. First of all, let me thank you for bringing this game back from the dead. I was still playing the old one and I am really enjoying this new version !!! I have now completed 3 full seasons and almost at training camp for 4th season and have yet to see the NHL salary cap change, up or down. I do believe that they review it every year in RL NHL... Am I missing something? I know that I can change the cap at the start of a game, but is EHM not gonna change the cap at some point? It's getting real hard to keep up with the long contracts and rising salaries. My team allows me 87M+ for salaries, but the league has not budged from 73M. I don't mean to make it sky high, but just to fluctuate up or down as the real NHL does. If the game does not currently change it, is there a mod out there that could do that? Is SI/EHM planning on adding this with a future patch?
  5. Guess not !!! Game just crashed again, different issue this time... Game crashed but no error message, so I guess I am looking for another bug :-(
  6. Finally found what was crashing my game... While playing any NHL teams , go to "NHL Team Name" Front Office (works for every team in NHL)... If I change any of the 4 sections to "Waiver Wire", game crashes when I click on "Waiver Wire" Error message: get_comp_colours():pcomp passed in null Edit: Windows 10 before you ask... lol
  7. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue. This is the 3rd game I try to start and I keep getting kicked out, getting the Windows message Game not responding and tells me it is looking for a solution (it never does). And yes, everything gets updates as soon as they are released (including EHM 1.4 today). 3 games playing the same 3 leagues (NHL - AHL - ECHL) and the same 3 teams (Montreal Canadiens - St.John's IceCaps - Brampton Beast). Many hours wasted. July 19 2018 is the farthest I got so far. VERY FRUSTRATING !!! Really wish I could actually enjoy the game, instead of constantly being let down...
  8. I just finished the first season and noticed that, strangely enough, not all teams play the same amount of games. While the league info states that the "Initial Amount of Games" is 68, the majority of the teams in the AHL played 76 games. Only 5 out of 7 teams in the AHL Pacific Division played 68 games (Stockton, San Jose, San Diego, Bakersfield and Ontario). The remaining 2 teams (San Antonio and Texas) in that division played 76, like the rest of the league.
  9. I just started playing my first game on EHM 1.3, but ran into an issue on my ECHL team. I am currently managing 3 teams as I like to manage the team affiliates when playing NHL teams: Montreal Canadiens(NHL) - St.John's IceCaps (AHL)- Brampton Beast(ECHL). I am having an issue with Brampton specifically. Brampton is counting the salaries of players sent from MTL and SJS as well as actually paying those salaries so they are charged twice (paid by MTL or SJS and Brampton). It also causes issues with hiring players for Brampton, as it brings me at or near salary cap and the board refuses all new contracts. This never happened in the last 3 versions of the game.
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