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  1. Forwards Obvious first-choice striker. Will beast this lad until he becomes world class. Dat Guy Welbz: Glass knees and 'doesn't score enough goals'. Now scarily close to the Man Utd XI Made a name for himself in the lower leagues and recently the BPL. Stupid pace should mean the guy is useful if I can get the service right. Impact sub most probably. The only reason this might all work. Remember 'Give me Zidane and ten blocks of wood'? You get the idea. Will play every game and sub for King or Welbeck when possible to keep fit. Youth Prospects: Greenwood - Crazily two-footed. Lightweight but nippy. Will learn from the best (and Josh King) and hopefully become the next Rashford. Wilson - Will get lots of U23 games this year. A pacy finisher is usually useful. Summary: Ronnie and Rashy should play almost every game. Impact subs are there if they stay fit. I've heard tales of CR7 playing 'til he's 40 so the forward line looks solid for now. If Mason Greenwood develops then even better! Just pray no injuries...
  2. Midfielders Jack of all trades type player. Will be shoehorned into a DM role for this year and get the occasional chances in CM as cover. Likely starter. A player I used to love to watch. Gets another shot at the 11 shirt. Flair player who could shine if he gets the right kind of start. Not everyone's favourite player. Tagged as 'professional' and should prove to be a steady player on either flank. A great player in-game and one who will find a home in my first 11. Should play on the wing where his two-footedness will be a threat. Main man and will be expected to boss CM on his own. Need this man-mountain to carry the team and bring out the best in the others. Will be nurtured through each season to get the maximum games out of him. Looking at 50+ starts from him Other midfielders in squad: Fletcher - mentoring and squad dynamics filler. Model citizen should help the youngsters fly straight. Ravel Morrison - Wildcard player. Once better than Pogba, Lingard, blah, blah, blah... Will retrain as a winger and give plenty of late-game action. 20 flair could turn a game - if he turns up. Robbie Brady - Talented left-footer. Can play all along the flank but curls a nice ball and should cover Januzaj if he's not doing it. Wayne Rooney - He's back and (not) better than ever! The sluggish workhorse should provide competition for places and is a natural CM now. Would love to see a classic long range worldy but something tells me he's not got it in him. Youth Prospects: Lots to go on here. The future is bright! Garner - Youngster will play U18s but with a need for a DM may find he's fast-tracked into first team action. McTominay - This guy should be first team potential very soon. Will have Drinkwater sweating on his place. CM is light so will see action this season. Gomes - Will get plenty of substitute action as I love his flair, pace and dribbling. Will get him learning from *gulp* Jesse Lingard. Chong - In here as he is a midfielder but I see his future up top. Will play U23s this year. Gribbin - Another tricky dribbler. Will learn to play wings whilst in U23s. Harrop - Brought back to fill out youth squads. Wait and see. Lawrence - 24 now so probably not likely to develop any more. If he improves just a little I can see him as an excellent squad player. Plays anywhere in midfield. Summary: Starting midfielders all a good age. Tons of talent from the academy here. If one or two make it big we will have improvements on the starting XI. Lacking a proper DM and a world class winger so youth will be important.
  3. Defenders One of my strongest defenders and a player I personally love. Embodies the heart and passion that comes from representing the club you support/grew up at. One of the best English left backs around. Should be a mainstay for years to come. Spent enough time here as a youth to qualify as home-grown. Left due to the unbreakable Rio-Vidic axis. Surprised by some shaky physical attributes but still has some gas in the tank and may step into DM in my formation once the youths start to come through. Never should have been let go. The classy Northern Irish returns. Will need to be wrapped in cotton wool to ensure historical injury problems do not ruin him. Will be an important player for us. Other defenders present in the squad: Michael Keane - A few rungs below my first choice back 2 on the ladder. Should provide cover Fabio - I couldn't leave Rafa's twin behind. Injury prone, again. Very attacking cover on both flanks. Danny Simpson - Backup. Will only be used in emergencies. Youth prospects: Lots of potential here, which is good as both first choice CBs are getting on. Tuanzebe - Will be blooded this year and should overtake Keane in the pecking order. Borthwick-Jackson - Previous academy player of the year. Should see action in U23s. Fosu-Mensah - Physical specimen, but is there a footballer in there? U23s Laird - High hopes for this lad. Awesome physicals and determination. U18s Mitchell - Never had this player develop. One to watch in the U23s. Summary: Defence looks in good hands for the future. Only question is if Pique and Evans can hold it together until some of the youngsters come of age.
  4. Goalkeepers A weak area. Heaton will likely be backup. Although both keepers might get their chance throughout the season My proposed number 1. Weak in some areas, average in others. This little-known academy graduate should hold the fort for one season at least. This is the man I see as our medium-term keeper. Hopefully a good season at Sheffield United will see him develop and overtake RRZ as undisputed GK for season 2.
  5. In reaction to the recent underachievement and lack of direction at my beloved Man Utd I've been rewatching clips of the great United teams of the past. What stands out more than any other factor is that there really is no substitute for a love of the club. When players are invested in the club they are closer to the fans and this is what football should be about. Think: Gerrard sweating blood for LFC, dragging them over the line with JC putting his body on the line to protect the lead; Hibbert and his unwavering loyalty and love for EFC; Class of 92/Giggs digging in for MUFC when the going gets tough; Coppinger and his passion for Donny Rovers injecting him with unwavering stamina when his body should be crumpling against players half his age. So my basic premise is this: I will manage my Man Utd following on from a revolutionary and drastic move in the transfer market. ALL players at the club have been released, with the exception of under 18s and home grown players. To fill the squad, a blank cheque is written and the manager is tasked with choosing his new squad from any player in world football who has graduated from the MUFC Academy. In game terms, this means the player must have spent three years at the club before his 21st birthday. I spent a little time filling out a squad in my head before undertaking this task and determined the team would be competitive enough to get the ball rolling. Bringing through the youth currently at the academy along with a few positive intakes should see the club push on and compete at the elite level with a team who love the club and would die defending it! On to the squad...
  6. Unsettled him, made him number one priority and had darmian keep chatting to the press. He became unhappy and got himself transfer listed. Gonna get DDG off the wage bill this summer and finally promote him. Oh yeah and this just happened on winter transfer deadline day. Accept?Could replace him with Luis from the U23s. Can't see anyone in the world I would choose to replace him with. He doesn't get a lot of game time but I like how physical and rounded he is...
  7. Transfer dealings below (S2 is in two parts) You can see how I started with intentions of youth and having a nearly entirely HG team but became enticed by the superstars and the fun you can have at Utd. My long term dream is still to shift out all the expensive talent and create a HG team. Often get an almost entirely HG XI out on the pitch and they're really competitive. PSG are my friends
  8. Gotta say, Ronaldo bangs them in and dominates like a slightly superior Zlatan but Messi's not having a great first few weeks (by his/my standards). Surprised to see him complacent in matches, thought his hidden attributes would be golden! Tactics:
  9. Wage budget's not too bad. Although bigger than I've ever had before it's manageable for Utd. I'm strategically hardline with wages. Nobody gets any new contracts until I say so, usually in their final 18 months and then they're tied down for 5-8 years on the lowest wage they'll take. Wages are below. I've also done the Chelsea style talent farm thing so have a little coming in from that each month, plus a couple of very high sales. PSG came in with 80m for Micky after season 1 and I made sure to get good money for all the deadwood. Having looked t it now, those wages look ridiculous with Ronaldo/Messi at the top! :s
  10. I am managing ManUtd and 2 and a half seasons in. I have poured my time and devotion into this save and worked the transfer market masterfully (if I do say do myself) to accumulate the squad below. I have also swept away all before me using TFF Reaver V4 Tactic with the occasional tweak here and there. (Definitely worth a download if you're a powerhouse team.) So I am in Jan and Ronaldo is available on a pre-contract. I desperately want him in my team and can bring him in now for 2.4m. Home-grown and a legend for me, having grown up watching him develop into a superstar at my boyhood club.However...A random scout on Messi (I always periodically do this throughout any big team save in case his manager sleeps with his wife or something and he gets inexplicably unhappy) and Messi is AVAILABLE! 37m. 31 years old. Both players will come in on 300k p/w contracts with 50% yearly increases (note, I find this is the best way to get a superstar through the door, then offer him a slightly better contract ASAP with the 50% not included and they are always delighted to resign.)Do I confirm both deals? I know Ronaldo will keep going forever and ever but Messi tends to fall to bits in his early 30's. I would probably end up moving on some of Martial, James, Hazard, Memphis to make room so could make back plenty of the money I fork out on these deals as I am already over-stocked on attackers. Feels silly to buy two ageing superstars on big, wage-structure busting deals that I don't really need but the thought of watching Ronaldo cross for a Messi goal and vice versa gives me goosebumps.TL;DR I can sign Ronaldo AND Messi in one window. Irresponsible or Irresistible?Thanks for any feedback in advance!
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