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  1. Max Aarons! Hidden stats must be incredible. I've managed him at Norwich for a few seasons and signed him for United on an old save. Both times became the best RB in the game, highest average ratings in his position across all the top leagues, good pro, constantly training with 9.00+ Whilst his attributes might not all head up past the 15 mark wo he doesn't exactly look like Dani Alves on paper, his strong pace, dribbling, PPMs and solid defensive skills make him almost unbeatable. In the game, he plays a lot like AWB does in real life, but with more threat. Would recommend him for any elite first XI on this game.
  2. Ridiculously well as it happens. Whilst I expected this to take several years to get anywhere, I think the chemistry of having all HG players has given me a bizarre kind of boost as I am in March of S1 and sit 1st in the league! Tactics including the first XI and backup XI Pretty standard Gegenpress with a flat 3 in midfield. In the second screenie I have included the bit-part players in the subs. Squad Stats sorted by Average Rating Some of the youngsters have great ratings due to playing in the cups and weaker prem games, even so, I didn't expect performances like this at all! Competitions overview (as of March 2020) Gutted about the Liverpool final, mainly because the youngsters got me to the final and then the 'first choice XI' lost it. I should have had more cajones and played the kids! Results this season Just about all the cup games were second string as well as alternate games during the hectic winter period. Standout performers Angel Gomes - 20 goals (doesn't matter who they were against, they all count) Weirdly, he has at least 5 scrambled in following some corner-kick pinball. Andreas Pereira - 16 assists. Set-piece boss! Ethan Laird - best fullback. Seems all you need to succeed at FB this year is pace, dribbling and 'gets forward' PPM. Paul Pogba - 19 goal contributions in 32 apps and runs the show. This is following a dismal first 10 games when I couldn't get him firing as a Mezzela. Disappointments Marcus Rashford - Worst performing wide forward. I'm clearly messing something up with tactics - Pogba getting in his way? Yet other players perform much better in the same tactic so not sure. Might try to give him a run up top instead of Greenwood and try to find some form for him. Jonny Evans - Poorest performing CB. Regularly done for pace and beaten in the air. Rafael - bit of a liability at RB but I love the guy. We're strongest with Brandon Williams and Luke Shaw as full-backs but they're my 1st and 2nd choice LBs!
  3. A Home Grown Man Utd Adventure So I started up a new Man Utd save myself recently, as something casual to idly spacebar my way through during lazy summer holidays watching the Marvel movies for the first time. Partly inspired by @Powello 's adventures with youth and also young Brendan Williams, who is my player of the year this season, I made three types of database tweaks before I started with the aim of fielding only players who are HGC. Firstly, I removed all players not Home Grown at Club or not due to become HGC back to where they came from (Sorry Harry, Aaron, Dan). Next, I went through the top 7 variable potential players and fixed their PA to the max it could randomly land on in game. This game will be my last Man Utd save this year, designed to see how far our current crop could go if they reached their absolute ceiling as determined by the game so I don't mind some cheeky thumbing of the scales in this regard. Tiny PA spoilers here as I'm listing who those most promising players are, as well as seeing them present in my squad in screenshots, although I think anyone on this thread will already have a good grasp on who our top youth are. Anyway the 7 players who's PA become fixed are as follows. Finally, I added 300m to the club finances to compensate for all the players sent back to their previous clubs and ensure we weren't overly shortchanged by my shenanigans. For realism, it would've been better to arrange future transfers out, with accurate fees, for all departing players set up a few days after the start of the save but that was a few too many extra clicks for my liking. The game actually calculated all the outgoings at nearly 600m of talent Now I am ready for my Home Grown adventure, I will outline my self imposed rules. Any player present in the squad must be classed as Home Grown at Club for the purposes of European registration - this means they have spent (or will spend) 3 years at MUFC before their 21st birthday. All future signings must adhere to these rules. That means any incoming players must be classed as HGC already or <18years old, so that they can qualify as HGC. Any young players coming in that are not yet HGC must not have any senior appearances for any other teams, so they start their footballing careers and make their fist professional appearance at Utd. (The glitch in the matrix - I'm not sure if this is accurate to real life or poor wording on the part of the game but I will try to explain... According to FM, in order to be classed as Home Grown at Club a player must have 'been trained at the club for 3 years between his 15th and 21st birthdays'. This would suggest the oldest a player can be to qualify is 18yrs 0days. However, provided a player joins before his 19th birthday, they still qualify. This means a player joining aged 18yrs 364days will only spend 2 years and 1 day trained at the club before his 21st birthday. This means that for my game, anyone aged younger than 19 who has never played for another team is fair game.) Signings - Having released the majority of the youth players with very little potential and having some glaring gaps and weaknesses in the squad, signings were required to flesh out youth teams and provide depth. Over the course of the season 4 seasoned pros have returned to the club that made them along with 9 young signings to provide backup to the squad. Darren Fletcher - Exceptional tutor who may get some pitch time. Nohan Kenneh - 16yrs Noah Katterbach - 18yrs Jude Bellingham - 16yrs Nathan Ferguson - 18yrs Marco Kana - 16yrs Rafael Da Silva - probable first choice RB Jonny Evans - brought in to nurture young defense and captain the team Troy Parrott - 17yrs Signings Jan Stefano Turati - 18yrs Marten Vandevoordt - 17yrs Cristiano Ronaldo - Hassled him all season and became interested in Dec. Woodward sorted his wages at only 475k/week!? Faustino Anjorin - 18yrs Some screenshots to show how it's going so far in the next post...
  4. Going okay so far. Sat top after half a dozen games or so. Little bit of a wobble recently, having lost Kuszack to a long term injury and coping with suspension and minor injuries to both Huddlestone and Davies who have been solid at the back. Nemeth has been THE MAN! Finishing chances like prime Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Rooney is class and keeps us ticking over, involved in just about every decent attack and often assisting the assister. Olsson and Hutton have been brilliant at full back. My greatest surprise has been MGP. His set pieces are awesome. He plays Rooney's DLP role against weaker teams or when Rooney needs a rest. Those two are like Xabi Alonso and Pirlo in this league. Ndoye has come in next to Rooney recently and is a good foil for him, providing physicality and fitness. Final player of note is Dejagah - goal threat and very direct, he's been my strongest winger so far. These elder statesmen are definitely holding their own. Not been embarrassed yet.
  5. 4 games played... Huddersfield 2-1 win (Davies, Rooney) Swansea 2-0 win (MGP, Rooney) Salford 1-1 win with penalties (shojaei) Stoke 1-1 draw (Bendtner) Rooney's two goals were both 85mins+. His clever movement and composed finishing getting a goal on the break having been pushed up. Looking forward to the season so far!
  6. Going into the first game of the season we have a settled squad of aging former superstars and obscure journeymen. Found two awesome (for 30+) wingers so have adapted to a 4,4,2 with AML/R to get them in the game and give lots of service to our largely immobile strikeforce. Tempted to try out a 4,3,3 with a DM and AMR/L to get bodies in the midfield but my natural instinct says attack. Kuszack - Hamer Abate - Hutton - Anya (long term injury) Olsson - Forsyth - Traore (currently 29, 30 in September) Huddlestone - Davies - Kadlec - Spiranovic Fletcher - Mulumbu - Jedinak - Ndoye (injured until September/October) Rooney - Gamst Pedersen - Ledley - Ireland Dejagah - McLearey (loan) Assiadi - Shojaei - Holmes (loan) Bendtner - Nemeth - McCormack - Martin - Eduardo With all fully fit it might be an idea to play Rooney up top with one of the other 4 and bring Ireland into the creative DLP role as he is the most mobile midfielder we have. For weaker teams Gamst could occupy this role as his technicals and mentals are very strong. Having Ndoye fit will make a big difference as he is strong and physical in a way none of our other players are. I like the idea of having my two Iranians making a big mark on the English league as an interesting story, although Shojaei isn't perfectly suited to AML but he has some great attributes so I'd love to get the most out of him. We look very strong at fullback, and our first choice CB pairing is (slow, but) very strong aerially and decent on the ball. We have plenty of bodies in CM to counter fatigue. Not a lot of mobility, as you'd expect but a good blend of destruction and creation. Dejagah and Assiadi should be good players at this level, although lacking the pace to get behind. Our strikers are all decent enough finishers with different playing styles, although Nemeth boasting 12 pace and 13 acceleration is the most mobile. Bendtner should be dominant in the air if he gets service. These are my preferred partnership if Wayne is bossing midfield. Would love a CB, Winger and Forward with real pace to round out the squad but not found anything so far. I have scouted players turning 30 around the next transfer window and there's some potentially very strong additions who would improve what we've got at the moment. New laptop unboxed yesterday so excited to get going with it after a couple of weeks forced hiatus.
  7. Appreciate the link Smurf. As you can imagine, you’ve set a challenge and I’ve spent the last couple of hours educating myself and trying to beat your deal. The processor on the Acer you linked ranks about 100 in the list and I’ve found one which is comparable in all specs but has an i5 10300h cpu (ranks around 75) and the graphics card might be slightly better too, although comparisons are hard to find as the newer card has only been out a couple of months (gtx1650ti vs gtx1650) i did all these comparisons and then saw this laptop is currently out of stock (figures). That aside, does this one look like an improvement over the Acer you linked, or have I cocked something up with my research and comparisons? https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/lenovo-series-3-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i5-gtx-1650-ti-256-gb-ssd-10206064-pdt.html Sidebar: is there an easier way of knowing how good a processor is when browsing than constantly referring back to Notebookcheck.net?
  8. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-nitro-5-15-6-gaming-laptop-amd-ryzen-5-gtx-1650-256-gb-ssd-10205931-pdt.html Hi all. firstly, this is an incredible thread. As someone who knows little about computers, the information available here and the advice is a godsend. I have a 2013 MacBook Pro which has ploughed on for me these last seven years but is giving up the ghost and now in need of its third new charger so the time has come to move on. Having never needed a Mac, I now understand that a windows machine will be much better for my needs! Im looking for something which will handle the brutality of running FM all day long on weekends, whilst also fitting in the very occasional game of theme hospital, civilisation or other lower intensity video games from time to time, browsing the net and watching YouTube etc. Budget could stretch but if something could do us a good job for 600-800 I’d be thrilled. Hoping to get into something which will serve well and happy to pay a bit more to future proof. The above deal seems to tick all the right boxes but I’m sure I’m missing something obvious as it seems too good for the price. Would appreciate any advice or feedback on it. Thanks.
  9. Daniels has a nasty injury on my DB. Have Abate on the way in atm and Olsson for LB. Deperate for Efe Ambrose at CB but didn't realise he spent last season with the Rams already so he won't speak to me. This is proving harder than I thought!
  10. Ha! That's a lovely turn of phrase. My thinking behind these supreme golden oldies is they should have enough to drag me up to the big time as one last hurrah. Then once we're in the top league those thirty year olds will be more affordable and more accessible. I've committed to Derby and they have a 10m budget plus what I can make from selling 20 player out of the first team, so I actually could punt for some decent and physical championship 30 year olds if anyone has any recommendations? Douglas turns 30 before the window shuts and would be a top option at LB so happy to spend a bit of money there if I can prise him away from Leeds. I did think this about Italy but my knowledge of Italian football and tactics is not the greatest. My 'unfit genius' Rooney also has something to do with it as I think it'd be great to play a game with him one last time.
  11. I know we're deviating from the thread somewhat, but would you be able to screenshot Branthwaite's attributes? He's a really appealing player this year and I'm interested to see how other have got on developing him. That's a beast of a squad you've put together there. Love it! You should give some serious thought to Aarons at RB - I have a Norwich save (so I have developed him from the start) where he has become an absolute beast - think Bellerin a couple of seasons back when he was unplayable (and unsignable!) If I was putting together an English team to dominate, I would happily spend 60m on him if I had to (and couldn't get near Trent). Another young English player I would recommend is Adebayario?sp? from City - his contract might be up at the end of this season for you, although you look incredibly well stocked in that department already! Also, if you haven't had a look at Tyler Magloire, you should. He is the fastest player on the game until Mbappe hits 20/20 and would make a really interesting player to develop on an English only squad. You must be watching Foden like a hawk! Keep hoping City mismanage their squad and he ends up shunted out.
  12. The dream - Reasonably realistic transfers for S1 (or 2) Robinho - 36 Murray - 35 (On loan? Thanks for the shout, CaptCanuk) Dani Alves - 36 (would he return to Europe?) Buffon - 41! (Out of contract if we go up) Quaresma - 35 (20 crossing, 17 dribbling) Mulgrew - 33 Figueroa - 36 (CB who can score from halfway) Riise - 38 (yes, him) Emre Belozoglu 38 (incredible technical and mental attributes) Wes Morgan - 35 (Premier League winner - on loan?) Scott Brown - 34 (might be tempted if we go up) Akinfenwa - 37 (do a job for a year?) Turan - 32 (Awful physicals, worth a punt?)
  13. Key targets on Free Transfer: GK: Bogdan, Kuszkzac RB: Hutton, Sagna, Max Perreira, Maicon (Will he get WP?) CB: Ambrose, Bakery Kone, LB: Olsson, Olsson, Traore, Coentrao (will he lower himself to Championship?) CM: Jedinak, Ogu, Fletcher, Ki Sung Yeung, Ndoye, AM: Ireland, Morten Gamst Pedersen (potential star player?), Tshabalala (anyone remember SA World Cup???), Assaidi ST: Lord Bendtner, McCormack, Eduardo (SNAP!) Offers will be made on all these players. I think older wingers will be hard to come by so will look to find an effective tactic with play through the middle and rely on wing backs for width. Any suggestions with this very welcome! Have never played without wingers before. Efe Ambrose would be a dream Libero if I can find a three at the back tactic (would require some more CBs first)
  14. Actually, Wednesday only have two players over thirty (not counting GKs who are easy to find) Derby have 6 (although Anya has a long-term injury), including Rooney and Huddlestone who ought to dominate the ball. I think Leeds are the other contender, with the above mentioned players looking some of the best in the league. Those young players in the squad are immense and they will become brilliant players bur for this challenge they will make a few quid in season one to supplement the squad.
  15. Tried him there and he played well. If you blasted his creativity from day one he'd make a class deep lying playmaker! He is a top, top player, but has the one weakness which you've identified. You might be able to incorporate a weaker aerial CB into your tactic, but I can't so he won't cut it at an elite team for me. He could make a really good DM as Luke says above, and is a VERY effective full back too, but if I were choosing a CB from your list it'd be Demi all day. My CBs need to stop attacks high up the pitch and recycle possession reliably so I can play an adventurous and high press. Having a key CB lose a header in that area is deadly for my teams. Home grown in England though, don't discount that factor.
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