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  1. check Czech Republic regens, in my save I was able to found a couple of gems, they're incredibly cheap too
  2. You know I'm Juve, with Ronaldo.. I'm sure giving it a go, just to make my save a bit more interesting
  3. i've actually tried a Guardiola-like system with 2 CB, 2 IWB in the DM strata and found it quite cool
  4. Man I must ask you the link of it, it'll be so damn interesting
  5. Try something like a WW system? I don't like the idea of the 235, I mean, that's the real root of football, but it's basically impossibile to applicate in modern football
  6. Hello everyone! On my way to university I started thinking about something I can do to enjoy even more my Juventus save. I came up with the idea of trying to recreate the famous WM system made famous by Herbert Chapman; my first idea is: Gk(d) Fb(d) Cb(d) Fb(d) (I might end up using DFB even though I don't really like the idea) AM(d)x2 (or maybe HB?) Winger(A) SS(a) AP(s) Winger(a) (That's probably a bad idea, but I wanted to create movement in the AMC section in order to create space for the AP) DLF(a)/F9(s)/CF(s) (I don't really know, just a player who doesn't have problems with passing the ball to teammates ) Any suggestion will be really appreciated (forgot team shape and mentality , I think flexible/control or fluid/standard might be adequate)
  7. Sampdoria and uses 4-3-1-2 IRL, Maurizio Sarri started his Serie A career with it, he wanted to employ it at Napoli too, but his players were too much 4-3-3 oriented and he decided to switch
  8. What about Crvena Zvezda AKA Red Star Belgrade? That's a team with a great past, a not so great present, it can be an interesting challenge
  9. I've always liked the look of Marc-Oliver Kempf irl, I don't know how he's in the game, but i thing you could give him a look. You can look up to teams who got relegated and steal their better players, you know, i managed to get Grifo for nothing and he turned out to be an incredible player; Bundesliga is anazing if you're looking for young talented players Don't forget to check transfer listed players or free agents, you can find gems every now and then. (btw, congratulation!)
  10. Does a fluid team shape increase or decrease the gap between the flat lines of a 442 rather than a flexible one? Thank you
  11. I don't think Elneny with his comes deep to get the ball is a good choice as a B2B; I think you need more of a runner in that position and Elneny isn't.. You already have 3 CD, so I'll try to get Geis more involved in the offensive build up moving him as a DLP(s) rather than (d)
  12. Actually I clicked Pass ball into space by mistake while taking the screenshot, so it's disabled
  13. Basically I think I'm not conceding because of my exceptional defenders.. I tweaked the 442 a little bit more, pushing up the d-line, marking tight and with a very fluid mentality (That is, as I understood, the amount of freedom the players have). I indeed changed the WM to attack duty, I moved the playmaker to the MC strata, making him a DLP(s), I changed the Trequartista to a more customizable AM(a) and the striker to a CF(s), I tried to get more movement in the attacking third and after loads of tweaks I think I got this (Sorry for my English that may not be exceptional )
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