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  1. No wonder you won the league if you're playing with 12... Still great work though and I like the signings.
  2. Ah ha - nah bother. I love this guy and if Arsenal (by some miracle got him in real life...)
  3. It's just Erling Haaland....very realistic he came to Arsenal! Wil try and get to preseason this weekend and share some approaches but my main enjoyment so far has been how much better we keep possession with an AMC compared to a DM. One thing I would like to try and create is a bit of a recreation of the Arsenal invincibles team who used to overload the left with Cole, Pires and Henry. I'm trying to do it on the right though to take more advantage of Aarons and Bellerin. As such, i am wondering if I can have an AP (with roaming) on the right and a Treq in the middle. We shall see...
  4. Good to know, thank you. I did have Haaland as a AF(A) previously but had dropped him back a bit to get him more involved. But that was when I had 2MC and a DM.
  5. Enjoying this thread and well timed as I have just finished my third season with Arsenal and once again limped into fourth and have been desperately trying to make a 41221 work. But, it seems like the AMC is stronger in FM21 than it was in FM20 (looking at it from a distance) so I experimented with this at the very end of the season and it looked pretty promising...
  6. Finally finished third season and I'm continuing to struggle (but the Board remain delighted as I am ahead of their gentle schedule). Season ended like this: We had some good results but away from home we really struggled and eventually limped into fourth place to get back into the Champions League. However, at the end of the season I may have finally found a system worth sticking with: The plan for this offseason is get a bit brutal with the squad and the likes of Holding, Maitland-Niles and others will be on their way out. So far, I have made a move for Upamecano (original I know) but otherwise I am convinced the team is good enough to do better. We shall see...
  7. Apologies, I know this is slightly off topic but how do you produce these?
  8. And this is a slightly updated tactic. Belatedly added 'Stay Wider' for the CBs too.
  9. Hi all Been floating around this forum in recent months but have come back to this idea as it's the one I really want to make work. Below is my current system followed by a few average position examples. As you can see - creating the '3' isn't too difficult by including a HB. But I am really struggling to get the '1' and the '6' to work properly. I'm pretty sure the B2B isn't correct - so may just try a CM(A) but welcome any other thoughts? In terms of PIs: CB: Fewer risks WBs: Stay Wider B2B: Get further forward AML/AMR: Sit narrower and roam from position
  10. Thank you. As much as I would love to copy it - I thought that was probably going to be too easy/hopeful. Will have a play and report back...
  11. Hi - really enjoyed catching up with this thread in recent weeks. You've basically done precisely what I would love to do with Arsenal in my save - but failed/failing miserably. I know you've talked before about still using FM18 and preferring that versions Tactics Creator - but do you think that lovely 3-1-6 possession tactic would directly port to FM21 without being able to set the team as Structured overall. Either way, I am going to try and create it myself but welcome any thoughts you may have had...
  12. I've got an Italian guy called....Martusciello (spelling - something like that). Great stats. If you google to FM Scout there is a (semi-cheating) table of AMs
  13. Thank you. I take your point but I am looking at how to keep improving and possession is the obvious one. Plus, if we are solid without the ball then we can be even more solid if we reduce the amount of time the opposition has the ball for. Assuming both can be done, of course.
  14. Hi all Good to see all the replies on here - much appreciated. I thought I would update on progress in case it is helpful to others and also for my own selfish improvements too. So - first of all - this is the system I ended up trialling. A very limited number of PIs: FB - Stay Wider IW - Sit Narrower FC, AMR, AML and both MCs - Close Down More & Tackle Harder As you can see, familiarity is still probably only OK but results have been good: Now - a few analysis screenshots followed by an analysis: First game: The Villa and the Palace games weren't as close as xG would suggest - both games they had a bit of a scramble off a corner with a couple of blocked shots which seemed to bump that score up. This is the most recent match (ie with the best familiarity) and was away to a Wolves side who are 5th: Summary: In defence - we are really good. As you can see from the average positions and action zones - the opposition tend to have circa 55% possession but its very much in their own half and a long way from my goal. As such, their xG and chances tend to be very low. I think that is down to the very helpful advice from @denen123in that our front five press well to restruct time on the ball and because my five behind that are well set and not going too far it is difficult to make inroads... In attack - Having Haaland is basically a cheat code. But also, the removal of a lot of TIs is clearly giving more freedom to my attacking players. The introduction of the Wide AP is brilliant so thank you to @lfds89 as it is it never a role I have tried to use before. Next steps Don't touch the out of possession instructions - they seem to be working nicely. I would, however, like to get my possession up quite a bit. On average, I sit at about 45-49% and I would like to get that up to 55%. Sadly, the possession network in the analysis is Kaput so it's tricky to know where my issue but going on the below - it might be that Haaland is too far forward and some of my attacks break down in that final phase: The obvious answer here is to drop Haaland back a bit but he has scored 13 goals in 9 games. With some lovely runs off the back of the defence. I don't know if something like a CF or DLF (but both on attack) might help him be a bit more of a conduit in the build up without losing that attacking impetus too? If anyone has any views - very welcome. If not, hope this is a useful update and a thank you.
  15. Just out of interest...does anyone use any downloaded training schedules or approaches?
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