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  1. Has anyone else had problems with loan signings? I had Theo Hernandez on loan and every 8 weeks or so Ancelotti got in touch to complain I was playing him out of the agreed position. I wasn't, I was playing him precisely as a WB. When he complained I tried all options from 'I am playing him in the agreed position' though to 'sorry, I will start' but still he was unhappy. So now, they won't loan him to me again or consider selling him due to the 'bad relationship' between the clubs. Just me?
  2. Sorry, you're in April and have literally won every single game? Sounds like Diablo!
  3. I'll also have to confess I feel a little dirty using someone's else tactics. I usually refuse but I've really struggled with FM19. My usual 41221 was really toothless up front and I really struggled to change that. Your two tactics are lovely though and I've slightly eased my conscience with a few tweaks for my players (No Ozil or Mkhi for example). Thanks!
  4. Yep! Well, about 90% of it - I have changed some of the defensive settings and a couple of player specific instructions but otherwise all the same - much appreciated. Just to add - your throw in set up is lethal!
  5. Had to share this quickly. Coming to the end of the second season, next game is home to Spurs - a North London derby in April between first and second: And this is how the game ended.... Update: Spurs lost their next game to bottom of the table Newcastle. They're broken.
  6. Amazing result. Quite keen to have a look at the tactic. Which one were you using?
  7. Good grief, he's incredible. And somehow it's more fun if they are Brazilian. In my mind anyway!
  8. I am a little excited about these two I have signed for Arsenal. Just the £5.5m and joining me in a weeks time (January of Season 2): But this lad...I have to wait 12 months to get him but look at those stats vice age! And his release fee was only £7.5m
  9. Just wanted to share these two regens I have signed. The first arrives during January of season 2 (only cost £5.5m). The second is mega exciting (check out stats vice age!) but I'll need to wait another 12 months (amazingly, his minimum fee was only £7.5m!)
  10. It seems a bit random to me. I asked my DoF to sign Tonali and he agreed a fee but then not the contract. I went straight back and was allowed to talk to him and agree a better contract. However, same thing happened again with a regen. The club then rejected the same offer but eventually accepted a deal for an additional £5m but the player won't discuss anything. Sorry not much help, I would just keep trying every couple of weeks
  11. I just thought I would update on my progress with this approach. I was finding that we had decent possession but we weren't actually doing much with it - just passing for passing sake. So, I made some tweaks and just sharing here in case it is useful - but in the overall spirit of @herne79 approach. We still have circa 65% possession but actually get plenty of shots on goal too.
  12. Only discovered this thread the other day and the timing was amazing as I was right in the midst of trying to create my own attacking tiki-taka type setup with Arsenal in second season. This has been so unbelievably useful so a massive thank you to @herne79 I just thought I would share my approach and first two results: First game with the new system was away to West Brom. Given they are newly promoted I stuck with 'Positive'. Our possession was brilliant. They did have 3 CCCs but 2 of those came on the same corner and their goal was a massive long ball over the top (which was a little worrying in terms of the Defensive Line but I'll put it down to the new system). I'm mostly delighted with the possession and passes completed: The following game was home to Leicester. Excellent possession again but have a look at their shots...domination I'm going to preset a 'Cautious' version of this set up too because I am a little lazy but just wanted to say a massive thank you!
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