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  1. Finished 2025/26 season. It was a bit of a strange one as we were absolutely dominant up until about February and looked odds on to go unbeaten - smashing United 3-0 and Liverpool 4-1 - but something happened in the last few months of the season and we looked very ordinary in a lot of games, particularly away from home. My CM ratings dropped to circa 6.7 consistently and we were helped by a league high 16 penalties and general great goal scoring from Mbappe. I think we may need a new tactic for next season - which is a little daunting after this one has been so good - but will see what I can cobble together. Details here:
  2. Had the most ridiculous first leg at Lazio in the Champions League but not to worry I thought - will get them at home...
  3. Hi all Just a quick one but this must be the third year in a row I have had this sort of message about my youth intake: Has anyone managed to get better intakes regularly? This is my set up and BFG is still Head of Youth Development. Welcome any ideas!? Unless I just need to put up with it? The likes of City, Liverpool, RBL, Anderlecht etc still seem to keep churning out 4 and 5 star players each year.
  4. Nice update and nice system, looks a good match for Arteta but also cool in its own right. Good luck
  5. I tend to prioritise speed and acceleration. Height is a nice bonus. Agree on Gonzalez too - I use him as a W(A) at the moment though as it suits my system.
  6. While I am here - these are my other best regens (a couple are just back from injuries, hence the down arrows) Gonzalez, Blaizel and Altekamp are probably the absolute picks of the bunch.
  7. Hi all Just realised I never updated on the end of my last season, chasing 100 points for the first time: Pleased with that, although our cup competitions were poor and Liverpool knocked us out of CL in the QFs and the FA Cup 3rd Round. The bright side though is that Liverpool failing to win the league for 2 years in a row means Klopp (my nemesis) has gone. He's been replaced by Simeone and it's not started well! Lastly, I just wanted to share this regen. My scouts found him 2 seasons ago and I did have to pay £68m to get him out of Benfica but look at those stats after 2 seasons with a 5* coaching team. Even got him some nice PPMs to play the Mez(A) role. and rewarded him with the #7 shirt (yes, I am that sad and spend time on shirt numbers!).
  8. This is a change to my previous five seasons... Chasing the City 100 points record:
  9. On Fm19 I bumped up the expansion possibility to 85k (bored) and the board used it almost immediately...
  10. Bravo - 55 goals in particular is amazing. What sort of system are you playing with him?
  11. I've got a brilliant young striker in my game and I am trying to mould him into a F9. He's got the requisite stats and the team has very high familiarity with the tactic too. I am wondering if there are any standard PPMs which would be useful for him to develop to become a better F9 but also (and this might be the tricky bit) encourage him to get his fair share of goals too. I was wondering about things like 'break offside trap' perhaps...?
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