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  1. Counter press specifically applies to when your team has just lost the ball and they try to win it back immediately. The other is just general pressing intensity
  2. I'm midway through Season 4 and the board just arranged two friendlies in December... I thought there must be an error but its 2022 World Cup isn't it! Anyone got that far in? I don't feel like I've had a particularly packed first few months so will I have packed in games after Christmas??
  3. A great save and approach to a career. Tried to do something similar on my Arsenal save but I like making statement signings too much! Would love to see if you can make this work on FM20 too but appreciate your feelings on the team structure stuff.
  4. Anyone come across these two before? Don't think I have seen them mentioned before. This fella is joining me: And I think I am getting this guy too because he looks too good to go somewhere else. That will give me a CM stable of Fernandes, Olmo, Luis, Torreira, Guendouzi...
  5. Champions League final - trying to get something out of the season. Youtube not letting me upload but that winner...25 yards - top bins
  6. Doesn't look like Everton came close to doing me a favour...
  7. Sorry, I am going to have to ask...could you explain a little more?
  8. Yeah, loving it. They looked like going down at one point. They replaced Lampard with Michael O'Neil (off of Northern Ireland)...
  9. They're only vaguely tricky game is home to Everton who are up in 6/7th. I think I'm going to be runner up again...
  10. It's happening again... Went and won 1-0 at Spurs to setup home to Liverpool and a chance to knock them out of the running for the league. Alex Telles, for no reason and for the first time this season - gets himself sent off. And then VVD smashes one in from 30 yards. We then miss a succession of chances and so it ends like this: Title back out of my hands:
  11. I have had a rethink and rejig: - Toned down mentality and tempo - Swapped the CAR for a standard B2B. Just to add - I had a Carrilero before as I believed he would shuffle side to side to cover the Mez as well as the ultra attacking CWB and MR - may be incorrect on that front though. - Changed the Anchor Man to a DLP(d) to take advantage of Luis and also (hopefully) have a means of keeping and recycling possession - Pushed Pepe up and gave him his preferred role. Just to add - he was actually doing OK as a MR as the team was so attacking he invariably played as an AMR - Put both fullbacks as WB(s) to provide width and hopefully overlap the AML/R (could also consider pushing them to WB(a) given the DLP and B2B roles providing cover - Bit of a punt here but I have pushed Haaland up to a PF to try and push the opposition back and create space for the Mez, AML/AMR... I have however kept the 'Be More Expressive' as I think I have the quality of players to use that well and I still want to keep the potential for incisive long passes and general 'unpredictability' Things I wanted to do but decided to leave for now: - Give Pepe the PI or 'sit narrower' to create space for Bellerin. - Change Fernandes to a AP(a) as I wonder if the fact the Mez drifts wider will make him and Olmo (or Sancho) sit on top of each other - Protect against long through balls by giving Upamecano a cover duty... Still welcome any thoughts....
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