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  1. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    433 with 4 playmakers sounds good fun - hope you can make it work
  2. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Looks like just the two signings for me between seasons 3 and 4.... Dybala and Arthur. That'll do nicely!
  3. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    I got him on a free at the end of the first season. However, I think that has been changed in subsequent updates and he usually goes for cash. He's not all that amazing - I'd probably save my cash if I was you...
  4. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    I eventually accepted £20mil from Monaco. He's done very little there. Although I did have to sit him on the bench for a season to make him 'want' to leave.
  5. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Evening all, I thought I would update on my third season at Arsenal. It was almost wonderful...almost. Premier League We started off a little dodgy and Chelsea were ludicrous, beating everyone in sight. As I've already shared, we went on a brilliant run around Christmas to get ourselves into the lead. Chelsea just kept winning but fortunately so did we. Our final two games of the season were home to Man Utd (more of them in a moment) and then home to Middlesbrough. We played brilliantly to beat United 3-0 and secure a second successive title: We then faced Middlesbrough at home in the final game - I like to think they gave us a guard of honour on to the pitch - and I rested a couple of players for the matches still to come. Middlesbrough scored in the first half and then Berardi (the d***) two-footed someone on the stroke of half time and was sent off. I changed a few things and gave them a rocket at half time. We came back out much better and equalised quite early doors couldn't get the second goal and it finished 1-1. Why am I telling you this? It ruined my home record and the chance to set a new Premier League record for total points: FA Cup We had a fairly soft road to the final, beating the likes of Charlton, Chesterfield and Leicester in the semi-final. In the final, we faced...Manchester United again. An even first half gave way to an excellent second half and we won comfortably. A double! Only one match left... Champions League We topped our group and then beat Zenit (8-1 on aggregate) Juventus and then Barcelona on route to the final in Amsterdam. Our opponents? Yes, Manchester United again! I was worried when on the eve of the game, Bellerin (Player of the Season) gashed his leg in training. His back up, Chambers then got injured also. Plus, Griezmann and Koulibaly were injured in that final game versus Middlesbrough. But - surely we could beat them again? This game was much more even and tense but we took the lead just after half time through Pereira and then Kean missed a glorious chance to make it 2-0. Suddenly United seemed to switch to counter attacking and were launching balls forward from my corners. Yannick Carrasco scoreda good equaliser to send it to extra time and then scored again right at the start of extra time. Plenty of time I thought...wrong. We ended the game having missed seven (7) half chances and 3 clear cut chances and were made to pay. I don't think I've ever done a Treble on FM - gutted it didn't happen this time round. Plans for the off season - Trim the first team squad. My U23s have won the league twice in a row - time to do some promoting - Despite the success, I feel like the team is missing a 'top top' striker. Lacazette is a little hot and cold and I *think* Griezmann is best on the wing. Dybala became Arsenal's record scorer on FM17 for me but I think his fee is likely to be too high for me - even if I clear the decks to pay for it Sorry for the long post but I'm very sad and like reading end of season reviews so I've done my own here. If you have done so, thanks for reading! Cheers
  6. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Nothing fancy... And I spoke too soon - lost next game away to City...
  7. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    I'll happily post a screenshot tonight when I get home. It's taken me by surprise.
  8. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    I had to share this quickly - pretty sure it's the best run I've ever had. Turned an 8 point deficit into a 6 point lead at the top of the table too:
  9. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    He's next to impossible to directly replace. I sold him on 17 and never managed to replace him. Ended up getting a very attacking LB and a more solid RB... I would just suggest keep giving him new contracts to keep him happy!
  10. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Nice! 8 in FM17 was my record. Currently midway through season 3 now. I think the arrival of a second child has something to do with my slowdown...
  11. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Just by the way - seeing as we all seem to buy him - this went on BBC the other day: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/43134055
  12. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Amazing that. I think my best on 18 so far is only about 5-0
  13. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Season 3 - still in my U23s. I need to bite the bullet and promote him, Nelson and JRA
  14. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    God I hate Allegri. He was he bane of my life on FM17, his Real Madrid team 3 CLs in a row (beating me twice). On 18 he's now at Chelsea. And they're much too good for my liking. It's annoying as Mourinho, Pep, Poch and Klopp all gone to be replaced by lesser managers. I'd honestly be strolling to titles Otherwise! As it is, I had an horrific fixtures list for first 10 games and currently 8 off Chelsea. But if bad fixtures are at the beginning - one might expect a strong run in!
  15. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Good grief. Is that all first season? How are you set up??