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  1. I am continuing my save game from the Beta and Ramsey signed a new contract straight away, with only about £20k extra per week. Having said that, been struggling to get him to play particularly well. Quick question from me - anyone using Maitland-Niles? He reminds me of a young Tommy Svindal Larsson (someone will remember him) in that he can play absolutely everywhere. Just knowing where he is best suited.
  2. It seems to work well, as he just sits there and passes simply. In my opinion, he's massively over rated on FM19 - he has 19 for passing....
  3. No - it's Anchor Man - in the DM position
  4. Hi all, I am about 10 games into my first season and it's going really well - I'm quite worried about what the full release of the game might do the match engine. Playing 4141 DM wide as set out below. I have made some signings but in hindsight, wish I had prioritised a LB instead of another CB but hey ho. Transfers in: Milenkovic (£15mil) Vilhena (£15mil) Chiesa (£45mil - rising to about £65mil potentially) Marin (£2.5mil) Currently top of the league and only conceded one goal - whist scoring 17. Highlight of the season so far was being 3-0 up against Burnley inside the first 8 minutes of the match. GK: Leno (GK-S) DR: Bellerin (WB-S) DC: Mustafi (CD-D) DC: Sokratis (CD-D) DL: Monreal (WB-S) DM: Xhaka (AM-D) MC: Ramsey (Mez) MC: Torreira (DLP-D) AML: Chiesa/Iwobi/Welbeck/Aubameyang (although doesn't work well so far) - IF-A AMR: Ozil/Mkhi (AP-S) CF: Auba/Laca (AF-A) Team instructions wise we use a 'make your own' but is probably closest to the gegen-press instructions. With the ball, Ozil/Mhiki comes well in off the right wing which can create a 5 man midfield (Ozil, 2WBs & 2 MCs) but with Xhaka as AM providing a passing option and defensive security. The forward then pushes right up front, which I was worried would leave them isolated, but actually seems to create space for the midfield. Only slight issue so far is that I am struggling to get much out of whoever plays in the AML position - might need a bit of tweaking still.
  5. BrickCommo23

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Really like the sound of that one - it just doesn't leave any space for Ramsey?A personal fav of mine
  6. BrickCommo23

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    What sort of system you going with? Seems to be the big question this year...
  7. BrickCommo23

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Thanks - going for it now!
  8. BrickCommo23

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    I am usually always a 41221 player but I don't feel the squad is suited to that unfortunately. This time round, the best players at the club are probably the two strikers and a selection of the centre mids. So, my initial plan is a narrow diamond (with plenty of this 'gegenpress' stuff). That should allow Ozil (or Mhiki or Ramsey) to play in the 10 role, both strikers to play in tandem and gets three centre midfielders in too. So the plan is to improve CB, and maybe get a third decent striker. It may all end in tears but it feels a sensible plan to me
  9. BrickCommo23

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    So finally managed to finish my fourth season at Arsenal and it was a lovely one. Premier League It was a tight battle with Man Utd and Chelsea pretty much all season. However, we finished the season strongly, including a 4-1 demolition of Chelsea with 5 games to go and we ended like this: Unfortunately, we did have 2 defeats; away to Spurs (3-0 and ended a long unbeaten streak which was annoying) plus a 2-1 loss at Man City FA Cup As holders of the cup, I wanted to do well again and we had a fairly kind run (except Liverpool at home in the QF's) and made another final. We were excellent and missed 3 CCC's.... Champions League I lost in the final of last year's competition against Man Utd and desperately wanted to go one better this time around. We topped a group of Napoli, Bilbao and Gent with 16 points and then beat: Leverkusen (7-4), Liverpool (4-1), Chelsea (6-4) to face Real Madrid in the final. Defensively we were excellent but Dybala missed 3 CCC's and I was sure we would get a sucker punch in the closing stages as Ronaldo, Bale et al pressed for a winner. However, a Madrid goal kick was played short to Ramos, who dallied on the ball and was tackled by Dybala (who I hadn't had the bottle to replace)... Arsenal's first ever Champions League and first Treble to boot too! Well happy with that. Just need to find some motivation to go again in Season 5 now. I'm considering a few 'galactico' type signings for fun but we shall see. Cheers!
  10. BrickCommo23

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Looks nice! This thread always dies off around now unfortunately. I've just finished season 4 and will do an update tonight hopefully.
  11. BrickCommo23

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Coming towards the end of season 4 and it's tight at the top: I do have a theory that the game likes to create title races - never won the league by 15 points or so. Always seems to be at least one side which goes with you, so to speak.
  12. BrickCommo23

    Help with a tactical tweak...

    Hi, Thanks for the tips and advice. I've taken on board most of them and: - Swapped one IF to W (still support) - Changed the CF to a Complete Forward (attack) - Changed the passing to mixed (from short) For now, I have left stick to positions on because I think that is a big contributor to our (usually) good defensive structure. But if not, that's the next tweak. Only had a chance to play 2 games with the new system. Hammered Everton at home (4-0) and then won 3-0 at West Brom - who are randomly good on my save, managed by Cocu and up in 7th. Dybala is back in the goals too! Early days but looks like it might be a good one! Cheers
  13. BrickCommo23

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Just in case anyone is interested or wants to be helpful - I have just posted this in the Tactics forum:
  14. Hi all, This is hopefully not another one of those "fix my tactic for me" sort of posts but - I am after a little bit of assistance. So, I am in season 4 with Arsenal and have been using the below tactic for the last two seasons. It has worked very well and we've won the last two league titles, and narrowly missed out on the Champions League. However, in season 4 - it's struggling a little. I don't think it's a terrible tactic by any means but I'm after some tinkering help to improve it. There are 2 main issues: 1- Away from home it's really poor at creating chances. Defensively it is fairly solid but we regularly have ratings around 6.4-6.6 for the front three. I think this is related to the limitations of the system. When we are at home, we camp outside the opposition box and our chances tend to come from overlapping full backs and late runs from central midfield beyond the striker. When we are away, we struggle to keep possession that far up the pitch and I think the whole team becomes too spread out and cannot keep possession. My obvious thoughts for that are to push the D-Line higher and try retain possession? 2 - My best players have always been Savic (same as everyone else), Bellerin, Tierney (or Alba) and occasionally my AML (either Kean or Griezmann). The only position I tended to struggle with was my CF. Who had been Lacazette, playing as a DLF(A). So, I reasoned in the summer that I needed a striker whose link up play was better and more capable of weighing in with assists for the wingers and Savic. I eventually opted for Dybala (mainly as a throwback to when I had in FM17 and he broke Henry's records). He's had a few good games but when he doesn't score - his rating is 6.5 at best. I think I am just struggling to get him involved. So, I have tried some other roles (such as trying him as a Treq in the screenshot below) but I am still left with the same issue unfortunately. Don't suppose anyone can recommend anything on that front too? Thanks all - welcome any views.
  15. BrickCommo23

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    What role are you giving Dybala? Sounds stupid but I am struggling a little with him. If he doesn't score, he usually gets about a 6.4