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  1. Thank you. A merge between what I was working on and yours is working so well (so far). Some games we are at 65% possession - others 45% but we are still quick and dangerous in attack. Great stuff, thank you!
  2. Congrats, nicely done. I'm working on a fairly similar system to yours (following the collapse of my system). I'm trying to make a SV-HB/AM pairing work in the DM. Is your previous tactic still what you're using? I think you said you were using a SV previously...
  3. Coming back to this... My possession based tactic is completely nerfed since the update. I know the AI is supposed to learn what you do but it's literally changed overnight and I'm now 50-50 home to Palace. Annoying. Going to try and find some info online...
  4. Yes!! Possession has dropped off and attacking is far less potent. My system was working nicely bit now I'm managing circa 60-65% possession but only managing 1.5xG or so... I'm with you
  5. This is a bit of an extreme but yeah, getting results like this. System included...
  6. That's a stonking season - well done. Have you shared your system on here before? If so...I'd be interested! I'm coming towards Christmas on season 2 and averaging circa 64% possession and sitting top
  7. Absolute dream. Let's be honest, Spurs getting relegated is nonsense but still funny to see. What on earth system are you playing first season to get that sort of points level??
  8. If you look at your finances screen it tells you what % of transfer revenue you get to keep.
  9. If useful, I've got Rice in season 2. He's absolutely superb. I've played him as a HB but also a standard CM(D) and he's been excellent in both roles.
  10. Have you tried a guy I mentioned earlier called Ahmedhodzic? He is at Malmo at the start of the game and I still feel like I've got an absolute steal as no one seems to mention him
  11. In FM20 you could usually 1) Keep negotiating the price upwards 2) Reject an offer and then agree a ridiculous asking price with the player himself?
  12. Guys, I've seen a few people upload goals as GIFs or very short embebbed files... Any idea how?
  13. Midway through pre-season of season two - this suddenly happened: I must admit to having mixed feelings as the original bid was only about £35m up front and when I suggested a slight rejig with £70m up front they immediately said yes. I feel like I could have gone for more! So, a slight rejig of plans meant moving Saka to starting AMR which left a sort of gap at AML. And when you're trying to get younger, quicker and ideally - more English - where else do you go? I would have like to leave out the Min Fee clause but if someone stumps up that much then probably not mu
  14. Loving the signing of Ronaldo. It's got me short listing him and seeing if an opportunity pops up
  15. Well, against my better judgement I gave this one a go - those possession stats are mental. First, I got my U23s to try it (on one day's notice so no time to gain any familiarity) And against a very strong Man City U23s it got the win and the possession was high too: So - ok, we have another U23 game in a few days time - try it again: Now - I think 7 may well have been a bit flattering given the xG and others so - with very little familiarity built - I let my 1st XI have a go. Fairly safe game at home to Sheffield United: Absolute battering. My only
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