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    sad old git who plays FM !!
  1. Short passing works fine in Div 1 for me ... play attacking , fluid football, working fine in the top 6 by November with Walsall with only one free signing !!!!
  2. Steam Skin ?

    Steam skin ? any news on when this is available , it's the 16th Nov and still no sign of it ??
  3. Level 10 Logo's

    you could do them yourself , not hard most logos can be found through google search ?
  4. New Graphics for FM 10

    why not make your own facepacks? its easy !!
  5. mega slow , must be the "traffic" on steam !! 27% after 1 hr 50 mins and counting ..!! oh well maybe done by midnight !!
  6. Walsall , some random blue square south team maybe
  7. start on demo as Walsall , will be alot leaving thats for sure !!!
  8. FM2010 announcement

    I know that fool..... just wishing ok ...chill i know it will be mid oct
  9. FM2010 announcement

    its October next week ? wonder if say.....next Saturday we might see the demo ??? you never know ....
  10. FM10 and Steam questions

    too true it is by far the quickest way , I noticed it was available at about 10pm !! also download for patches is very good , they do it for you ..!! I can say only good things about steam .
  11. Last Flutter before fm2010

    Dorchester Town ..!!! no cash hardly any players great challenge !!!
  12. FM2010 announcement

    out of interest , will the players I.D.s be the same in the released game {30/10/09} that they will be in the demo? just wondered because I will be making facepacks and didn't want to blow hrs of work !!! thanks
  13. steam is very good, I have pre-paid £29.99 for FM 2010 on steam plus a free game thrown in . why all the negativity from some of you?
  14. Who will you buy in FM2010?

    buy, some unknowns from sweden and finland , nice and cheap and ideal for div 1 , i always start in div 1
  15. FM2010 announcement

    will it be available through Steam again this Year ?