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  1. just a quick one. Haven't conceded a fk yet since changing wide defensive fk to this, no free man on edge of box though. Also in highlight Shaqiri scores from counter.
  2. I think its kind of a bug somewhere too. or a quirk maybe. After this post I've made a tweak or 2 but haven't faced a situation to see if it works. Cheers for reply will try some
  3. hey all. Thanks for work @knap. Anyone know how to counter this free man on freekicks? keep conceding to them being free and can't seem to counter it.
  4. goal in minute 68-69 not counted. no offside, foul etc. windows 10. all leagues from England, Scotland, wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland loaded 21.3.0 1518378 Liverpool v Crystal Palace.pkm
  5. Do you change anything for away games? Other than standard d line occasionally I don't. I'm struggling with opposition #10's, constantly free. Thinking of adding a D role to dlp or even a cm-d instead of bbm. The goal scoring is great but I don't like conceding
  6. no the time one quoted above by Christrott79 (not sure how to quote links) Going to carry on with it. Maybe just me.
  7. i would like to see 21.6 4231's. Struggling with Time p100. Appreciate they've tested well but feel they need a little tweak. Thanks for all your work as usual Knap
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