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  1. Hi Knap! What’s your best home and away tactics for Spurs? Cheers
  2. Hi Knap! What tactic would you recommend for Real Madrid? Cheers
  3. Hi Knap! Which of your tactics do you think best utilises Kante? I’m not sure where to play him 🤔 Cheers
  4. Thanks for this. Would you opt for P103 442 over P106 442? If so, can you add P103 to the OP? Cheers
  5. Hi Knap! I need a tactic for difficult away games. I’m currently managing Arsenal. Cheers
  6. Hi Knap! What would you say is your strongest 442 tactic to date? Also, can you remind me how to change a tactic to a SUS? Cheers
  7. Which wing would you position a player that is right-footed but has a PPM instructing them to cut inside when playing on the right?
  8. Hi Knap! I'm playing with BEOWULF 442 P106 and have a couple of questions: Would you recommend left-footed players on the left and right-footed players on the right? Who do you select to take corners and throw-ins? Cheers
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