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  1. Hey knap! What tactic would you use If you were starting a new save with Juventus? Cheers
  2. Thanks knap! Would you be able to post a link as I can't seem to find it? I'm guessing it's the go-to tactic for a top club?
  3. Hi Knap! What 20.2.4 tactic would you use with Barcelona? Cheers
  4. I find FM Rensie's 'Calm or Aggressive? Team Talks' guide very useful. It's for an older version of FM but can be applied to newer versions. A quick Google should bring it up. Hope this helps
  5. Hi Knap! Would you recommend switching to 20.3.4 and, if so, would the Beowulf 442 P107 work with Barcelona? Cheers
  6. Hey Knap! Any plans on posting the high scoring tactic? Cheers
  7. Hi Knap! Odd question, but do you think that setting manager experience at the start of the game has any impact on performance? Cheers
  8. Hi there! How do I load a 2D match engine from the get-go? Many thanks
  9. Hi Knap! What foot preference would you recommend using for IWs when using the new Sympathy? Cheers
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