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  1. thats alot!!! he has only scored a handfull in his life
  2. 100 Million Player

    100 million for pato aged 23... we shall see :o
  3. 2d combined with 3d anyone?

    I have a couple of screenies of that happening too...its happens when i click on the tactics early in the game
  4. Seriously

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Use a friends phone, or get to carphone warehouse and get a mobile for a fiver then put a tenner credit on it...no hardship
  5. Tried to authenticate on Friday, but had an issue with not being able to connect to the net and then the site seemed to go down. Tried again yesterday and got connected straight away (i mean straight away) and the game loaded up and i started. How do i tell if im all patched?
  6. Just finished my second season and the board decided not to renew my contract, quite ****ed realy as in season one i won the league, league cup and fa cup, season 2 i won the champions league... From the beginning i was buying for the future and throughout both season the board were satisfied??? with my positions, building for the future, no controversial signings etc Get to the end of season 2 and im unemployed as the board said i HADNT built the team for the future and i could have performed better... ****!
  7. You have realy thought about this and have far too much time on your hands... Interesting to say te least, good luck