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    I write about football professionally, as a journalist, and I see football as fun too.


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  1. Yes, I have Avast as anti-virus. I reinstalled the game a couple of times, after removing all customization, but still prompt the same message. I tried to run FM 2016 and it worked. The problem is just FM 2017.
  2. The problems occurs when I try to open the game. It doesn't even open. I don't get this far to choose how many leagues or the size of tha database. The message is shown when I click play on Steam. The game doesn't open.
  3. Hello, I played Football Manager 2017 since beta with no problems, until this week. When I try to start the game, I get this message: "Football Manager is running dangerously out of memory. Please quit and free up some memory. Tried to allocate 3537031888 bytes". When I click "OK", the message that pop up is: "Football Manager 2017 has run out of memory and will now quit. Tried to allocate 3537031888 bytes". I removed all graphics and Real Name Fix that I was using, but still didn't work. I read it might be a problem with Windows 10 managing memory. I use Windows 10 since I played the game in beta, but still installed Windows 7, installed Football Manager from scratch and the problem is the same. My system is Windows 7 64 bit, 4 GB RAM, Intel Core i5 2.27 GHz. Please, help me.
  4. I got the same problem. Same message. The game doesn't even start. I get this message hen I try to play. I thought it could be some windows 10 problem, as I read somewhere, but it was't. I installed Windows 7, but the game still doesn't work anymore. I played since beta with no problems. Now this.
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