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  1. Not really. If the press conferences had any real meaning then we would want to attend them because we would enjoy it. But if we didn't want to then we could sent our assistant because the feature would work. Now people attend the conferences not because it is a nice feature but because sending the assistant is not working as it should. So we actually have one feature making the player do something that isn't enjoyable in order to avoid falling victim to another feature that doesn't work. None of these features offer any realism whatsoever.
  2. Press Conferences is a really badly designed feature that is repeatable, boring and doesn't take into account many things, that is why the questions are always the same no matter what. It was put there just for the marketing tag "New Press Conferences feature!" and we can only hope for it to be expanded.
  3. Yes, but it doesn't work properly.
  4. News Item Customization

    Yeah, how about offering some logical stuff like news about big matches of other leagues, news about the leagues around the world, who is hot and who is not, which team seems to be on fire, which players seem to be on fire or not, news about great performances that happen, big surprises or big defeats, you know, logical stuff that should be on the news. And please reunite the two news pages, they way they are now does not make sense. The news page is not even sorted by date... It's a mess.
  5. What is realistic is that sometimes the manager does indeed sent his assistant. In that case the option offered in the game should work and not produce such stupid comments, thus making the player fearful of sending his assistant which is, of course, unrealistic.
  6. Is this your excuse for a game option not working? Why put it there if it's not realistic then? Or why did you put it there if you do not expect the player to use it? Also, if you put it there why doesn't it work and presents this strange anomaly?
  7. Sometimes I wonder if the people who say things like these have actually played the game. The game can't be a true to life simulation but it can at least be logical in some key areas, which isn't. This is not a view, it's a fact. You can only enjoy the game if you a) have never watched football, b) let your imagination take over.
  8. Also, another basic thing that should be in the game: technically gifted players can dribble past an opponent head on, they don't always have to go the sides. Please fix this as it is completely unrealistic and makes special players look like every one else.
  9. They haven't fixed that for years. Don't think they will bother now. Unfortunately it is a pretty low priority bug compared to the broken ME. Also, please make a realistic amount of long shots, corners and 1 on 1s go in. Also reduce the amount of chances a team does and make defenders behave more like defenders do. (I just can't believe that after so many years we are still asking for the basics to be done right... )
  10. In addition to all the innumerable fixes the engine needs, next patch should allow the referees to play an advantage. This rarely happens and it is pretty important in real football.
  11. 9.2. But in both patches it is pretty terrible.
  12. I also want my one striker to stay in his place (he is the stronger one) and the other , the more agile one, go to the sides more to open the defense up for him. Can this be done now that the arrows are gone? How can I instruct my striker to move to the side?
  13. The problem is clearly here and it has been for years. Even you say that they miss quite a few. This "quite a few" may in fact be a game breaking unbalance for people who want a realistic game. Then you say that you may see them miss 2 or 3 1 on 1s and you tweak. What exactly do you tweak? If you have to tweak something tactical for your player to score a 1 on 1 this is still idiotic and unrealistic, especially when we are talking about world class strikers. The point is that you can't have each team with a four, five or six 1 on 1s chances in almost every other game. It is completely and utterly game breaking. Just take the time needed and fix the ME, for God's sake...!!!
  14. How about trying to keep a logical ratio of chances/goals as in real life? If they can't do that where is the fabled realism of the series?