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  1. Trying to remember how this worked in previous versions but my memory is shot to bits! I have edited England in advanced rules so that the transfer window is gone. I've set a Scottish team (Berwick) as a B team to an English team and ticked 'Players Move Freely'. Is this sufficient to allow players to move freely between the two clubs all year round?? Is the Scottish transfer window going to thwart me?? Mucho thanko
  2. Very interesting. I would say that it's clear from the OP that you understand the importance of all the peripheral factors to success in FM14 and as long as people take this into account when studying your results, then these tests can be very useful for highlighting particular trends and traits of tactics. Unfortunately, you are going to get people saying that because it isn't perfect it must be useless, or because it's difficult to attempt then you shouldn't even try. Ignore them. There is a lot of interesting information to be gleaned from your spreadsheet even after accepting that morale,
  3. Common mistake, a lot of people still don't realise that Paul can be short for Pauline and are therefore pretty shocked when they meet Paul Collyer for the first time
  4. Well... I've been trying out various tactics from various people lately with my lower English league save. I gave them each a good run and almost all were pretty decent, the main difference seemed to be on the defensive side of things. All other things being equal, I've decided to go with Dave's AWAY tactic from #733. I just can't find another tactic that has the same level of control defensively yet still gives my strikers enough goals for them to wear bizarrely coloured boots without looking complete prats. Using it for all matches, home and away, I don't really find any of my attacking play
  5. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to Tenerife next week and was going to take my laptop with me but I'll not bother now. Thanks
  6. Ay up Crags, thee alrate? I've just been trying these settings but I must be doing summat wrong. If I set it to poacher - attack, then my creativity setting by default is 4 to the right. In order to get it as low as yours, I have to tick it and set it manually. Obviously I can do that, but it makes me wonder why.... Cheers
  7. I'm sure that recently unemployed former France manager is nodding his head saying "I know EXACTLY what you mean Dave"
  8. Thought I'd try a few things myself to see if I could persuade one of the strikers to be more of a Gary Lineker (for those of you younger than myself - yes, he actually played a bit before selling crisps and trying to cheer Hansen up) style 'poacher' as discussed in the earlier thread. Here is the original instructions : And here are my tweaks : As you can see I've increased mentality towards attacking, reigned in the creativity a little, and I've also decreased through balls to sometimes. The reason i've changed the through balls setting is (a) this player is now more advanced in attac
  9. Decided to find a half decent AMC to try and sort my bunch of misfits out. Managed to persuade a Brazilian fella with a Spanish passport (looks fairly genuine but I won't ask too many questions) to sign on a free transfer for £45 a week. Scored a hat trick on his debut and we won 5-2. Normal service is resumed. :-) BTW Dave, loving the June Promo Mix. And the tactic lol.
  10. Was playing with the Mr H & JPW tactic so far this season. 34 played, 2 losses, top of the league. Switched to the new 41212 and played a couple of games but unfortunately lost both including losing 3-1 to the team at the bottom of the division. Clearly I need to look a lot closer at the difference and try and work out why this has happened. Might have to switch back to the previous tactics to make sure I dont lose out on promotion first. Thanks again for the tactic Dave, at least I know when I lose matches with your tactics that it isn't the tactic but my players that are the issue, or t
  11. My Worcester players say "thankyou" Mr H. Today Blue Square South... tomorrow the Champions League :-) Perhaps next you could do a version of the 8-1-1 that Greece has employed tonight.
  12. I think you should post it when Argentina get a goal...... and judging by the timewasting antics of the Greek players, this should be about November.
  13. Ok, so I know that this was a preseason game against a side that's not offering much resistance... still It was 9-0 at half time but the opposition parked a large bus (copyright Jose Mourinho) across the goal line at half time. Fortunately they left a few windows open, hence the extra 4 goals. Whoever came up with the phrase "There's no easy games in football" has clearly not taken the time to investigate Mr Hough's (Plough's, Dough's, Rough's, whatever) latest tactic!
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