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  1. Good to see you back Mr R. Ive just downloaded to take a look at it but it's coming up with "This file could not be imported". Current version is 18.0.3b1036176 (m.e v1806) Any ideas??
  2. I accomplished this in FM16 but can't remember exactly how!! The target is : Created a new club in England, made Scottish club Berwick Rangers an affiliated 'B Team' and allowed players to move freely between them. I then need to remove transfer windows so that players can actually move between the clubs at any time. I save the edits as "Edited" and I load advanced rules for England and remove the transfer windows. I save this as "Edited_ENG". I reload the original "Edited" file and load advanced rules for Scotland. Again, I remove the transfer windows and save this as "Edited_SCOT". I create a new game with both "Edited_ENG" and "Edited_SCOT" editor files loaded. The result is that the Scottish transfer window has correctly gone, but the English one is still in effect. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong/need to do please??? Many thanks
  3. Trying to remember how this worked in previous versions but my memory is shot to bits! I have edited England in advanced rules so that the transfer window is gone. I've set a Scottish team (Berwick) as a B team to an English team and ticked 'Players Move Freely'. Is this sufficient to allow players to move freely between the two clubs all year round?? Is the Scottish transfer window going to thwart me?? Mucho thanko
  4. When FM16 came out I used the editor to create a new club in England with Berwick rangers in Scotland as a 'B' team. I then used Advanced Rules to remove transfer windows from England and Scotland. This enabled me to move players between my club and Berwick at will. Worked great for two seasons and then after the 16.3 update went live I suddenly wasn't able to move players as the transfer window had reappeared. Is this something to do with the update overriding the editor??? or am I putting two and two together and coming up with six?? Any tips greatly appreciated, UPDATE : On further investigation, I'd got confused between what I did in this years version versus last years! This year I'd just removed Scotland's advanced rules transfer windows and that seemed to work fine up until the latest update when the existing England transfer windows stopped me from moving players. Am currently creating two edit files, one with my club details AND Scotland nation edits, and another with my club details AND England nation edits. Guessing that should work.....
  5. I'm sure I used to be able to see this but now I can't remember how. It was a player list with the green up arrows/red down arrows showing training progress in each attribute. So I could see the squad listed with a series of defending/attacking/tactical etc etc attributes after each player showing how they were doing in training. Any ideas???
  6. Thanks for that. Think I've managed it. I did all my edits then saved a version with the English transfer window removed, then did the same thing for the Scottish transfer window. Loaded both edits into a new game and seems to work in tests so far. Thx
  7. Can someone either point me in the direction of a guide or explain to me how the Nation Rules section works please. I'm looking to remove transfer windows in England and Scotland and am scratching my head trying to work out how... any tips gratefully received ! thanks
  8. yeah, i thought about age & loan period too, but St Mirren (who by default already have an affiliation with Newcastle) appear in the list and they are in the same league as Berwick. I'll have another look in the editor and see what's different between the 2 clubs.
  9. Hey folks I've used the editor to add an affiliate of Berwick Rangers to Newcastle United and set the 'Players may move freely between clubs'. This shows up correctly in game on the affiliates listing. However, when I select a player at Newcastle and look at the dropdown for 'move to affiliate', Berwick is not listed. Any ideas what I may have done wrong? thanks
  10. Of course, you could lull the AI into a false sense of security by getting hammered every game at the beginning of the season, and then when everyone thinks you're odds on for relegation and no longer takes you seriously, go on an unbeaten run and fly up the league. I call it the 'Pardew Strategy'.
  11. Yes. As far as I remember the official line is that your team's reputation and performance is checked again halfway through your season. If you're doing particularly well then the AI teams will start to treat you with a little more respect and will tighten. This is not some dubious 'crack', whereby the AI cheats, it's just reflecting the real scenario. For example, with respect to Southampton and West Ham, the 'big' teams might have have been tempted to go out and hammer them 4-0 with a rotated squad at the beginning of the season. This WONT be the case in the second half of the season.
  12. Very interesting. I would say that it's clear from the OP that you understand the importance of all the peripheral factors to success in FM14 and as long as people take this into account when studying your results, then these tests can be very useful for highlighting particular trends and traits of tactics. Unfortunately, you are going to get people saying that because it isn't perfect it must be useless, or because it's difficult to attempt then you shouldn't even try. Ignore them. There is a lot of interesting information to be gleaned from your spreadsheet even after accepting that morale, confidence, staff, pitch size, weather, hidden attribute for "prone to biting other players as he has acquired a taste for human flesh" are taken into account. On the subject of the spreadsheet, one cell that raised an eyebrow was the shots off target for the opponent in the PPP 14.3.1 target. Seems extraordinarily high compared to all the others. This is precisely the sort of thing that a test like this is great at showing. Keep up the good work. Will follow with interest.
  13. Hmm... Sisters of Mercy have a new album out? Oh, it's a new tactic set from Mr Rosler. Excellent.
  14. David Moyes will probably nick that line for the title of his autobiography.....
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