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  1. Sorry mate, i have been away for a while, but if you're still interested I used Griezmann as a advanced forward with instuctions to play more risky passes . He played alongside Dybala as a Complete forward in a 3-1-2-4 DM Wide formation. Griezmann ended the season with 24 goals and 23 assists in 31 PL games and Dybala got 37 goals and 9 assists in 34 games.
  2. I have Griezmann as well and he can be hit or miss at times. I would recommend playing him upfront as an advanced forward. He performed very well as a lone striker for me but has been incredible since i started playing him with a strike partner. 16 goals and 12 assists in 19 premier league games so far this seasons.
  3. I was just wondering how you get so many goals out of Pogba? He puts in some good performances for me, but gets nowhere near that amount of goals as that
  4. This is my first post on here and though i would share my progress so far So, I am currently 8 games into my 3rd season and have been pretty successful. I managed to win the league and EFL in both my 1st and 2nd seasons as well as winning the Europa league in my 1st season the the Champions league in my 2nd. Not too bad. but i am frustrated that i did not win the FA cup last season as a tactical change resulted in my team losing 1-0 to Southampton in the final. Here is a rundown of the players currently in my squad who are either 1st team or rotation options: Main formatio
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