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  1. A first team player aged 33 was about to be out of contract. I had decided to let him go as I thought I could sign a younger, better replacement within the budget. Then today I get this notice that he's signed a new contract with us??!?!? I didn't offer him. I'm set up in Staff Responsibilities as the one responsible for making offers. Nobody else has ever signed with the club outside of my making it happen before. Are there instances when the board goes behind my back to sign someone?
  2. OK – struggling with Forest in the Prem – 18th a little past midway and very much in doubt about staying up – but having a blast. A couple of game points and then a question for everyone: 1. The VAR is too much – but I fear it may be what it ends up being like in real life. Every goal it seems, goes to review. I’ve watched some German football and they don’t seem to go to it so often, but we’ll see what it looks like. A little heavy on FM it seems to me. 2. The game action on the ME is much better to me. I see more things happen that I would expect, more choppy play, fewer 30-yard screamers. I don’t know if it was updated in the past couple of months but it looks better to me. Now my question/moan: I had a forward who wasn’t playing and came to me about it. I said I would sell him on (not loan him) by the end of January. He said OK and thanks. I set his sell price at 2 million, about 40 percent of what his value had been. There were two weeks left in the window. The very next day a club comes in with a loan offer, paying ZERO percent of salary and non-negotiatble. I reject. Immediately the player is mad that I didn’t keep my promise. He still has two weeks left in the window. He comes to me again, straightaway and I say I will move him when I get a fair offer. He asks how much I say 2 million, and he says OK. But n ow he’s mad and the locker room atmosphere drops. The very next day same club comes back with the same zero loan offer, which I reject. AGAIN, He’s all mad about hit and it says he has set himself completely against me. This in turn has made the captain upset because he had been promised an improved atmosphere which was happening until this stuff. So how have I failed to keep two promises when there’s still plenty of time left in the window. Oh btw, the wantaway player “holds me in the highest regard as a head coach.” I know people are unreasonable with criticisms and I really love playing the game – but this can’t be right – can it?
  3. Due to your inspired leadership no doubt. I may need to wait until January to sign a difference maker.
  4. That feeling when you had thought your team was set up to be competitive but you look closer and realize...it probably isn't...and the transfer window closes tomorrow. That's me with Forest in season one at the too level.
  5. While there is plenty of room in the budget, the whole team seems to realize this as well as they are all coming to me in search of a new deal. I have been able to land Jake Pitman on a permanent deal, and re-signed a few others. Holiday is just beginning following our championship win (oh by the way...), So we will see about any incomings. There's transfer money as I said, but now I start to feel attachment to the team that on promotion. One thing for sure: Staying up will take heavy lifting.
  6. I can send screen shots to you later, but what ends up as a very improbably scenario (to me) has played out and this Nottingham Forest team has won promotion to the Premier League with five matches to spare. From the time Cash was injured, I was able to add two key members of the starting XI, a left back from Man United U23s and Bobby Carroll from Everton. Both have been absolute stalwarts for me, although Devine is a bit of a prat when it comes to his attitude (he’s still upset with me that I didn’t strengthen the squad enough during the January window, one of my promises to him. I thought between him, Carroll and Nico Williams, a striker from Athletic Bilbao who I brought in on loan, I had done plenty, but he still says he wants out even though we achieved the objective). He needs to come around. Anyway, we went on an incredible run of form from January on and I can’t really explain it. I did take advice of someone on here to tweak the roles and duties of your players to maximize their suitability, so that may be part of the reason but I’m still very surprised at my success. The real strength of this team has been guys who were signed or loaned in from Premier League team. Here is my typical starting 11: GK: Jack O’Rourke top young GK who I convinced to stay as long as we won promotion this year – other teams were coming in for him. He was on the roster when I took over Right Center Back: Alese – a loan signing from West Ham. Center Back: Diego Polenta – on the squad when I took the job. Previously want-away but when we clinched the elevator ride to the top he was signing my praises in the press. Left Center Back: Matthew Bevis – a loan signing from Arsenal with terrific numbers. Right Wingback: Neco Williams – Signed from Liverpool U23s after a loan stint with us last season (not to be confused with NICO Williams, the striker Left Wingback: Reese Devine of Man United, twice as good as the previous left back I was using until January. Central Midfielder: Pangio Tachtsidis – no way I’m getting that name right without looking it up. He is a holdover from real life I believe. 33 but still going strong…except when he’s injured. CM: Bobby Carroll – my personal MVP. Never seems to have a bad game. CM: Jake Pitman – Loan signing from Liverpool, or George Yeboah, promote from the youth squad who has been quite good. Another holdover named Brennan Johnson has also been good but he was injured shortly after Cash went on the shelf. Forwards – I rotate among four of them, Nico Williams, Jack Clarke, signed as he was out of contract at Leeds; James Wilson – holdover from the squad I inherited; Evan Guessand – a good purchase from France last season. I think the key for me has been to use my scouting to aggregate new players better than what the AI does for my competition, and to have decent team depth for when guys take knocks, such as cheap transfers from Belgium and Scandinavia on my back line (plus ancient Danny Baath (also aging well like Polenta and Tachstidis. I was promoted after midnight last night, but now I want to spend some time looking for new buysd. The board has doubled my payroll for next season and given me a 40 million pound transfer budget, so I’m guessing I will need to buy smart from abroad. I have signed a couple of stinkers at strikers, one from Spain and one from Germany. I didn’t pay much for either but still, I hate that they were almost total duds. I’m going to have to break some bad news to a few squad players (or more than a few) about not going with us to the Premiership. The pattern for me in this save is to fight relegation and finish respectably in season one of a division, and then excel in the 2nd year. I’m under no such illusion about being anywhere close to doing this for next season in the Premier League. My Cup exits (3-0 to Liverpool in Carabao and 4-0 to Arsenal in the FA) were proof enough that I’m light years behind. We’ll see what the future brings, but for now I guess I should try to pip Southampton for the Championship title.
  7. @DefinitelyTaylor - I have become a big fan of Cash as well. He's a big part of why we were able to move top of the table just past the halfway point of the season. But in a vital 4-1 in over Middlesborough, this happened: Makes me wish I wasn't committed to not reloading saves.... Wish us well Matty - we're going to need all the help we can get to make the playoffs now (and if we don't make it, I'm going to have some "splaining to do to about five guys I talked into joining us at Forest.
  8. This may be the wrong thread as it is mostly complaints, but just wanted to say I am really enjoying this version of the game. I've played off and on since I think CM'02 and I think the intricacy in this is the best I've experienced. I know the ME video isn't always the most realistic looking, but I've always understood it to be an artist's rendering of sorts. Doesn't need to be perfect. Thanks for many many hours (and counting) of great fun.
  9. And how many cases are there of a prominent player having a brother or relative who was a youth or fringe player but never made it to the first team. Probably many more of those than examples like the Nevilles. Slightly off topic, but how does a human manager get a son? (I know the birds and bees and all that) I mean in the game, does it just randomly generate someone into the newgens? Is it always with the club you are managing?
  10. This is my squad after 12 league matches and 3 in the League Cup: and the lower half: So far, I've been able to use four players promoted from my youth team last last season or this season, and sign a number of young players either on loan or ( most) by transfer. Those are the two philosophies that I've promised to keep, and as the table in the mid-October international break (season 6 of the Save, 2nd with Forest) shows it's working out alright: We went to the break following a 4-0 pasting of Derby (is it called the Derby Derby?) That youth team promotee George Yeboah scored twice with free kicks and it's a high point of my time with Forest. Potential concerns: Sunderland have begun sniffing around my defender, DIego Polenta. He's happy playing for us at the moment, and back into the core social group and as a team leader (I stripped him of the vice captaincy during his hissy fit and nobody said a word about it), but I'm keeping a close eye on this one with January approaching.. Another concern is that I have the classic FM glut of strikers, with yet another coming in on Jan. 1. I may loan two out in January, probably Swan and the 18-year old Daryl Adams, whose finishing #s don't indicate he would be effective, but he's had some good moments in front of goal already for us, scoring in his debut last season, scoring 24 for the U18s last year and 7 in the preseason for the first team this season. But it's hard to get him games at the moment so I may loan him, having already tied him up with a long-term contract. I realize I'm just a quarter of a way through the season, but it's shaping up to be an interesting ride.
  11. @DefinitelyTaylor that's the thing. I use 3 center backs and he's definitely in the top three. Game memories are shorter than mine though, so maybe it will be OK.
  12. Well I never would have predicted this after 10 league matches: As you see on the left we just had great comeback win at home, the third time that has happened thus far. Our only loss was a heavy one to Brentford away with most of our 2nd choice players in midweek. We also lost 1-0 to Liverpool in the 3rd round of the League Cup. Oh, and @DefinitelyTaylor, Polenta has decided he likes us after all now that we're winning. He's playing well too, but part of me still wants to sell him to some team in Uruguay...
  13. Hey a quick bit of advice for me please. I mentioned about my center back wanting away to Southampton. As it turns out, the squad are supporting ME in this. He's now listed as having no social group and before matches, feedback tells me some of the players are having trouble being motivated because he is the captain. (actually he is vice captain but the captain has become kind of a fringe player for me). I know all about the problems with changing a captain, especially mid-season, but I wonder if this scenario means it would be worse to NOT change him. There is literally nobody supporting him in this and I've seen my support level grow overall in the team to Excellent. Should I give him the hook as vice captain (he's still just about my best defender)?
  14. So actually I secured survival in The Championship with Forest just one match after m;y previous post, with a draw. Something about the cominbations of matchups with the teams between mine and 22nd position made it mathematically possible. I was relieved of course, and we ended up 16th overall which was fine with the board. One thing I've probably been guilty of a lot as an FM player is being in too big of a rush between seasons. I made a point this time to take a long look at the squad, at options for staff, training, tactics down to set pieces routines, and of course, player recruitment. I want season six of my save, and season two with this club, to be a bit of a breakthrough. I was given a little bit of money to spend, and combined with the conclusion of Hal Robson-Kanu's million-plus contract, it gave me some real flexibility because, while the board is looking for a top-half finish, I'm looking for the playoffs. For the first time in forever I skipped the welcome back team meeting and so far, with no ramifications. I had made four signings in the second half of last season, with the players coming in at the beginning of the June transfer window. I brought in Neco Williams, the right wingback who was on loan with me from Liverpool last season. I signed Elijah Dixon-Bonner, also an ex Liverpool youth, Anthony Hortigan, formerly of AFC Wimbledon but wasting away at Blackburn Rovers in the save, and Jack Clarke, the in-demand Leeds player (IRL) who was out of contract in the save following loan spells at Luton Town and Portsmouth. But in my quest to have two reliable players at each position, I knew I needed to make some decent loan signing still. I also knew I didn't want more than five as that is the matchday squad limit and I've been tripped up by that in the past. I ended with deals to bring a couple of players back who had helped last year, including West Ham defender Ajibola Alese, Everton left wingback Lloyd Spooner and Crystal Palace utility player Sean Robertson. For new loan signings, I brought in 18-year old Arsenal defender Matthew Bevis and the one I'm most excited about 20-year old Liverpool midfielder Jake Pitman. The board or someone was nice enough to schedule a training camp in Switzerland, and it seemed like I had a longer preseason than normal. Between new players and a youth squad that was starting to look pretty impressive, I was able to put together three separate starting XI groups and schedule 13 friendlies, rotating the lineups so nobody played in more than six matches. Also during the preseason, I was able to: 1) Bring in four trialists, two of which I signed; 2) confirm I had two first team players from my youth ranks, midfielder George Yeboah and striker Daryl Adams, and 3) jettison my two biggest moaners from the previous season, Kadeem Harris and Sam McQueen. With those two gone and suitably replaced in the team, I had a much better cohesion and locker room atmosphere. I'm still working on one more incoming, a center back from Belgium named Axl Buyse. We opened at home against league favorites Swansea City and striker James Wilson scored a brace to give us a 2-1 win. Morale is doing well and I feel we will be in the promotion fight with a shout. But then, team leader and starting center back Diego Polenta, was the subject of a transfer bid from recently-relegated Southampton. I rejected it despite the puke-face agent's warning that his client would become unsettled. When the player approached me afterward I was glad to see the dialogue option that showed the exact reason why - I'm not selling him to a club in my save division and help them while hurting my team. He said that was unfair. Now, pardon the editorial comment here because I'm on record as saying I like this version of the game and appreciate that in the end, there is no perfect simulation of IRL situations, but still: This is a 32-year old player, my captain, team leader and all that. He's one of my highest paid players and as a group we are finally getting somewhere. Would he really be that likely to have his head turned by a club that just got relegated, AFTER the transfer window has closed and the season has started? So far his Morale is only down to "Okay" but after what happened last season with the other two, I'm expecting a built-in meltdown that is going to hijack what we've tried to do. (Editorial comment over) So I've got 29 in the squad, with a handful permanently set on U23 duty. I'm hoping we can put together a decent League Cup run to go with league fixture congestion to keep everyone happy re playing time until January when I should loan a few players out. Here is my squad and I'm looking forward to spending this rainy afternoon beginning the 2023-24 campaign in earnest.
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