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  1. Hello. First, I am new here, so please point me in right direction if I stray... I am playing 6th season with my club, Dinamo Zagreb. I've been somewhat successful with it, so got some points for Croatian League and it is now higher in coefficient, resulting in more clubs joining European competitions. Croatian League counts 10 clubs, so at the moment, more than half of the league are qualified for the European competitions. My question is - is it possible to edit a league, so number of clubs increase from the next season, from current 10 to, let's say, 18? Using in game editor, or some other way? It takes out some reality from the game if 6 or more from 10 clubs are joining Euro competition. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Sorry, but it does not. What are the differences between normal affiliated club and feeder club? Also, what are the differences between B and C club and 2 and 3 club? And II club? Thank you for your help, but please answer with "answer" to my question if you know the differences, otherwise sustain from posting answer with no information.. If I knew it myself, I wouldn`t post a question here. Thanks.
  3. OK, thanks. And what about those types of affiliated clubs, what are the differences?
  4. Hello. I am looking for information about feeder clubs options in FM 2016. So far I have found those options, but I do not know what they mean, so, if anyone could help, that would be great: Normal Affiliated Club Sub Team Feeder Team B Club C Club 2 Club 3 Club II Club Good Relations Likely Friendly What I want is to be able to move players freely between clubs (even outside of transfer period), and that feeder club can compete in the same league and can get promoted and play in Euro cups. Is something like that possible? Also, what benefits are from the same board? Thanks.
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