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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys. I guess most of you are right. After taking a look at Champions League and the Europa League, I realized that most of the Spanish Teams are really struggling out in Europe except me. Barcelona in particular, just went on a 7 game losing streak, including being knocked out of the last 16 in C. League. Let's hope they can buck up next season. I'm dominating like crazy now.
  2. I know that. My question is how low will my La Liga's reputation continue to fall if I keep dominating.
  3. In my first season, La Liga was 2nd after EPL. The 2nd season it moved up one place, and the 3rd it dropped back down to 2nd. But at the start of the fourth season, it dropped another level to 3rd. Can't say I'm not disappointed and I'm wondering if my dominance is the reason for this (I expect it to be). I'm winning most of my games, bar Barcelona usually by 3-4 goals each game. And I'm also dominating in the CL. If this continues to happen, how low will La Liga fall? The last thing I want is for it to fall to 4th place next season!
  4. Sorry, were you suggesting a feature or saying there's one already? Because looking at my attributes screen I can't see any.
  5. Yeah I know that, but my graph below is tooooooo small to see the line growth. So I can't really make any sense of the graph. I play on Windows mode.
  6. Oh, there's such a feature? I never knew that. I'll go back and explore it again later. Thanks.
  7. But when you select say 10 attributes from the Attributes screen and switch to graph, how are you able to tell which line represents what? There isn't really a legend (unless I missed it. Can't check now). And the graph below them is awfully small that I can't make out anything from it.
  8. Think their main goal for the patch 14.3 is so Moyes who can't win games in reality with his tactics can win games virtually. Crosses are beyond broken this game. I would have expect so much better from the match engine after so many freaking years in the business. I don't understand how such things can be given a pass.
  9. No idea what you're talking about. My default corner saw my defenders score over 25 goals between the 4 of them. The highest was 11.
  10. As of now, whenever I switch to Graph when viewing my players attributes, I lose sight of what line represents what. From the attributes page, the graph is too small for me to see anything. I'm on a 15.6 inch laptop, so it is a fairly large screen I suppose. Is there any better way for me to view the growth of my players?
  11. I agree. The fullbacks seem to be day dreaming or something whenever a corner is taken. I might try your suggestion. Have my 2 full backs just man mark and have one guy lurk outside. Hopefully it helps. Any other suggestion would be great.
  12. I'm playing Real Madrid on to my 3rd season, and having conceded less than 20 goals previously (mostly due to set pieces as well), I'm starting the season with already several goals conceded from corners. I have set my Fullbacks to guard the posts, CBs to mark tall players. DMC and FW to man man mark, and my Winger and 2 CM to go back, leaving only my left winger up front as he's the fastest. (This was changed after the default failed me several times. I even set my training to Defending and my Match Training to Defending Set Pieces. Yet I can't stop conceding from corners? Is it a keeper is
  13. Smashing it against the crossbar is fine. Smashing it and flying immediately for a freaking throw-in on the other side of the field? Take note, NO ONE touches the ball. How hard did my corner taker hit his corner kick? And how many times have that actually happened IRL? One more thing is, sometimes the throw-in isn't even close to the corner flag, but a couple of yards further from it. I know an update will be unlikely, which is why this is so disappointing. There are so many flaws still in the ME that it is utterly embarrassing.
  14. There seriously needs to be another patch because the current patch is still frustrating as hell and totally unrealistic. Full backs played like a fool every game by wingers who are of lesser caliber. It's as though it's not possible to tell them to stay in front of the wingers. Crosses are easily exploited. Especially drilled crosses. Corners, Free-kicks leading to goal is seriously high, even for my own team. (And I have not even touched anything related to set piece). It's like my Defenders scores more goals than my wingers. Corners smashing against the cross bar. Seriously, how often d
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