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  1. Funny I always felt I needed a defensive role in CM on the side of the attacking wide forward...but your reasoning makes perfect sense if partnered with a less aggressive full back role. I'll experiment. Cheers!
  2. Appreciate the detailed response, definitely has given me some food for thought! Always felt Balanced was too passive a mentality for a bigger club - in that it was counter intuitive to pare back mentality when you are expected to be the more attacking side in most games. That said, in a top heavy formation like 4231 maybe it helps to provide some...clarity...in attack. Anywho, I'll give this a go tomorrow and see where it takes me! Cheers!
  3. Made some changes and seem to have a little more intent going forward, but still seem to be able to be countered at will, and if I'm leading by a single goal going into the last 15mins it's always harem scarem, eyes closed madness!
  4. Cheers pal - defo think I need to keep two non-roaming central midfielders so will look at changing the mezzala to something a little more defensive. Looking at something tilted towards possession but not precious about it - just trial and error I guess! I've tried to keep TIs to a minimum to keep it simple, just hard to always see which one (or combinations) is making a tangible difference - though I do think this years ME makes it easier to do that. As for set pieces - I'm getting there, tweaking as I go and abandoning an ill-conceived long throw routine...
  5. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster - having a bit of a struggle to impose myself on games, particular against weaker teams - both home and away. Defensive analysis suggests we are "quiet and leaky" which is born out by what I see in game - I don't concede many shots but I seem to be able to be countered really easily and my defenders are what I'd describe as passive. In fact, I'm passive in attack too, seem to have to work very hard for the most basic openings and I understand that being Real, other teams will be defensive, I just seem to be making it really easy for other
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