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  1. Thanks pal, i was just interested to see as you progressed in the game if the attendances increased as well!! Hope the exam went well!!
  2. Thanks pal, good luck with the exams!!
  3. could you post a screenie of average attendance please?
  4. How long is left on your contract and what are you earning? Clubs won't approach if they have to pay a fortune to get you!! Try saving your game and resigning and see where that takes you. If it goes nowhere load your game and carry on!!
  5. Dundalk 1 - 0 Drogheda United. Come on the town. Last day of the season. Relegated our bitter rivals, drog scum!
  6. Thanks guys for the advice. Will keep an eye on it and see what happens.
  7. I have started a new game today (so far just loaded the leagues) with about 15 countries and all leagues from each country loaded, my PC performance was at 1 star. Just wondering has anybody else had a good career game where the PC performance at the start was just one star? How long did your career last etc??
  8. yes after third update as usual!
  9. It was designed to protect homegrown players but EU nationals get a WP no hassles so its a bit pointless having it!!
  10. have yuo tried hitting space bar instead of using your mouse pointer to advance the game?
  11. good one jim bob!!
  12. I had a very enjoyable game a while ago in Scandanavia, load all scandinavian leagues, select a country you like and try and bring a club from the lowest league in that country to champions league glory.
  13. I have found the complete opposite. If i'm losing I always bring on a creative midfielder and a fresh striker and at least 75% of the time the striker scores with an assist from my midfielder!!
  14. i remember barcelona playing a pre season friendly against dundee united so against a league one side wouldn't be too unbelieveable. Don't think its cheating just a tad unrealistic to arrange pre season friendlies every other day!.
  15. Usually start with Dundalk in Ireland because i'm a Dundalk boy! Just recently took over at Hyde United in Blue Square North.