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  1. Hi, I can't quite get my head around as to why some players have disappeared from the database, one example of this is Manchester United prospect Angel Gomes. On a save started at the release, I have him in my team, but now when I start a new save he is never in my squad, and he was a player I enjoyed, does anyone know why this has happened and if there is a way to revert? Thank You
  2. Update : It now shows me 2 out of my 4 saves and it is a year behind(pre update)
  3. I have saved correctly, the green verification popped up, they both contain 59.3 MB and a folder called "sav" with four identical files
  4. Hi all, I would like to bring to your attention a frustrating glitch that limits my time on the game. I am 3 seasons into a save on my iPad, I have the game on my phone with the same Apple ID but it doesn't have the three lines at the top and swiping displays nothing on my phone. It doesn't let me save to iCloud on my phone either, it displays no slots. Both are on the latest IOS version and are on the same ID for everything. iPhone 5C and iPad Air.
  5. Hi, I think that for EPL teams (and others but only sure on EPL) the Reserve section of the team should be active. I know for teams like Real Madrid that their B team plays games but the EPL reserve teams appear to have no use. I am not suggesting that you add all the official full Reserve squads for every team in the game but for the active leagues then their reserves (demoted players or players you offer contracts in the reserves) should also play games as it is unreasonable to loan out 20-30 Reserve players each year and demoting players is more realistic in life. I think this should work in a similiar way to the youth teams when we are offered players at the end of each season. thank you
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