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  1. I havent been around since FM 2018, I just wanna confirm that I can install mods manually for the EGS version of the game right?
  2. if you know the type of players you need and what stats are important to your setup. just plug and play them, there are times where you need to branch out a bit but for the most part base FM knowledge helps a ton
  3. one last question for you @Luke Rumble does the transfer deadline day email work as intended again for the english 5/6th division? i seem to have flagged it earlier
  4. after the 18.3 update, i cant seem to find it anymore... Am I losing my mind?
  5. there is no other way to monitor average attendance @Luke Rumble @Adam Bell @Angelos Antoniades @Alex Pitt ?
  6. ok ty! i wasnt sure if it was intended or not!
  7. @Luke Rumble while you are at it, can you check if building a new stadium also lowers max capacity? I play LLM quite often and i swear i've seen this happen before. I will double check and open a new thread on the android side if needed. viable candidates for this check are stockport county
  8. I fiddled with this for a bit. Every light blue (loaned out) player I scouted becomes white in the player search list I didn't use unlockables or boosts
  9. Quick question before i commit to a LLM game. Does the email that informs the manager when youth players get released show up now? (it generally appears in june) this used to be a thing in fmt 17, but wasnt present in fmt 18 and I believe it was flagged as an issue?
  10. seems to be every save, will tinker further later on since its not evening time for me
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