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  1. Hi there, Saw another thread that suggested a fix which isn't appropriate to me, as my phone is up to date. Went to use the app today after not using it for a couple of weeks and my subscription isn't recognised, even though it is still showing in my Google Play Subscriptions. Appears though there's been an update to the app as there are some new features that weren't there the last time I used the app. Any help?
  2. Kinda annoying there's been no word yet - even an acknowledgement that SI are aware of an issue? Brazil game finishes soon... maybe hear something then?!
  3. Any chance we can have an update or word from you guys about the issues after the latest update to FMT (policy update)? Seen a few bad reviews from people on Google Play store who also can't access the game. As in other post, black screen, constant spinning circle. Only appeared after new update was pushed out. Cheers! Edit: if it's fixed soon i'll share my doritos with you
  4. Just thought i'd post that i'm having the exact same problem. Looks like my app updated earlier today. Something in the update causing the issue? Possible to roll back update so we can play? Bored at work!! I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - all software is up to date.
  5. Game: FM2017 Type of Game: Career (any online mode - just fancy giving them a bash) Age: 25 Timezone: UK When can you play: Any work day after 10pm (off Tuesday & Wednesday - so any time then!) Steam Username: Mystifo
  6. Oops, forgot to add that I'm on tablet. Guess not then?
  7. Hi guys, Is it possible to add leagues into a game after you have started? I'm a season deep in a Leeds career and trying to find wonderkids or other gamers suggestions but can't find them, presume that's because I only started with the English leagues selected. Cheers!
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