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  1. OK I guess I'll wait and see. BTW my average attendance of 59970 or something. Basically I sold out every Prem home game. Hopefully I can get a stadium of around 120000.
  2. Is the population based on the city or surrounding area? In terms of fan base, is that local in the city or worldwide. Like I don't think that it's only Mancunians going to watch United every week.
  3. Was wondering if someone from the Dev team could give me an answer, I'm playing fm17 and have won 4 consecutive champions leagues and epl titles with Leeds. I have expanded Elland Road to 60000 (Max expansion), I want to build a new stadium. I have asked and the board has said no. I decided to fire up the in game editor and have a peek and do a test. I have a mac attendance of 77000. After tweaking 2 of the fields they agreed on the first request to build a new stadium, the issue is that I want to do it legit. How much can that 77000 number be increased in Leeds? Is it based on the population of the city? If I continue to win how long is a realistic possibility of having a 120000 or so stadium? Really just interested in the mechanics of this part of the game as I have never been able to get a new stadium. Please let me know, thank you Jack.
  4. Hi, I was fortunate enough to get a son in fm 17. Unfortunately my manager is red headed and my son is very... Dark skinned lol. Is there a way i can change my son to more accurately reflect what he would look like? Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. I have fixed this issue. Further to your suggestion that i reinstall the OS, i decided that i would buy an additional SSD and install the OS on that. However i opened up my machine to see if the sata ports were easy to see. Upon opening the machine i discovered that a large amount of dust had settled in my machine. I cleaned out the machine. Rebooted and loaded FM2017. It has run continuously for a day now simulating. So, does FM automatically shut itself down if the temperature rises too high? Or is this the OS just killing the program causing the rise? If anyone has this issue i would suggest that they open their machine up and give it a clean. Anyway, How far into the sim are you Neil? If you're close to the end do you mind if you still complete it so i don't have to go all the way to 2066 myself? Thank you for the help
  6. Ok so i dont want to speak prematurely but - I am so far a month into a sim with no issues I exited plex media server and disabled CCleaner from running in the background. Internet connection is still active. I honestly can't believe that it is working and that this is the fix. I will let you know how it progresses but going forward it might be a good idea to ask users if they have either of these programs running.
  7. Hi, That's okay i am happy to wait for a while. No it was not due to locking my PC. I will give the other guys suggestion a try later on as well with attempting to sim with no internet connection.
  8. No I am not in the position to backup and reinstall my OS. I have FM14 and a number of other games running fine on my system. I have no other issues with any other software running on my PC. I do disagree with you regarding the other instances of this crash. yes not all will be the same and yes not all users suffer the issue. However, if you look at the sheer number of "football manager 2017 has stopped working" threads created on the SI forums alone, it to me suggests a link. I don't really know how to proceed from here. I do appreciate your time and effort put forth though in attempting to resolve this for me. Thank you.
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