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  1. Playing as Spurs and England. Signings: Phil Jones - £15M (£5M upfront, £10M over 2-years) Lukaku - £7M (I think) to join at end of the season Wickham - £3.5M to join at end of the season I wanted to start moulding a future team hence why both signings stay at their current club for a year to get more first team experience.
  2. Benzema worth getting at the start of season 1 for £8M?
  3. Good to see am doing well KUTGW MattSpurs94
  4. Wahey - finally a good season for me in a sign up
  5. Name: Azeryk DOB: 28/02/94 Hair Colour: Blonde Postition: DR Stats at 20 (pick 3): Pace, Strength, Tackling Favoured Player (optional): Favoured Club (optional): Tottenham
  6. Lets hope season 4 goes better for me, not played much yet
  7. Moldovan Monopoly

    Injuries suck
  8. Drat - was looking forward to a couple of seasons playing first team football
  9. Nice one Rich - will look forward to it and damn my 1 strength I make TanO look strong
  10. Slovenia should go nicely, should get some games there
  11. Name Azeryk Mexico City / Mexico / Exeter City FC (not top flight) Striker Best foot: Right Height 174 Weight 74 Supported: Exeter, Dream: Tottenham
  12. First Name: Craig Last Name: Dolling Nickname: Azeryk Person data - 100pts Adaptability: 15 Ambition: 12 Controversy: 1 Loyalty: 15 Pressure: 20 Professionalism: 18 Sportsmanship: 18 Temperament: 1 Mental Attributes - 225pts Aggression: 3 Anticipation:17 Bravery: 10 Composure:17 Concentration:17 Consistency:15 Creativity: 15 Decisions:17 Determination:17 Dirtiness: 1 Flair: 10 Important Matches:17 Influence: 1 Off the Ball:15 Positioning: 19 Teamwork: 15 Work Rate: 19 Physical Attributes - 125pts Acceleration: 20 Agility:13 Balance:14 Injury Proneness: 1 Jumping: 17 Natural Fitness:17 Pace:20 Stamina:18 Strength: 15 Technical Attributes - 200pts Corners: 1 Crossing: 14 Dribbling:19 Finishing:19 First Touch:19 Free Kicks: 19 Heading: 13 Long Shots: 19 Long Throws: 1 Marking: 1 Passing:15 Penalty Taking: 18 Tackling: 1 Technique: 19 Versatility: 1 Left Foot: 1 Right Foot: 20 3 PPM's: Favourite Club: (1) Tottenham Favorite Player: (1) Messi Disliked CLub: (1) Arsenal Disliked Player: (1) E H Diouf Random Number: 1-20 optional - 18 Hope that is all correct
  13. Moldovan Monopoly: The Sign Up

    Exeter would have been nice (local side) but will happily play for anyone