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  1. will delete my FM2010 and play some MMO while waiting for the release
  2. Eastbourne Boro maybe....or Salisbury City.... see which of the lowest value BSP team
  3. Who have/do you manage in the game?

    Eastbourne Boro in FM2009....title contender in Championship before crash dump problem :-s (FM2010)Gateshead currently...relying too much on Netherland Antilles troops...Im also manager for Netherland Antilles (FM2008/FM2007) Swansea,Chester,Port Vale Old game...CM94 - ACMilan,CM2 Liverpool,Crystal Palace,Nottingham Forest,Everton,Queens Park,Aberdeen I never manage Premiership team in modern FM
  4. Don't get complacent....sometimes win sometimes lose/draw....but most of the time I say to 1 or 2 key player Have faith in their ability....
  5. Errr....I've been managing Netherland Antilles and 3 player is in my League 2 squad.....Haven't try anything like that before
  6. wants a new challenge

    I think it's happened to almost most of the league....players want a new challenge but when you let them go,they went to a club of same division but play worst than your team.....or they went to a club in a same division just because that club have higher reputation than you...(happened to me when I just got promoted to League 2 from BSP.)
  7. your team hasnt fail to score for 20 consecutive match but none of them on winning note
  8. yeah but why fans want his head he is only assman....not full manager?
  9. Who have/do you manage in the game?

    Gateshead...took them from BSS to League 2 and still there.....1 year in BSS 4 years in League 2......deleted the save game because I wanted to play the new patch... Top player : Benjamin Martha - 3 times 2nd placed in overall score chart(30+ goals every time...someone with sh't attributes got the 1st place award) starting again with gateshead in new patch but couldnt get Benjamin Martha back :-S damn it...
  10. There is a fans day in FM to attract new fan to the stadium...question is...can we as manager set what date to be a fans day? of course you would want fans day to be a day when your team goes afgainst a high reputation team where many fans will come to the stadium...so we can set that day as a fans day.... or fans day is totally set by the boards?
  11. its been once...FM2007 but thats after a few season you played....the last 3 FM after that havent got any...maybe has been removed...
  12. always save your game before pressing the ultimatum
  13. Managing 2 clubs

    dont start at same time,but you can start a new manager when your current manager leave to manage other club... example if you are managing oxford and you are leaving for a high division team....you can create a new manager to replace you at oxford...
  14. Oliver & Paul Collyer - M.B.E.s

    Congratulations both of you... Ages since I first play CM Italia 94 Still following after 16 years...
  15. Press Conference - to announce your retirement - to announce who will be your next signing/targeted player - to declare interest in jobs around you - to tell your general happiness at the club/with your board/your short and long term plan - to tell the world your ambitions....(qualify for UEFA cup from Coca Cola League 1? ) all these interact with the world around you....maybe we could have journalist personality(like supporter spokeperson)....this guy like to ask this and that....that guy like to write the good thing about you.... some is neutral......some like to write about rumours around the club... well just an idea....I dunno actually