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  1. What has broken this game for me is the fact that all famous players respawn as younger versions of themselves when they retire. This makes the game extremely easy, and within a couple of seasons I always have a world class team with "Ronaldinho", "Zlatan", "Robben, "Ribery", "Gerrard" and so on. The world class talents I don't use, I sell for 10x the price I bought them for, and the club inevitably becomes very rich. Every career is exactly the same. In future versions, I wish world class talents would randomly appear.
  2. Unfortunately, no. I should have thought of it. But I did have a manual save set not long prior to this match, so I loaded that one and played the match again. The opposing team made four substitutions this time. This match I saved. JV
  3. The opposing team made five substitutions in an FA cup game. And the game was played during a national team break, so half my squad was unavailable. JV
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