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  1. Is Public Beta available for the demo? or i have to wait. Haven't bought the game yet. (still waiting for the right price :))
  2. Dont get me wrong. I'm a big fan of the series. I've played it since CM93-94 and my fav part of the game is tactic. I enjoy reading & watching tactical blogs, articles and vid clips and I also like to read negative comments about the ME. The ME is flawed and will never perfect. That's the truth we all accept. But once in a while, something comes to my mind. Is the ME good enough to be taken so seriously?? Are real life tactical knowledge/theories really applicable to the ME?? I dont mean to look down on those valuable and enjoyable resources from Tactical Gurus across the internet. I just want to hear your thoughts Best Regards,
  3. I have tried a few games on the beta and have a question. How can i set particular player to be my playmaker? Thanks for the answer..
  4. Will the demo be updated?? I haven't bought the game yet. Steam didn't update when i played it last night. Do i have to do something?? Or just buy a copy!?
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