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  1. Thank you for your answer krlenjushka! I have been wondering, why the region option wasn't working properly, but that explains it. It is not the optimal solution for me, because the leagues are not 100% sharply region seperated. But it seems to be the best solution, as long as "mirror main division" is not working. For me the unique ID shown in the editor did the job. I didn't had to use the "db_unique_id".
  2. But the problem is, that the only option to reference to the main league which I what to replicate at reserve level, is by choosing "mirror main division" as type and then choose the "competition" which, as I have written before, never created a reserve league... The types "use teams from division", "regional divisions" and "local regions" only allow to choose the division and not the specific league. So this three options create a wild mishmash of all 9 leagues containing division 4, which isn't what I intend to do. Maybe the division tree helps for better understanding. The bold leagues should get replicate reserve league. division 1: League A division 2: League A division 3: League A, League B, League C division 4: League A, League B, League C, League D, League E, League F, League G, League H, League I divison 5: ...
  3. Hello KnightsofStanley, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, I'm having 9 leagues in division 4. I didn't tried it yet, but I'm assuming that with this method, it is going to create 9 reserve leagues. But I only want to pick specific leagues of division 4, which should get a reserve league, for instance 4A, 4B and 4C. any ideas?
  4. Hello! I'm having problems with creating reserve leagues, which should mirror a specific first team league. For example: Level 4 contains 9 leagues, let's call them 4A, 4B,..., 4H, 4I The reserve leagues should each get a parallel reserve league, which contains the reserve team of the first teams. The reserve league shouldn't have promotion or relegation rules. So if the first team winner of 4A is promoted to league 3A, their reserve team isn't selected for the next year. In contrast, the reserve team of the relegated team from 3A is part of the reserve league 4A in the following season. In short, the reserve league 4A should always contain the reserve teams of the first team league 4A. My first attempt was to create a generic reserve league with the “reserve rules” (advanced rules > “nation” > reserve rules > reserve leagues). I selected “mirror main division” as league type, because I think, that this should be exactly the option I’m looking for. I chose the specific competition (4A) and added some minor settings (start date, end date, match day, etc.). But the problem is, that this league was never created during the game, no matter which settings I used. I tried to test the same settings with type “use teams from division” or “regional divisions”, where some reserve leagues were created. But with this settings, it gets all reserve teams of the division level 4 (A to I), so this isn’t a solution. The second try was to create a reserve league from scratch (“list” > add new league). Which ment to create a new competition in the database, but my goal would be not to touch the database (in terms of compatibility and workload). However, using this method I need to define the teams which should be contained in the reserve league. But I couldn't find a fitting adjustment, which "gets all teams form division" and then only takes the reserve teams of the selected teams and uses them to create the reserve league 4A. Every time I tried to run this, the reserve league wasn't created, because it couldn't find the suitable teams. Has anyone created mirrored reserve league before or has an idea how to create functioning mirrored reserve leagues, please help me. Thank you for your help!
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