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  1. If it bothers you that much that this happens every year then wait until the patches are released before purchasing the game. If you notice it happening every year then it shouldn't really be a surprise. Not sure SI would change as they still rake the cash and awards in every year using the method...
  2. Unplayable???

    I say this most years as the game is always released and then patched up between now and March. If it bothers you that much that you pay the money and then feel the game is unplayable wait until the final patch is released before you buy it. I've done this for about 3 or 4 years now and I get a full year of a fully patched up game when I buy. If everyone did this then I wonder whether SI would release a game that required 2-3 patches to make it 'playable'... Just my opinion (and how I get round the issues that crop up year on year)
  3. Opening a can of worms - new patch

    I don't buy the game until what seems to be the 3rd and final patch (at least in the last couple of years comes out). For me that's when the game is released. I then play it for the year so I get as much game play out of it as most people...
  4. I play a 3-5-2 quite often and have to say I stick with 3 Centre Backs every time. You will probably need at least 5 capable centre backs over the course of a season, due to injuries, suspensions etc. If you use full backs and 1 centre back then the opposion will run at you through the centre and probably score lots of goals that way. If you are playing this type of system then I would also recommend that you have a quality DMC dropping back to support your defence and to cut out a lot of passes/make early tackles. You will also find your wingers, or wing backs (which is what I use) are key to your sucess.
  5. As per many of the other replies, I have little interest in seeing the development teams time spent on improving the sound. Surely there is a pragmatic solution along the lines of extra skins, facepacks etc where the FM community produce additional commentary that can be added if desired. As for claiming a 70% improvement to the game....hmm
  6. Aye, binned every one bar Zally for one season. Actually did take Chesny for a season too, but only cos he can play both left & right wing. Failed to mention before that I got an 17 yr old Explosive Centre Back from Kaunus for next to nothing after the first years regens - love it!! He's now the only Lithuaniun in the squad. Also loving the fact I cant expand my stadium as the council wont give planning permission...who says this game doesn't reflect real life! JB
  7. Managed to win the league 3 seasons in with Hearts. First season was a clearing out job (much like what needs to happen irl), with a couple of key signings like Stancu, Borysiuk & Chris Burke on a free. Second season was building on the first, bringing through youth and a few more signings (Fleck, Kadlec). Seem to be in with a shout of retaning it too, currently 2 points clear of 2nd and 6 points clear of 3rd after 14 games. Champo league wasn't a write off either - got pummelled by Bayern Munich but made UEFA cup! Didn't find it as difficult as with previous versions to break them, but reckon the only way to do it is to retain your best players, get a couple of cracking signings and pray for some good kids coming through. 'mon the Jambos
  8. AFC Wimblemdon update Season 2012/2013 Finally, a season of stability - lower table mediocrity, nothing major to report (positive or negative). Need to get some better quality signings in for next season otherwise I think there will be a bit of a slide!! League Squad
  9. End of Season 2011/2012 Phew, that was a fraught season. Very strange indeed. Promotion attained (somehow) only becuase by half way through the season only 4-5 points separated 4th from 4th bottom! Cue a quick unbeaten run and then scrapped points from whoever was kind enough to gift them to me. Every promotion so far has been through the playoffs. Quite worried about next year as I expect to get well and truley thumped in the Championshipm, although for the first season so far I have a transfer budget! League table Squad Oh well, here we go
  10. End of Season 2010/11 summary End of my third season and my third promotion, although yet again via the playoffs. A long hard season this one, stuck in mid table mediocrity for the majority before a last gasp dash for the playoffs alongside the capitulation of my rivals. The game nearly took revenge though, with all 3 of my left sided wingers getting injured within a couple of days of the playoffs. Cue my 17 year old youff team winger playing out of his skin before, you guessed it, getting snapped just before the final. All good though as I scraped through, although I think I will get pummled in League 1 next year unless I get some quality free transfers in. Table Squad Onwards and probably downwards!
  11. ...end of second season, and another scraped promotion via the playoffs! Think I'm gonna struggle next season, think I need major surgery to my squad. Still, would rather get promoted than not League table Squad
  12. ahh there we go...end of season 1 table. Promoted, down in no small part to the 129 goals scored by my team during the season. The average goals per game worked out at about 4.5 a game (taking for and against into account) so reckon I'm gonna try and sign some world class Defenders for free! Roll on season 2 - think I'll ask my board to rename the stadium "the goalfest arena"
  13. Hi, Just started the challenge, heres my profile. Bring it on......