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  1. I would just like to say that v6 Piranha is still the best out there. Am using it in my long term Liverpool game, and it was getting a bit easy with the like of players like Messi, Aguero, Marquinhos, Gerrard and Torres. Have just started a new randomised game and was given Southampton; once the team got used to the tactic, about 10 games ish, we finished the season 3rd and won promotion via the play-offs. Have not had the chance or even the need to try the eagle tactic yet, although i may do this first season in the premier league obviously. KUGW Tylerbode:thup:
  2. Ive managed to retrain Steven Gerrard to play that position. Kaka should be great in that position. Someone else managed to retrain Lampard as well.
  3. Size of pitch is covered in the OP ; As small as possible
  4. Guys, im sure this info is in the thread somewhere but cant seem to find it. Im using v4 and i noticed that the FC with the barrow has switched sides. Is the FC with the barrow still the creative FC? In that case should the other FC be in the TM list even though use TM is not ticked? Do you have to use a TM? If so which type? Big / Strong or Fast?
  5. Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Seeing as i have the update on my memory stick ready to go, do you recommend updating and sticking with my game:confused: or updating and starting a new one as there are no more planned updates???
  6. Tyler, Am in the middle of a long term game and a bit loath to update to 9.3.0 until we find a tactic that definitely works without having to restart a game... Is the initial v1 of this tactic the one you used on 9.2.0:confused:
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