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  1. how do i delete cache and my preferences then re verify cache
  2. will there changes to players complaining about training regime and will man utd youngster Callum Gribbin be included in this winter update
  3. When trying to save my game error code:3 is coming up what does that mean
  4. Go in the Hall of fame you will see the top 50 managers and it will show you where they are.
  5. What bugs will be dealt with in hotfix 1 will we be able to view scorers in other matches and also player and manager of the month and blank club history page in hotfix 1.
  6. I agree too many bugs and we really need to be able to view back the scorers of other matches because it brings a level of reality to the game.
  7. So far I have been loving the game it is great. A few bugs here and there and probably some features being add back. The bugs I noticed in my game player of the month and runner up both haven't played any matches since the start of the season. Also most people would like to be able to view who scored in other matches so please take that into consideration adding back that feature so you can see who scores in other matches.
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