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  1. Why are Spain and Portugal part of Central Europe scout search? At least they should be South Europe...
  2. For AML/R players, when placed in F R/L, when checking tactics, the are shown as their competence for the AM R/L, but when selecting the player, the competence shown is that of the SC position. Bellow, Zivkovic has Natural for Winger Right and Competent for Striker.
  3. My B team has not hired a single staff member, causing all of the players on that team to not fully develop. Wondering if this could be a bug?
  4. I have been playing for 3 seasons now, and compared to FMM 2016, I have not been able to retrain one single player to a new position. Some of them have been retrained for 15 months, and still nothing. I understand that some players are more capable/willing of/to changing position than others, but I have not had one yet. Wondering if it might be a bug? Sorry, but don't have any screeshots.
  5. Started a game with benfica, and Goncalo Guedes had 18 games played already. Check date ( 12th Aug) and stats ( one game was played)
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