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  1. Yes, I have already downloaded it and use it. It works and I can finally play the game. Thank you.
  2. But have you canceled my post and the one by another customer? Why? Where is the one I wrote this morning?
  3. As I suspected, 10 days are passed and still no update in the AppStore to use FMm17 with ipad1 and OS 5.1.1. You said you've fixed the issue, ok, but where is the update? The Apple process can't be an excuse because 10 days are really too much. I can understand that the Agile pm method you're probably using can't require a previous testing step, and ok, but once the whole world wrote you to fix an issue that avoid to play your game you should intervene and correct it asap. It's not possible to put a simple bug such as a wrong team name and a gigantic issue as this one on the same level: the first is annoying but you can play with the game, with the second you can't play at all. Please, publish the update where with the OS5.1.1 issue asap and afterwards publish another update with the solution for all other bugs.
  4. And this would probably mean we'll have to wait for at least other two weeks. And we won't have the certainty the update will work. Next year I'll wait for downloading the game on dayone. I've been ripped off this time, it won't happen again... What a pity!
  5. What do you thing, can we hope for the next two or three days? Or more? And let me thank you for your time and your kindness. I hope you can understand us. We've waited it for months and we'd really like to play with it.
  6. Wick123 is right. When will you plan to publish the update? Because we don't have a lot of days to ask the possible reimburse (if the update shouldn't work).
  7. I knew you could find the right solution! I really hope to download the update and starting the game as I've been doing since 90s. Thank you!
  8. Hi Jack, I really hope it. Do it quickly! We are eager to lose our spare time!
  9. HI, as everybody else with an Ipad 1 and OS 5.1.1 I'm having issue with FMmobile17 that crashes after the first screen and when the Twitter comes up. Of course, I've already tried all your "solution" but nothing, it continue to crash (FMmobile16 works perfectly on the same device). So, as I have only few days for asking a reimburse to AppStore, what do you people from SI suggest to me? Should I wait for a bug fixing update asap or should I ask the reimburse before it will be too late? Thank you
  10. Hi Alistair, I answer for him because I'm having the same issue on Ipad1 with OS 5.1.1. It crashes just after the first screen (SEGA and Sport Interactive logo) and when the Twitter request just comes up. I've already tried to restart the ipad and to cancel and redownload/reinstall the app at least 4 times but nothing, it continues to crash. Please do something asap. Thank you
  11. Exactly, it crashes with the Twitter message. I really hope they're going to correct it because I want to play it, I don't want the reimburse.
  12. Hi, I have the same problem. I've got an Ipad 1 with OS 5.1.1 and I worked perfectly on all FM in the past, including FM2016. I know it's an old device but I used it with no problems with FM in the past. Yesterday night I downloaded FM2017 and it crashes just after the first screen (SEGA and yours logos). I tried to restart the device and to cancel and re-download the app but nothing happens. It continues to crash. Please, correct this bug.
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