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  1. I cant find the download button here
  2. is the highly structered version the best for underdogs in low leagues?
  3. From my experience goodbye 343 is awesome for underdogs. Beat bayern with karlsruhe in the first season 4:1 in the german cup semifinal.
  4. Is it right that the right midfielder and the striker both dont have pi's?
  5. alright thanks. will post results and formation after the first season. had a good start so far, just conceding to much.
  6. but i can change roles and instructions can i?
  7. so if im going to use an 343 does this mean i have to use 3 striker or can it be 1 striker and aml/amr?
  8. would like to join, sounds very interesting
  9. [Russia] (Official) League Specific Issues

    was on holiday on the 4th july. the manually registration isnt working for me; it says the players can´t be registrated for the next game (tried it again after that game, still isn´t working). btw im inside the transferwindow.
  10. [Russia] (Official) League Specific Issues

    its not possible for me 2 registrate players for the league.
  11. 4-1-1-3-1 supertactic!

    just tested it over a couple of games in the test league (with full familiarity). pretty average results for such an awesome name.
  12. AI to weak?!

    I did
  13. AI to weak?!

    yes but this is how they do in real life. Barca, Real and Athletico dominate the spanish league and they should also do in fm (at least the first seasons). Also clubs like Gladbach or Schalke shouldnt relegate after the first season.
  14. AI to weak?!

    yes because these are different savegames. me to... was the worst finishing of them i´ve seen in all games but they often finished 3rd with a not-so-good goaldifference.