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  1. Hey knap, do you have a tactic that fits a slower, tall striker with good heading?
  2. Hey knap, do you have a tactic that works without the throw-in exploit?
  3. Mady Camara from Olympiakos is a great bbm; he´s also young and a real bargain.
  4. tested the new ashbringer v8 in holiday mode it worked quiet good in the league (altought i wouldnt call it overarchieving) but not so much in the championsleague... i´ve let the am choose the players so they´re not playing if they need a rest
  5. changed the anchor to regista (because i love this role) and it worked incredibly well for me. just went on holiday for some games but the picture speaks for itself.
  6. Anyone else noticed you're getting much more yellow cards in italia then in other countries?
  7. It will be successful because 5-2-3 tactics exploit the match engine...
  8. is the highly structered version the best for underdogs in low leagues?
  9. From my experience goodbye 343 is awesome for underdogs. Beat bayern with karlsruhe in the first season 4:1 in the german cup semifinal.
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