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  1. I've been working on a custom database. I've created and deleted competitions as part of testing. But whenever I start a new game all the old leagues still show up. I've deleted cache files from the regular and editor folders. But this doesn't fix anything. Any suggestions? EDIT: The leagues and cups still show up when you look at competition and cup rankings only.
  2. @samuuel77 Thank you!! Is there a way to have the qualifications places show up in the league table?
  3. Hi guys, I'm creating a huge custom league. It has 4 divisions 16 teams each. I want the top two teams (1,2) from each division to qualify for tournament A. The next two best teams (3,4) will qualify for tournament B. These are both post season tournaments. How can I make a cup, that pulls clubs based off of the final league table?
  4. The pitch turned black when I try to watch a match. I have deleted and verified game cache, deleted preferences, updated graphics drivers. Removed custom graphics. And still noting. FM16.3
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