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  1. Ok cool, thanks for trying to help me. Will be back with more details next time, if it happens again. Lost a couple of good players, but luckily, it's just a game and not real life.
  2. I'm in NHL, GM for Pittsburgh. Not sure what the date was back then, but I believe it was spring at that time, maybe march or april. Next time, if it happens, I'll check the date for you. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but scheduled transfers mean trading from a team to another which doesn't involve those players first being put on waivers. Am I right? Some player could've been on IR. If they come back, does that mean that some other player is put on waivers automatically after you've played a match? I thought the game would tell me that I have to fix the rosters since there were too many pl
  3. I wasn't on vacation. Even if I was, the settings are so that they should go on like I have set the team even if I went on vacation.
  4. Thanks KoKid90, but sadly, I have it on already so that isn't a solution to my problem.
  5. I found general manager options, but couldn't find anything there related to assistant gm or putting players on waivers. Where should I look?
  6. I just played a game and after it saw on the newsfeed that my team had put 2 players that had just played to waivers. I didn't do that. Who did?
  7. I guess I forgot to put notifying on, since I haven't noticed this reply of yours. Thanks for answering. I will do that, if this reoccurs.
  8. I have HW-monitor on always when I have my computer on and been checking the temps after all games. EHM gets my card way hotter than many other games, which is weird, since it doesn't have fancy graphics. Is it a bug of some sort perhaps? For instance, when I play Skyrim on max details and graphic options at ultra, my AMD 7950 gets to max 80*C, usually under that. EHM gets my graphics card up to 85*C. Looks like the temps go way up during gameview time. Is this normal?
  9. The tips that come on the screen while the game is loading a new day or updating the database with new scores and such, they go away too fast when I play. Would love to get to check them out, since some of them seem to be very helpful on giving new ideas on how to improve my game. Are they all in a text file in some of the game's folders or can they be read somewhere else?
  10. Oh ok, so they are rumours of my team, not my team's facullty's thoughts to guide me to getting the right players of their choice? Good to know. Thank you guys!
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