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    I\'m an SV Roeselare and AA Gent supporter and an addicted manager and strategy gamer.

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  1. When hiding all the attributes is just possible as an option, than this isn't a problem. I'm actually a big number freak myself, doing study's that have like 12 hours of math lessons a week, and playing tycoon and managent games all day, but after all those years of cm/fm, I would like a little variation once. Your right about this. This could be fixed by larger scout and trainer reports, so that scouts and trainers become the key between you and the attributes: a scout or coatch could give a detailed report like: "he's a good header, but lacks the pace and finishing of a real striker." In other words: they could describe how a player does on the important quality's for his position. The difference with the attribute system is that you then have to put a scout on the player for some time if you want such a report about a player from outside your team, instead of just clicking on him and check his profile, and that you don't get a full detailed 0-20 rating on every detail, so you'll still have to figure out things about your players yourself. But you're probably right about the fact that fm like it is now, won't be playable without attributes. It would require some new features like I mentioned above, wich probably require some time to develop. So if those SI programmers have some time to spare: you know what to do.
  2. Don't know if it's come up before, and it's probably a crazy idea, but I would like the possibility to hide all player attributes forever. The only indications that you would have then to rate the quality of a player are his market value, his match ratings, his history, and the mistakes and good things you see him do on the pitch, in other words: everything a real life manager has to rate a player. The player attributes are like huge scouts reports, made by the people of SI, that you get as a present as a virtual football manager. All those reports about all those players are more that a real-life club could ever make. Only to sort out all the attributes for the players of your own squad, would, in real life, take a year or so of detailed tests of each player. Don't know if it would be playable, but it would make a great challange to play the game without these attributes. The friendly's would become, like in real life, of greater importance, since it's then you still have the time to play and watch each player perform. The oppinion of the coaches about players would also become of greater importance, since they, like in real life, are the ones that work with the players all day and know their streaghts and weaknesses the best. You would also be forces to send out more scouts, and to take their reports seriously and base you descissions on that, just like in ... real life. It would certainly take a lot of time to get your team together (yes, just like in real life), but I think it could be a realy fun experience. I'd rather spend 6 months to play 4 ingame years fighting relegation with a small relegation team, than spending another 6 months playing 25 ingame years, winning the CL 15 times and the national competition 20 times with that same small relegation team. Maybe it won't be fun at all, but I cerntainly would want to try that for once.
  3. I don't agree with that, it would spoil the realism. I never heard of a manager using his personal money to buy a player... I think it's a good thing that manager wages are left outside the players influence as much as possible, otherwise players would be able to use it for unrealistic things, or would be able to simply sign an unrealistic low wage contract to help the clubs finanaces.
  4. I'd realy like the possibility not only to start off at a low-level club, but also to start at the low-level within that club. I'm talking about being the youth (or reserve) coach, so you just have to manage the youth (or reserve) squad, train them as good as possible, and get the best results as possible with them. When your doing good, you could be asked by the board to become the new manager when the current manager gets sacked or leaves, or you could build up a reputation wich is enough to be accepted as manager for a lower club. For me, it would open up a huge amount of new possibilities. It would also open up a new way to get into a top club: when you're not good enough to become their manager, and they have an application for a new youth or reserve coach, maybe you can apply and get accepted for that, and make you way up to the manager seat that way. I don't think it would require a lot of extra coding. Basically, other manager options just have to be disabled, so that, as a youth coach for example, you only have youth training and youth squad tactics left. Offcourse it would also require the board to rate you for the results of the youth team, instead of the A-squad, and maybe for the amount of young talents that make their way from your team to the A-squad. Also, for transfers, instead of being able to make an offer for a player, you should be able to recommend the player to the manager or the board, and they decide wether he comes over to strengthen your squad. I don't know wether others find this a good idea, or wether it has been discussed before, but I think this would bring me, and other training fanatics, a new challange, being able to turn a terrible youth team into a team that can yearly offer some good trained talents to the A-squad.
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