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  1. i removed all anti virus when i first had the issues and it didnt make any difference so i thought i might as well have my computer protected if it is going to run slow anyway, so i put it back on. no i dont run any other applications while playing.
  2. This is, for me, the worst FM yet for bugs and issues etc. For a start it is so slow. I posted a topic when I first got it and none of the help offered did anything and it seems to be getting worse the further through I go. I started this game on a brand new laptop, an upgraded one not a cheap one. The speed offered was half a star regardless of game detail. This week I got so sick that I ran a system check on my laptop to make sure that there wasn't an issue with that. It passed all tests, plus it's worth adding it is only FM I have any problems with. Sometimes it can take more than hal
  3. Well neither of those are paid for, everything that's on is just what the laptop came with. If I uninstall and reinstall it will I lose the game I currently am playing?
  4. Hello, i have recently got football manager 2017 and it is running incredibly slow. It is a brand new laptop and doesn't have anything else running on it. It is an intel pentium processor N3710 1.6GHz and has 8GB of RAM. FM2016 ran very fast on my old laptop, but I only get half a star on this one. This is even when only playing on the 4 main English leagues. I have followed the previous post regarding deleting cache etc and it worked slightly faster, but today it has taken half an hour to advance 3 days on the game. Please help
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