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  1. I have the best idea: first fix FM2017, then you can start to think about 2018 version.
  2. Time to patch

    I hope SI doesn't limit 'serious issues' just to 'crashes/freezing'. I'm afraid players don't see it in that way. Thx for answer. EOT.
  3. I know SI never announce patches but maybe you can at least tell us if you're goin' to patch the game before traditional mid-season update?
  4. [Poland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    According to official statements, Polish Ekstraklasa rules will be completely changed from next season. Can we count that in next patch those changes will be included? Ekstraklasa is one of the official leagues in FM2017 afterall.
  5. Just one. We'll try to upload save game later.
  6. I set the players as transfer listed and it's ok. After hitting 'continue' the game removes that status and set 'available for loan'. So I set it again, hit continue and it's changed again. Annoying.
  7. Wow, man. You really have to adore him 😛
  8. Have you noticed that if your player has % of next transfer and you offer him new contact, he always set this clause as non-negotiable? If he had for instance 30% in existing contract, he will demand the same in new one and will not let to negotiate this. Maybe it's not bug but it's rather stupid.
  9. I think SI gathered more than enough information about existing bugs. It's time to react. What do you think?
  10. Statistics under key player on post match analysis screen are completely wrong. It says '43% passess completion ratio' when in fact it's 60. '100% crossess completion ratio' - the guy did complete 0.
  11. Beta career bugs

    Mistakes in text. For instance on team strenghts and weaknessess I see: Dani Ramirez with average rating 6.15 has #number position in competition (something like this). It is always written "#number". Things like this.
  12. I have impression that upgrading beta to final version did not remove all bugs in existing beta careers. Am I right?