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  1. But, where is this feature when viewing followed content list? https://community.sigames.com/followed/ Edit: Just realized this link is just for managing followed topics.
  2. Amazing results for that OCed 7700K.
  3. After reading AMD Ryzen reviews I am even more excited to see how they will perform in FM. They could even top the table.
  4. Can't wait till March, to see AMD Ryzen results.
  5. I've been really busy last few months, and I still don't own FM16. Whoever wants to start new thread, just go ahead, I will enjoy reading it.
  6. Got myself today 2500K capable of running torture tests at 5,3 GHz. Too bad I don't have proper cooling at the moment to test it in FM at such frequencies.
  7. Even though you'd like it to be faster, it's still a great result!
  8. Great numbers. This CPU is a real gem when used with games that don't require more than two cores.
  9. i7 920 is indeed very good CPU. I checked now and it can be found here for as low as 20 Euros. The problem is that used 1366 motherboards are extremely rare, I couldn't find any at the moment.
  10. Haswell architecture really shines in FM. I am looking forward to seeing overclocked results.
  11. 4 physical cores. This is the benchmark save - Championship and Premier league set to full detail.
  12. Here is mine CPU usage before, during and after English Championship matchday.
  13. From my experience unfair advantage in continental competitions comes from the fact that top clubs are not run as good as irl. I haven't noticed that it became any tougher when I played with top leagues on full detail.
  14. Serious processing power for a notebook. What is the exact model?