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  1. Thanks for the clarification, this at least gives me some kind of indication. The next data update will most likely be the winter update right? Because I think I could wait until then, but not much longer haha
  2. Sorry to keep nagging about this, but is there any hope it will be fixed soon? I have been waiting to start my save till this gets fixed, but I'm starting to get a little bit impatient
  3. Thanks a lot, I missed that when searching for the problem! I will follow it and let's hope it can be fixed relatively soon!
  4. Exactly, and it's not just at PSV, it's at all of the clubs in the Netherlands. But now I would really like to know if this is a bug or not. Because if it's going to be fixed soon, I would rather wait starting a new game, but if it's not, I guess I will have to make do without them.
  5. Hi, I wanted to start a new game in FM 21 in the Netherlands, but I soon found out none of the clubs in the Eredivisie have any staff for their -18 team. I tried searching for Ruud van Nistelrooy as I know he is PSV's -18 manager, but found nothing, he does not exist in the game. The strange thing is that when I started a game in the Beta, I remember this was not a problem and everyone existed (including van Nistelrooy). Unfortunately, I do not have the file to prove this last bit anymore and it has been a while so I am not entirely sure this is true. I would like to have all the correct staf
  6. I am also managing in the Netherlands currently, with PSV. This means I have jong PSV in the second division, but also a sattelite club fc Eindhoven in the second division i loan the players to that are excessive in my b-team. But the strange thing is that i keep getting trainer suggestions that the players in my b-team need a lot more playing time (even though they are playing every match in my b-team), and their development shows this. They don't seem to be developing as well as you would expect given that they get match experience in a division that suits their ability. Players that develop
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