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  1. So we will wait for updates but i think you have to choose one of the last tablet and choose for what you want to do and which one you prefer. I think the game will run anyway. On fmt 16 that was perfect i think that will be the same for fmt17
  2. I'm playing on samsung galaxy tab s2 and it's good. Need some patch to fix some bug and the framrate during the 3d highlight but this problem is for all tablet actually i think. With my samsung i use the tuner to run on a lower resolution and now thats work really great.
  3. Depend what you want exactly. Only playing games on you tablet when you are home or you want a nomad tatblet you can bring every where and playing with a good battery life ? And the screen size you prefer ? Any preference between windows/android/ios/other ?
  4. Hey. Likesome other peoples plauing on tablet still have , after 24hwithout internet connection the message how say idonthave a licence for this game and my android tablet number ( don't remember exactly the message, i'm on internet now ^^ ) I know they are working on, bur the patcg can take several weeks to be finished and i willleave the city soon i will not have any acces to i ternet for a wile. Anybody find a fix or something to be able to play ?or i will have to go back on fm 16 ... Cheers
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