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  1. "git gud" mate, judging by post here it seems like FM community starts to look dangerously close to FIFA community.
  2. Well, although I don't see now how this general advice can help me immediately, thanks a lot for the inspiration. Main problem is not necessarily in abundance of shots in it self but rather that they are all shooting while there are much better options available. This is not something new for sure, as it was in ME previously several times, but in this one, its just plain unwatchable and against basic principles of football - you try to create space and time, but its useless here. For instance in systems in which you create side overloads in order to free your player in centre/other side of the field. It never happens. They always run and shoot . You can have 3 unmarked players in front of goal, ball carrier with 20 teamwork, vision and technique, but he will shoot anyway. I know what quality of chances is - but here it seems that players have absolutely no idea about relative quality of position in front of goal.
  3. Well, thanks for advice. Let me offer you some as well - I see you like to write "things" and make argument out of everything. I am not arguing, much less with you, I am describing my experience. As it stands now my experience from game is extremely disappointing and to make matters worse, my experience from visiting SI forums is now not much better. So thank you and If you don't mind I will use my spare time to talk to some more interesting / helpful people.
  4. Obviously I have tried and waited, wont be posting without players getting familiar with tct setup and each other. These issues (decision making, teamwork, passing sideways, shooting from literally ZERO degree angles while there is several better options for clear goal, ineffective AMC's) still remain. Appreciate helpful tone, but really its not a first one for me. And its not first time I seen "shoot less often" not working as intended.
  5. Its not a non-sense. I reviewed 8 Football managers in past 20 years. Average around 500 hours each year, I have eyes, can see whats happening on the field and review my games in order to understand ME. I came here thinking I will meet some guys with at least partly similar RL experience and find out if there are solutions for this incredible mess of ME and some patches planned. Sadly, it seems I am at wrong place.
  6. Oh yes. Well, surely, after playing like 80 hours, it has to be my fault, because ME is flawless. Thank you, not interested.
  7. This fanboy mentality is not helping and just plain stupid. Current ME is worst I have seen in terms of representation of football for past 4 years. EVERYONE is shooting from non-nonsensical angles, there is not a single square pass for tap in to open net so it does not matter how well you set up your tactics IN REAL LIFE terms. Get a fast wing back on attack and he will average more shots on goal than striker. Central roles in AMC strata (enganche, AP/A and others) have stupidly low influence on game. One on one's and overall decision making does not make sense. It does not look like football at all. In the end its incredibly boring to watch you team waste zillions one on ones or good positions to overall stupidity of ME. So although older ME's might have clear bugs and exploits, this one is unwatchable. Playing FM from 1999 but this one is total waste of time worth a refund. Even more so that tactical system is simply not enough in this day and age, there is almost zero tangible improvement that improves game play, majority of useless, archaic deadwood like interviews is still there and UX is becoming horribly convoluted mess. It all feels like FM is game of the past. Even though SI are boasting about sales figures and game time, I don't believe that's because increasing quality of the game. And I am saying all that with huge regret, because I obviously like SI, would love to see them produce best game and do well.
  8. Well, i gotta say i just had unpleasant dejavu. 1st cup match of the season, opposition mustered grand total of 27% possesion playing ugly PTB style, while being 1 division higher. Leading 1-0 in extra time, than out of the blue, throw in near the goal, 2 players pressing ball holder, who plays short ball back to thrower, cross far post flying like 1 yard from keeper, header , goal in 122th minute, pens lost. Almost same scenario like last year. I dont know, somehow I am loosing interest in the game. Transfer market is a chore, promises / communication broken or unfunny, watching endless chances uncorverted + stuff like this... however it might flow from whatever its humanly undefendable. Considering it takes me 20 hours to go through one season...uff. Suddenly its too much of the same. Anyway, it was pleasant discussion and thx to everyone for contributing!
  9. Obviously this is a huge problem and I play 2D exclusively except for streams as well. Quite reasonable goals in 2D often seem horribly in 3D due to animation, body position and altogether uncanny valley feeling from 3D. You soon start to attach another meanings to whats going on infont of you, instead of analyzing play from more stand out perspective. Well, I have exactly the same experience. Not matter how fast i react, how much hairdryer treatment from the dugout i dish out, there are loads of consalation goals particulary when leading by 3 +. On the other hand, I do believe it gets better over time, during 2 season when you are really demanding and my team tens to concede less of these cheap goals. Not sure about goalies still, they weirdly oscilating between genius and retard - except for distribution, which often times makes no sense at all, even with PIs. But to be honest same goes for throw ins. Yeah, I understand that pretty well. Sudden change in tackling department is very weird as well as distate of attacking players to run into space more aggresively. Well, thats quite brilliant. I tried that too, and while I was not troubled by defensive instability, I simply could not get my players go full retard (or full "Cantona" if you wish )on earliest opportunity given. Not matter what PIs, TIs i used. Though I did not tested it with really quality players with high decision making so far, maybe it might be better than. Also on tactic note: I build my tct with 3 CMs, DM and 2 shadow strikers infront of them and I do believe that this combination is somehow overpowered to anything i tried before. Not sure if its worthy report, because results are not godlike, but still, in hands even more capable manager I am pretty sure, it might be rather unhealthy. And it was not even case of me trying to build some super tactic, just not being happy with pressing, defensive line, movement of lines, fluidity etc. etc. I ended with this.
  10. I second that. Whole game was fairly terrible, but the analysis tool was breath of fresh air. Well, as far as expected goals are concerned I have to to get up to speed. Did not catched that yet. Seems interesting, although I am not sure how it calculates extreme cases like famous ManU - Fulham 80 crosses match etc. Baseline is calculated on previous results i guess? So it developes through year? Will google that. That makes sense, obviously. Although as we are humans, you may still feel thats kinda unreal, because to hit fast driven diagonal cross you need really good scores on anticipation, technique, concentration etc. while in fact, at least on level I am now (Sky Bet league 2) there very little of that - even less in 76th minute. For first chance of the game. But nevermind. This might be asking little too much. Nice piece Anyway, I am afraid, this issue is much rooted. It starts with horrible prematch advice to change formation, roles, duties, style of play, which would often result in a) much less tactical familiarity b) players being played in unsuitable roles c) alienating user input. Now you may say, that there is always choice to bin this horrible feedback and i do believe everyone of us does exactly that, but when you think about casuals, it makes everything even more foggy, unrealible and confusing. And because this is in essence ongoing tutorial, I think extremely unfortunate to keep it in the game. Last thing is tactical creator which i do believe has to go through another iteration, because lately it lags behind just about everything you hear even in mainstream media and perception of the game as a whole. Dont get me wrong, it was glorious invetion and i always rate elegant design highly, while i also believe its neccesary for game balance in many ways, but right now, i dont feel like adding new roles would help. Game starts to be bit shallow tactically for long time players and its increasingly hard to remotely replicate and add your own to some systems. And as you managerial side (communication and transfers) is bad to average shape as well, i do believe we should see some change in coming years really. On the other hand there are things i really admire and are undoubtedly improved. I can really see different approach of managers (unless they are underdog in which case its park the bus often times) and was suprised by some of them employin subtle tweaks during matches to counter my tactic. For instance during my cup run with Crewe, all lesser managers played pants, but genius - Mark Hughes - instructed his guys to quick switches of play (arguably weakest point of my tct) which worked wonders. On the other hand, although i would love to do the same with in some cases, there is not realible way to do this ...
  11. Well, considering IRL CCC conversions you posted, I am baffled even more. Because while my conversion rate would probably sit somewhere around 30 - 20% and my chances are I would say most of the time of better quality, and easier to convert, Ai has better % with harder chances. This might also have to do with perception - majority of CCCs of AI are driven diagonal crosses, followed by firt time shot (or high near post speedy crosses) which IRL are X times harder to convert (often on weak foot) than simply central shots from breakaways, or one on ones, and there sis chance somehow ME does not that into account. In fact, it might be easier to convert these types of chances than central shots. What reiforces this idea is that that I often times saw driver cross flying in UNGODLY speed from AI easily converted. I mean, they are almost supersonic. Again, might be bug. Well, the thing is - how to reasonably gather data without making a chore out of it? Would saving such matches be sufficient? As you mentioned set pieces - I probably scored like 2 directly from corner from like 70 games I bet i got something like 5-7 every game with this tct. Not complaining because Ai is not scoring either so at least its fair competition. And very last thing - after playing whole season at crewe, winning the league, 5 round FA cup, winning micke mouse cup, my striker wants to leave because of broken promise. I told him he will be main set pice taker, got him on all duties as number one, but rested him a lot for best matches, as i was in 4 competitions till something like march. Thus he was probably not so often as main set piece taker on the pitch and wants to leave :))))) My god, there is so much underdeveloped systems guys - shame there is no proper modding, because this whole morale/communication stuff would be done far faster than never i guess.
  12. Well, thanks for quality feedback. I went through shot conversion rates, but to be honest they are pretty much same across the board (if its correct statistic). Every one in division has 10% conversion rate including me. I dont know how to interpret it, as this is probably the stat which means all the shots (i might be looking into wrong one) while i was specifically talking about quality chances. Anyway, i looked into my matches and will probably try to upload some to for studying purposes later. because reason for such a poor shot conversion from these type of chances are beyond me.
  13. Well, to be honest there is NOT enough indication clearly. Not even for me, less so for casual players. As i sadi, i play on extended most of the season, comprehensive from the start and even with that there is not enough indication that something like you discibed might happen in game with loads of shots, possesion and fairly horrible opposition with no morale. Also while i appreciate effort, these kind of examples are really not whats i am looking for after 15 or so years on FM. its still a game and if frustration is a thing, than there is obvious problem. Yes, i can see, yes, i have all windows open during match. What i do not believe is such thing would be terribly hard to implement. You just need to know for what you are looking. What causes discomfort and frustration. Assistent, same as team talks is half-assed areas and huge chance for improvement for the series. I do believe absolutely neccesary for the game to survive in coming years. While the game is terribly complex player behaviour and reactions not so, however weird it seems.
  14. Well, i am really not complaining type of guy, even so less, that for instance right now save i am playing is with me sitting on the top of of Sky bet league 2 with Crewe (predicted 9) with 6 games to play. So its not really I am loosing, its because its simply frustrating. And frustrating it is because these are really very solid chances. Its hard to use ingame anylysis tool, because obviously tactic went through lot of iterations and and solid number of chances is not even there. From what i can see now is that i am creating 3 times more CCCs than opposition with this tactic. Sadly it does not say much. For sake of discussion, majority of these chances are obviously from 18 yard box central. Lot of them are one on ones/breakaways. I can only attach goals scored (image) to illustrate how it plays out. Picked last 35 matches where tactic was less evolving. Still, as i play on extended and change mentalities, duties and formations during the match, it does not tell whole story. Type of goals: 48 placed shot, 6 powerful shot, 3 header... so all reasonably quality chances. So while i am creating quality chance every 30 minutes, Ai creates one not so chance in 90 minutes but scores almost 50% of them. Still i would not read into it too much, fact is this is incredibly frustrating experience, no indication and weird things happening. Thats what matters. Also as you might see, most goals conceded are carbon copy pin point cross into 6 yard box in 70th minute with solo winger outsprinting full back and delivering cross to attacker outjumping 3 defenders and keeper for tap in from 2 yards which is usualy only chance Ai on this level can do. Again, feels incredibly artificial as there is no indication whole match of anything like that happening, no indication of any danger and no stats to back such action up.
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