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  1. Awesome work @Timo61. Asia is almost perfect. Will you be doing files for Iran, Iraq, Syria, Thailand and Uzbekistan? Can't wait to start my save using your files!
  2. As someone who always starts off unemployed with no coaching badges or past playing experience, my first few jobs are often at lower semi-pro clubs who struggle with their finances, meaning they're often unwilling to fund a coaching course for me. On my current FM 17 save I'm entering my fifth season, and only hold the National C Licence, whereas I'm seeing players retire, who already have a Continental Licence of some sort, way above the licence I have despite having managed for five years. I think if the club you're working for is unwilling to pay for you to attain the licence, you should be able to fund the course yourself with the wages you have been earning, giving wages some sort of meaning rather than just sitting pointlessly in the total career earnings tab.
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