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  1. Ended up with a real mix-bag of a first season, but it was evident that the squad didn't have the required ability to be rotated well enough. 47 wins, 12 draws and 5 losses doesn't seem all too bad but we could only finish third in the league (25-10-3) behind City (12 points ahead) and Liverpool (2 points ahead). Thankfully the rest of the pack was 12+ points behind meaning that as we came to the end of the season with a couple of cup runs ongoing we could rotate a bit. We ended up losing to City in the CL final which I am happy with, beat Liverpool in the Super Cup and Carabao Cup then b
  2. Already having £150m before the end of the season is probably more than enough anyway along with the fact that Giroud and Pedro haven't been overly amazing. Would've still liked to have kept Willian but he's on his way to PSG in the summer.
  3. I normally start my yearly Chelsea save after Christmas but with me blitzing through a separate Youth Academy Challenge save quicker than anticipated i've already decided to start this up. Currently into January first season and unbeaten in all competitions (23-7-0) but we've honestly not looked anything special. Joint top with City after 20 games on the same points and seven points ahead of United in third with a superior goal difference over everyone. With the transfer ban in effect I thought it would be best to recall a few loans to strengthen the U23 and U18 sides but with quite
  4. First season with Chelsea and this lad has come through the youth intake. I had just sold RLC in January to Arsenal for an overall fee of £60m and was looking to get some English talent with potential for a cheaper price. Mission accomplished!
  5. Scarborough Athletic Season 1 Review - 2019/20 Table |-| Squad |-| Transfers |-| Finances |-| Season History Overall, a promising season. Being the ninth best team in terms of conceding goals helped, especially because we were the fourth worst when it came to finding the back of the net. If we were more prolific, we would've certainly been pushing for a top ten place but I definitely can't complain at a solid 15th placed finish with 51 points. As I primarily focused on the league, both the FA Cup and FA Trophy took a back seat in terms of squad selection and rotation. We st
  6. I'm playing as Scarborough as well and the facilities don't even come close to some of the other sides people are playing as - Kettering for example. Facility improvements won't warrant instant improvements either, you'll only see the difference a couple of seasons down the line.
  7. Scarborough Athletic Prelude - Season 1 Manager Profile |-| Club History |-| Facilities |-| Starting Squad I was originally going to attempt to play with a lower repped team however due to impatience and a team other than Kettering/Gainsborough/Hornchurch showing up, I had a quick look at Scarborough Athletic and thought i'd go with them, mainly due to their history of being a continuation of Scarborough FC who had reached the lofty heights of the old Division Three in the nineties. In addition to this whilst Yorkshire has a fair few teams in the area, there aren't as many out t
  8. I had been playing a Celtic save on FM18 right up to the beta release, so i've gone with them straight away on the beta just to get used to the new game and features.
  9. I've been playing a couple of saves on FM this year but felt like I need a fresh save with someone i've never previously played with. Ended up going with Girona and the Board is expecting us to not get relegated, which is easier said than done when you're playing in quite possibly the best league in the world. Cup wise, we're expected to reach the Fifth Round which should be achievable as long as we don't get drawn against a big side in the Fourth Round (the round we enter). Two legged rounds may come to our rescue if we can snatch an away goal and then park the bus for the second leg.
  10. Chelsea FC – Season 1 Review (2017/18) Competitions Premier League – Champions! Fixtures 1 / 2. Well, that’s certainly the closest finish I’ve had with Chelsea in an opening season! I thought we were already home and dry at the halfway stage of the season with United showing nine wins, nine draws and one loss in their first nineteen games. However, Jose got them firing with sixteen wins and three draws in the second half of the season to be breathing down our neck in the final few weeks. We had a couple of games in hand due to fixture congestion at the final stages and a tough r
  11. I've been stalking this thread (as I do every year) and i've come to the point where my Dafuge save is getting a little boring and FM seems to be a lot more stable than it's release version; so that means it's finally time to fire up my yearly Chelsea save. I usually opt for formations that includes wingers but this year i'm going against the grain and having a 5-2-2-1 and 4-2-3-1 narrow as my two main formations and hoping our creative freedom and talent in the middle of the pitch is enough. That means players like Azpilicueta and Kenedy seem to become slightly redundant but they'll be s
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