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  1. @Beltsu I have a template I follow to give myself an edge in FM, since that's what this game is all about, doing your best in every department of FM to give yourself small edges that will lead to overachieving. 1. Moral management - I did tests with this, repeating the same game 30 times with abysmal, ok and perfect morale. Sure there was variance, but the results were undeniable. High morale is a huge edge. Your preseason must consist of easy friendlies to boost morale as high as possible. During the season do the following. Praise good training and criticize bad training. Be positive if you beat teams, and if you draw or lose against good teams. Be harsh if you draw or lose against a team you should beat. Your aim is to always get positive reactions. Keeping morale at Very Good+ is key in FM. 2. Match fitness - An obvious one that usually fixes itself in the pre-season, but it's important to get all your first team and first choice subs to 100% match sharpness. I usually do 8 or so friendlies against minnows and play 1 team each half. 3. Tactics - This shouldn't hinder your progress that much as long as it isn't some weird set-up that the game simply doesn't consider "right" and then you lose loads. The default templates are more than enough for success. If you think tactics are your problem, then pick one of the more popular tactics here. If things go bad then you know there's other issues. I don't recommend tweaking/changing tactics loads. This is a game, and a game follows rules. Maxing out tactical familiarity is very important. 4. Players - This is the most important. You have to have good transfer markets. There's no real advice for how other than to have a long term plan for positions you will need to fill and also getting contracts signed either 1 year or 18 months before the end of contract. When it comes to buying players make sure they are actually better than what you already have. Do you use player search for attributes? Here's a tip. Play with the editor, next time you do your transfers and find players before you buy them see how many of those players had higher CA than your current players. If they are the same or god forbid, lower... then you know you aren't good at spotting the right players. When it comes to PA, then get scouts with highest PA possible and have them search for players with excellent or more PA. There will be variance but generally speaking if you have a high PA coach then if he says a player is two leagues above your own then the player is most likely going to have PA higher than anyone in your current squad. 5. Coaches - Max out your physio/sports scientists. It helps injury prevention/recovery. Max out coaching staff attributes so your players improve as much as possible. It's easy and simple. 6. Training - Set individual training positions for each of your players for the relevant role/position they will play in. Over time players attributes will trend towards the most important ones. Young players with high PA will grow into perfect players for these positions. This is why I recommend one tactic and building your team towards that tactic. What happens if you have trained your players towards certain roles and then change those roles? Years of training "undone". 7. Dynamics - The team cohesion stat.. I haven't tested it but it sounds kinda important. It's important to understand it comes from having the same team for a long time. I have had 2 seasons with the same team and 3 new players and it's now almost max'd out. Don't do drastic squad overhauls unless you are really investing in loads of superior players. 8. Ingame tactics - How do you play out your games? I do key highlights on very fast, but I always do the following. Start with attacking if you are favourites or even at home, start with balanced if underdogs or even away. Switch to defensive/balanced/attacking depending on how the game is going. At 70th minute if losing always go very attacking... you have literally nothing more to lose, the game doesn't punish very attacking as much as you would think, it seems to reward it more in my experience. Also shouts - Encourage as soon as you go behind, praise when in front (praise works well when one goal ahead of a good team, two goals ahead of a normal/bad team), get creative/demand more usually works well when drawing, push up in conjunction with very attacking when behind. Max out your match shouts, using them whenever possible, I think you get one every 10 minutes or something. Your goal in every game should be to get more key highlights, constant green reactions to shouts, and be rotating your squad to come into every game with 90+ Match fitness/sharpness, with 100 being preferable. Getting more key highlights is going to be down to a lot of factors outside your control or understandings, but consistently following all the steps 1-7 and ingame tactics should yield results allowing you to overachieve. Again, I'll refer to the ingame editor. If you used it to keep your match sharpness/fitness at 100% every game, morale at perfect, max out coach/physio stats, tactical familiarity and scour the transfer market for high CA/PA players and follow my simple, basic ingame tactical advice you will probably find you do very, very well. So the aim of the game is the find a way to do these things without the editor, right? Good luck friend. FM isn't a hard game, it's just about doing everything you can to give yourself small edges in every department. I'm not a tactical player, but I usually do very well following the above template.
  2. There is constant, horrible horrible lag with everything you click. It's like a 1-2 second delay. Complete and utter *****. I am in Finland and my friend is in England so I guess it's a factor, but christ it's ****.
  3. Yeah mate I always used to do this but I just checked and its not saving beyond 1 month. What the hell is this? Probably a side effect of a recent update. Really annoying me now. It NEVER used to be like this, you could always check back for the whole of the most recent season. How can only the last 5 games be saving match details?? Ffs SI.
  4. So I played a full season, 5 leagues open, all on full match details. Yet when I go to the fixture lists for the respective leagues and look at a team, in their fixtures the matches don't have any details saved. You know when you can see all the players/ratings/scores and view the match? Instead I just see the scorers... I know I used to go back at least a full season and see all the full details, now nothing beyond a few months. Is there a setting I may have changed?
  5. I think it works in all divisions. Tbh this tactic is reliable but I wouldn't say it works miracles, it does rely on a bit of set piece abuse. Then again.. it's not like any tactic should be insta-win. If you want actual success then you need this tactic in combination with morale management and buying good players. But yes, I do think you can over achieve with this tactic with any team in any division.
  6. Having great results with this tacti. I have 2 questions for @Totalfootballfan if you don't mind 1. What's the reasoning behind hard tackling? I follow your advice to set to "ease off tackles" when players get a yellow so I rarely get players sent off, but is there meant to be a benefit to hard tackling? 2. Do you change mentality or keep balanced? When/Why would you change it? Other than that tactic is working fantastic.
  7. Isnt it more accurate to say the squad depth star ratings are based on selected coaches opinions of ability based on their CA and PA judging stats, but the coloured role circles are a reflection of the games rating based on a players attributes relative to your league. I've not seen anything to indicate role circle ratings are being decided by assmans. You can fire your assman and all coaches and see they don't change (unlike star ratings which are obviously coach related and a different thing altogether). My point being that I usually take the star ratings with a grain of salt. But think the role coloured circles are quite helpful in how well a player is suited to a role, since if you toy with the editor you can see that increasing key attributes will increase the role suitability rating. Or do you think the games rating of people's role suitability doesnt have a large practical effect on how they perform? I will say I have players with "awkward" role suitability playing well, but since the suitability ratings come directing from attributes surely "competent" would be undeniably better?
  8. Hey thanks for the response. But nope, there are not. The manage shortlists only lists shortlists already imported or saved, really can't figure this one out. I even started a new game but had the same issue.
  9. Screenshot attached. Truly do not understand how such a basic simple feature can simply not work.
  10. God this is so frustrating. Does anyone know why I can't load or import shortlists? I have some files in my shortlist folder but I can't even get click the load/import options because they are greyed out.
  11. Ok guys I figured it out. You have to click SAVE AS in the Editor to actually save an editor file. If you just click Save I do not believe it is creating an editor file. Luckily I figured this out before i closed the Editor. To all those wondering... try to see if you have an Editor file... if you closed it without SAVE AS then I fear you might have to do your edits again.
  12. Yep I'm having this too! Can't find anywhere to load in my database... hopefully someone from SIgames can chime in soon!
  13. Ok guys! I've ran a simulation and update already - so here is the first season summary! Team Report: Angels Angels season started well with 6 wins in their first 8 matches, but shortly after hit a torrid run of form that would see them going 2 months without a victory. They did manage to find their form with another 12 game unbeaten run that would continue their streaky season, with victories over Hitchin and Nuneaton in the FA trophy before losing out 1-2 to Dover in the second round. January saw the Angels sitting in 6th place with only 6 points separating them from 1st. The second half off the season proved disappointing as God failed to keep up the good form and mixed results saw the Angels slip into 10th place. During the summer the Angels dipped into their billion pound funds to bring in several transfers, with Richard Nartley and Ashley Chambers becoming two of their highest rated players. Also Charlie Taylor and Niall Williams were two exceptional youngsters coming through the youth academy this year. With better players at their helm and several promising youngsters coming through the ranks, can Angels make a convincing push for promotion next season? Current Ability Report 80-89: 1 70-79: 4 60-69: 13 50-59: 8 40-49: 2 30-39: 1 20-29: 3 Potential Ability Report 170-179: 1 150-159: 1 140-149: 1 130-139: 1 120-129: 1 110-119: 1 100-109: 2 90-99: 5 80-89: 8 70-79: 7 60-69: 2 Team Report: Demons It took the Demons 4 games to find their first win and a bit of good form that took them into September sitting in the middle of the pack. However a nasty run of form saw them go two months without a victory before finally seeing away Havant and Waterloo 3-1 at home, and then picking up a replay victory over Gloucester in the FA trophy. The turn of the year saw them sitting in 16th and only several points away from relegation, a convincing 3-0 victory over Lewes in the FA Trophy 1st round was followed by 3 league defeats on the bounce, and shortly after a 0-3 FA trophy defeat to Macclesfield. Victory eluded them for 7 games until once again a tidy 2-0 victory over Havant and Waterloo saw them go undefeated for 5 games, winning 3. This was enough to put some distance between the Demons and relegation and after winning their final two games of the season they placed 16th. The summer saw them bring in 5 signings, with Montel Agyemang and Lukas Lidakevicius being the pick of the bunch and also their two highest rated players. Jamie Jennings and John English were two talented youngsters who came through the youth academy in February. The Demons would be turning to their new talent to achieve a more respectable league position this year. Current Ability Report 70-79: 2 60-69: 6 50-59: 15 40-49: 5 30-39: 1 20-29: 1 Potential Ability Report 150-159: 1 140-149: 1 130-139: 3 120-129: 3 110-119: 1 100-109: 2 90-99: 4 80-89: 5 70-79: 5 60-69: 3 50-59: 2 Manager Report: God Although there were no trophies to speak of, Gods expectation defying performance saw him pick up Manager of the Season. A fantastic achievement for his first season in management, and hopefully a sign of things to come. Manager Report: Devil A decidedly average season saw Devil pick up no awards to speak of. He will surely be looking to next season to show his worth as a manager. Player Report: Michael (ST) Michael stayed at Maidenhead for the duration of the season and was a vital part of their squad, scoring 43 goals in 46 games he singlehandedly led Maidenhead to a 1st place finish in the Vanarama National League. His performances earned him the Supporters Player of the Year and the Player of the Season award. He was also capped 8 times for the England U21s and scored 6 times. There was truly no way he could go unnoticed and it was PSG he won the battle for his signature, with the move penned for the 1st January 2019, Michael will get half a season to give the Maidenhead fans his best before moving on with his career. Player Report: Gabriel (ST) Gabriel was only able to play in 1 game during his time at Denia, scoring 1 goal. Sevilla saw his talent immediately and scooped him up in January where he went on to score 7 goals in 10 games for Sevilla C. This was enough for Sevilla to bring him into the first squad where he scored 18 goals in 15 games. He was the 3rd top goalscorer in the league and this incredible form saw him take home the Young Player of the Year Award. His European Cup form saw him score winning goals against Lazio, Zenit and OL in the knockout rounds, before singlehandedly overturning a 0-1 deficit against Hoffenheim with a 2-0 brace in the return leg. He continued his fine form with a PotM performance in the final that saw Sevilla win 1-0, giving his wonderkid his first trophy at age 14. He also scored 10 goals in 7 games for his international U21 team. What a season! Player Report: Jophiel (LM) Jophiel put in a string of good performances before before CEC picked him up to play in the Brazilian National First Division in February. He has yet to play a competitive game but has scored 22 times in 14 friendlies. Surely a sign of things to come and its only a matter of time before he lights up Brazil as the next big thing. Player Report: Raphael (RM) Raphael has no stats or caps to speak of. Perhaps too young to play professionally in Argentina, it hasn’t stopped Real Madrids scouts from somehow catching wind of his abilities. Due to arrive on the 1st January 2021, hopefully we will get to see a little of what he can do before then. Player Report: Uriel (DMC) Uriel only played 2 friendly games at club level, scoring once. He was also capped for France U21s 8 times, scoring twice. Despite a lack of performances Real Madrid have signed him to arrive on the 1st January 2019. It won’t be long until he is given the chance to impress at the highest level. Player Report: Samael (AMC) Samael was not given any chances to play this season, not even a friendly! The U21s saw potential and Italy capped him twice and he scored twice. Bayern has saw his talent and have signed him to join on the 1st January 2019. The challenge of the Bundesliga awaits! Player Report: Sandalphon (DL) Sandalphons first season was a mixed bag. He was a consistently incredible performer with 28 PotMs in 32 games, and winning a Supporters Player of the Year award. However this was not enough to save Moncarapachense from relegation. Despite the failings of his club, 8 U21 caps and his consistency was enough to attract the attention of PSG who he will be joining on the 1st January 2019. Player Report: Ophanim (DC) Ophanim put in a string of amazing performances for GVVV, with 29 PotMs in 39 games, and an incredible 21 assists. He has no awards or titles to speak of but has been capped 8 times for Holland U21s. AS Monaco have gotten his signature and he will be joining them on the 1st January 2019. Player Report: Seraphim (DC) There were no club performances to speak of for Seraphim, but he was still capped 8 times at U21 level. This was enough to convince Manchester City he was worth signing and he has penned to join them on the 1st January 2019. Not long until he gets his chance to light up the EPL! Player Report: Malakim (DR) Malakim had a great start to his career 18 club level appearances and 10 PotM performances. At the moment he currently has another 22 caps with 10 assists and 15 PotM performances. Although he hasn’t attracted any big clubs and is uncapped at international level it can surely only be a matter of time until someone notices the talented fullback. Player Report: Chayot (GK) With no club caps or U21 caps Chayot had no chances to impress outside of friendly games. However this was all that was needed for Barcelona to spot the young goalkeepers talents. He is due to arrive on the 1st January 2021. 3 years is a long time away, until then he will be hoping to get a chance to play regular first team football. Player Report: Beelzebub (ST) Beelzebub scored 7 goals in 6 games but was unable to make any league appearances for Hereford, however it did not matter. Manchester United saw his talent and in January he was playing for the Red Devils, an impressive start to his career saw him net 12 times in 23 games. However the real story was his Champions League performances, contributing goals against Besiktas and Bayern he helped Manchester United into the Semi Finals. A 0-2 defeat to Atletico Madrid was overturned in one of the great European comebacks with a 3-0 home victory (a 119th minute winner by Lingard!). In the finals vs Napoli he scored 2 goals in a 3-1 victory that saw him pick up the biggest trophy in club football in his very first season. An outstanding start to his career! He also managed to get capped once for the U21s but failed to score. Player Report: Leviathan (ST) Leviathan was unfortunately not given any opportunities this year. He played in two friendly games and scored once, but whilst making no appearances he still managed to get 2 U21 caps for Spain and saw 2 goals. Enough to get scouted by Tottenham and is due to arrive on the 1st January 2019. Player Report: Asmodeus (LM) Asmodeus has played 2 short seasons already at club level, both with amazing performances but unfortunately no awards or titles to speak of. It’s PSG who have picked up him but he isn’t due to arrive until the 1st January 2021! So he will have to cool his heels in Brazil for a while longer until he is able to impress at the top level. Player Report: Berith (RM) Like his counterpart Raphael, Berith had no stats or caps to speak of but was still snapped up by Porto. He is also due to arrive on the 1st January 2021. For now, he will surely want to play as much football as possible, but will he get a chance? Player Report: Astaroth (DMC) Astaroth had an exciting start to his career putting in a string of solid performances for Voltigeurs despite being sent of 5 times. It was OM who would see his potential and sign him in the January transfer window. However despite then he has had no competitive performances to speak of and is currently sitting in the OM reserves. OM have decided he needs some time to mature, but with 7 impressive U21 caps already how long will Astaroth accept his current position? Player Report: Verrine (AMC) Verrine had an action packed first season making an astonishing 43 appearances. Scoring 15 goals and 18 assist. His temperament did get the better of him and he saw red 5 times. Unfortunately despite a terrific season he won no competitions or awards. Italy U21s capped him twice and he scored once. It was Manchester City who managed to spot his talent and sign him up to join on the 1st January 2019. Player Report: Gressil (DL) Gressil had no club performances to speak of but was capped 4 times for the Portuguese U21s, even managing to score a goal. Barcelonas scouts liked what they saw and he is due to join on the 1st January 2019. A bright future lies ahead! Player Report: Sonneillon (DC) Sonneillon had a great first season with 38 caps and 22 PotM performances, the temperamental youth also racked up 16 yellows and 3 reds. No titles or awards, but with 6 caps for U21s Holland it was PSG who signed him up to join on the 1st January 2019. Player Report: Carreau (DC) Carreau had a rather mixed start to his career. His performances were solid but 6 red cards in 18 caps soured his season. However with 5 U21 caps and his reasonable stats Manchester United have signed up to join them on the 1st January 2019. It won’t be long until he has his chance on the big stage, but can he control his temper to perform as expected? Player Report: Carnivale (DR) Carnivale made 11 strong appearances with 5 PotM performances in his first season at Oriental de la Paz. Despite not winning any awards he was a major factor in their promotion to the Uruguay First Division. His second season is currently going great with 16 caps and 8 PotM awards. However with 3 reds already this season it seems his anger is often getting the better of him. Although uncapped Atletico Madrid have spotted his talent and he will be joining them on the 1st January 2021. Until then he will surely be looking to help his team win some silverware. Player Report: Belias (GK) Belias had a great start to his career with 20 caps and 10 clean sheets, his second season is going just as well with 21 appearances and 9 clean sheets. He has yet to be capped for his U21 international team but Atletico Madrid were impressed with what they saw and have signed him to join on the 1st January 2021. Until then he will hope his regular displays can earn him some awards, titles and possible even a few international caps. So there ya have it lads! The first season complete! All in all it was a little dissapointing at club level, but I guess all the funds in the world don't mean as much if your reputation is too low to attract anyone. Our players has mixed seasons ranging from European Champions Cup winners to uncapped at club level. However one consistent factor was almost all of our Angels/Demons have been signed or are joining clubs soon. In fact it was only Malakim, playing in the lower leagues of Uruguay who did not sign a new contract in his fir st season. I'll wait a little longer until my next update to give everyone a chance to catch up. Meanwhile I hope you all like it so far!
  14. Hi guys, Last year I attempted to do a spiritual successor experiment to Sheriffs and Bandits. However personal life got in the way and I had a really packed schedule that made it hard for me to commit. I’ve got a lot more free time now so would love to actually do a long term experiment aiming around 1 update per week! My aim at the end of this experiment is to have followed all players in retirement. I will make the final season the season that the final player retires. So, without further ado, here are the things we fill be following – 1. 22 Individual players. What do I mean by individual? Well, I don’t want to do a generic flat 20 across the board stat edit and see how people perform. I want to customize our players, to add some “Personality”. For example, why have two identical strikers when we can customize ourselves a short fast and tricky striker, and a powerhouse beast! It will allow us to see how the match engine values certain stats. I will however, have two sets of 11 players. Two players for every position, with each one having almost identical stats to its mirror. The difference will of course be in personality, on one hand the Angels will be loyal, honest, hard working professionals. Whilst the Devils will be as dirty and problematic as they come. Players will enter the game at 200 CA at age 14. A little twist here is that the Angels and Demons don’t start at their respective clubs, instead they will be starting in low reputation clubs in their respective countries. They do however have Angels/Demons set to their favourite/worst clubs. This will let us see how easily the ME picks up players in low leagues scattered across the globe. 2. 2 Clubs. The Angels and The Demons (replacing the lowest reputation teams in the North and South Conference, and given the same reputation to start), both blessed with customized stadiums and 1 billion pounds. With a few customizations to give them a “Good” and “Bad” feel. They have the angels/demons players set as favourites/hated… maybe one day if they reach top flight football they can buy some! Their current squads are the same players that their pre-edited teams had, just to give them a base for the season! 3. 2 Managers! You can’t have Angels and Demons without God and Devil right? So we will also be following two highly talented managers. Both with their own “Good vs Bad” rivalry. So that’s what we’re covering. So what next? Well… Let’s take a look at our creations! Angels – Founded in 2017, they are located in Heaven. An incredibly attractive city with a population of over 2,000,000 people and beautiful sunny Brazilian coastal weather. They play the football in the Stadium Garden of Eden, with freshly laid grass, 5,000 seats (with expansions possible up to 200,000) and the latest in stadium technology and pitch recovery techniques. They also prefer to play their football on a nice, large pitch. Their supporters are ideal fans, although passionate they are fiercely loyal and patience when required. Demons - Founded in 2017, they are located in Hell. A place which although no-one really wants to be, still has a population of over 2,000,000 people and freezing Lapland weather. They play the football in the Stadium Satans Pit, a horrible sand covered mess with 5,000 seats (with expansions possible up to 200,000), and the latest in stadium technology and pitch recovery techniques. They prefer to play their football on tight narrow pitches. Their supporters are a horrible bunch with no patience that are hardly ever pleased. Both clubs however have the best training facilities possible, so we can expect to see some quality talent coming through. Michael (ST) and Beelzebub (ST) – Designed to be the perfect target men, they are physically intimidating specimens who are tall, lean and strong. What they lack in speed they excel in power, preferring to blast their shots at goal and use their physique to score towering headers. They also have technique in abundance and whilst they lack flair, they do everything right Gabriel (ST) and Leviathan (ST) – The perfect offside breakers. They have speed to rival Olympic sprinters and will look to play off the last man, scoring carefully placed shots or just running it round the keeper if needed. They possess a lot of flair and enjoy trying outrageous overhead kicks when possible. Jophiel (LM) and Asmodeus (LM) – These wingers are physically capable, but excel in tricking their way past the opposition. They will cross when needed, but also will look to cut inside and make driving runs into the box, either picking out a team mate or even taking a chance at goal themselves. Raphael (RM) and Berith (RM) - These lightning wingers will blitz past anyone, they aim to run it down the line and swing in perfect crosses for their front men. They aren’t interested in scoring for themselves, but instead their game is dedicated to making life hell for the opposition full backs and putting the ball on a plate for the strikers. Uriel (DMC) and Astaroth (DMC) – These giant physical specimens are the warriors of midfield, designed to break up play and spray the ball to more attack minded team mates. They dictate the tempo of the game whilst using their physical prowess to blast shots from range and bully the opposition midfield. Samael (AMC) and Verrine (AMC) – Playing between the midfield and strikers, they will look to take on their midfield adversaries and play creative killer balls in behind the defence. They also possess the ability needed to carve out their own opportunities through creative dribbling and deadly long shots. Sandalphon (DL) and Gressil (DL) – Speedy and fearless, they are strong in defence but love to run up the wing and provide assistance in attack. They’ll get forward whenever possible and look to whip in accurate crosses for their forwards. Ophanim (DC) and Sonneillon (DC) – Physically imposing and uncompromising, getting past these guys will require exceptional speed or pinpoint passes. They’ll also look to stick to their man and dive into tackles, making life hell for any strikers who dare touch the ball. Seraphim (DC) and Carreau (DC) – Incredibly quick off the mark, they will mop up any balls behind the back and snuff out any strikers whose pace is their main attribute. They don’t commit to challenges, instead relying on their pace to snuff out any danger. Malakim (DR) and Carnivale (DR) – Choosing the guard the wings rather than run down them, they will play more defensively and look to deny any space down the wings. Chayot (GK) and Belias (GK) – The final bastions of defence, if it’s saveable then they’ll save it. If its unsaveable… they might save that as well. God (Angels Manager) – God is everything you would want in a manager. He has perfect knowledge of the game and won’t cause any problems. He is known to treat his players fairly and chooses not to drive them too hard, knowing that a decent level of training mixed with words of encouragement is all he’ll need to get results. Devil (Demons Manager) – Devil isn’t exactly your ideal manager. Although his knowledge of the game is on par with God it comes with a price. He scoffs at the idea of loyalty, and is in this game to advance his career as fast as possible. His player are mere tools, and he will drive them to the brink of exhaustion to get what he wants. Both out managers of course have an intense and permanent rivalry with eachother. I don’t expect they’ll be sharing a glass of fine red after their games. So there ya have it! So what next? Well, now we wait for me to run a season and write it up! I’m going to do write ups from 1st August each year. So basically write ups will commence with transfers and such and end with the final tournament of the summer. Patience friends, I hope to have something this week
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