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  1. Cause it's a game mate not real life. If you can win trebles and go from Vanarama to Premier with extended highlights only why would you bother watching 90min games? Not only are they boring and unrealistic, but it's not even needed and means you'll take forever to finish a season.
  2. The ME hasn't improved enough recently and I think maybe people are starting to get a bit fed up with it. I get a free key for FM every year but then purchase it because I want to support the game... this is the first year I just say enough is enough. I won't play it or buy it with the ME in it's current state. As far as I'm concerned the only thing that will ever get me buying FM again is a heavily improved ME. I just don't understand why the ME has such little focus... do they really think no-one cares? I mean a lot of us still watch in 2D, we just want to see a variety of play/logical decision making. I want to feel like I'm watching a game of football, I don't care about graphics per se. I don't care if it's dots or fully fleshed out footballers. It means nothing to me if the graphics look crisp and the movements are fluid if I get 10 1v1s a game and my inside forwards never square the ball. There is just no immersion for me with the ME in it's current state. God I'm so disappointed this year. I long for the iteration where SI finally advertise and market a vastly improved ME, I'd be so hyped to feel like I'm actually watching football.
  3. Still 2D for me. Seems like that's the majority preference here? I mean for me personally I play highlights on very fast so 3D makes little sense.
  4. If a competitor came along that had no social media, no player interaction, no press conferences, no training customization, but a superior match engine I would switch over in a heartbeat. I won't buy FM2020 because the ME doesn't excite me, from the demo I can already tell it's going to be another year of high pressure gegenpress and 40 shots per game matches.
  5. When you search for the role of HoYD it highlights Working with Youngsters, Judging Current Ability and Judging Potential Ability. Nothing else... so I'm inclined to believe when it comes to improving your youth intake those are the only things that matter. Since he doubles up as a coach then it's not a bad idea to have good all round coaching stats either I guess.
  6. I'm a United fan and its gonna be funny as hell (and silly) when I load up fm 2020 and we're still a top 4 team lol
  7. No broken tactics. Going from Vanarama South to Treble winners in less than a decade isn't as fun when you know your high line gegenpress is a game breaker.
  8. I never do anything special in the title run in (I don't see what more can be done). You just do what you always do, keep morale high, give good team talks, and tell your players to get creative every 15mins ingame. I mean what else is there to do? There's no direct mechanism for removing pressure, there's only your players "Pressure" attribute which you can't change (and shouldn't really matter much).
  9. Oh I misread the Kane bit then. I wish I had something to say about wrong footedness but I play the game on 2D on fastest settings I'll take your word on it though, the 40 yard balls on a sixpence do seem to happen a bit too much as well
  10. I've found it's very difficult to improve stats meaningfully once a player hits mid 20s unless there is a significant gap between his CA and PA. I've played games with the editor on to check CA/PAs quite often this iteration. I'm not quite sure what you mean about the first example though, sure gametime/injuries can effect things, but the purpose was to say all things being equal, a younger player develops more than an older player. Pogba won't ever improve in FM19 at the age of 25, I can run more tests but I've ran them so much I'm honestly a bit bored of it lol. Pogba with the same attributes improves at 20 because he is younger, I'm just not sure what the misinformation is here? I respect your point about young players and I have noticed young players do get nice attribute increases from training only, however I was just saying if you leave a 15 year old in your U18 academy then it's not going to be as effective as throwing him straight into the first team. I wasn't really saying training is useless (at least it wasn't my intention to do so), I was more saying if you have a 15 year old player with very high PA you will never get him to hit that PA unless you start playing him ASAP in the first team. I also find this logical since people shouldn't be able to max out PA easily, it should require a great effort/investment. Like I said the window for maxing out CA largely exists from 15-21 with perhaps 21-24 to fill out that final 15-20CA, if your player is 21 with 150CA and 200PA he will never hit 200PA unless he has miracle hidden mentals and even then I doubt it. I will bet money on that if you want So if you have a 15 year old with 200PA can you afford to leave him in the U18s from 15-18 even if training plays a large part? I can get a 30CA increase at 15-16 if I play him in the first team, I've never seen that from facilities/youth games only. So I was just advising if you have a player at 15-16 with 5 star potential and you want to max his PA I see no other way to do so other than put him in the first team and start giving him games. If you rely on training for the first 3 years he will surely still be a good player, but never max CA.
  11. I think it's very common to see because to get a player to fulfill his PA you need to start playing him from a young age. I'd wager having a player max out his CA to match his PA is actually quite rare. Here's the problem, when a player hits 21/22 he just doesn't improve much at all, maybe 5-10CA a season, and that gets less and less until you hit about 24/25 and then you just won't ever see improvements. So what does the mean when you buy players? Well if he is over 21 forget his potential ability, you're not likely to ever see much increase. Case in point here, I ran 3 seasons with Paul Pogba. First run - Pogba is 25, has 174CA and 185PA, these are his default stats. At the end of the season his CA was still 174. Second run - I change his age to 20, his CA at the end of the season was 184CA! Third run - I keep his age at 25, but change his PA to 200, he finishes the season with 182CA. So you see, the older a player is the less he improves. If the gap is big enough between his CA and PA he can still keep improving sure, but in the end if he isn't close to maxing his CA by like 21/22 he will typically always fall 10-15 points short of his PA. So you either buy players in two ways, you buy them over the age of 21 for their current ability alone with the intention of being content with a slight increase in attributes, or you buy them at 16/17 with lots of potential and the idea of maxing out their CA. The older you buy a player, the closer you want him to his CA. I'll buy 19 year olds sure, but if there's still a large gap between their CA and PA I won't bother, he'll never fulfill it, it's already "too late". He might become a very good player, but he'll never max out his CA. And when you do buy a young player, the best way to increase their CA is to play them instantly. Loaning out is decent, but you can only loan from 17, and you only have a window of the next 4 years to really max out that players CA, so can you afford to rely on loans? Not really. Loaning is good for those 3 star PAs who you wanna improve and sell for some tidy profit, but the 4/5 star PAs, get them in your first team squad asap. Get them in there at 15, play them in cups, subs when winning, starting in easier games etc.
  12. I think the game is more immersive and challenging with it on, but I still play with it off
  13. You can't compare this game to real life mate. There's no attributes in real life. In FM if a player with low attributes over-performs you would be mistaken in keeping him in your team or not finding a player with better attributes. If you want to be sentimental or roleplay then keep the player, however if the AI buys/releases players based on attributes not performances, then it's playing the game properly. I also don't think there's anything wrong with players having a run of form and performing well due to high morale or a position that just suits them very well or even just plain old luck. However maybe you are right that certain stats should have a more concrete impact (like a 4 pace striker should never outrun a 16 pace defender for example). But I think a professional player with "Right foot only" and low long range shots can still bang a worldie in with his left every now and again, let's be honest do you think there is a single footballer in the world who can't use his left foot to smash one in every now and again? A professional with low long range shots is still a professional, 1 doesn't mean Barry from the pub playing Sunday League, 1 means a 1 on a professional scale.
  14. Ah yeah those ones. It's quite confusing sometimes cause the star system is used in different ways and can mean different things. But yeah this star system is just an assessment of the CA/PA of a player relative to your team and the staffs judging CA/PA attributes. Higher star rating doesn't always mean better but usually the higher the star rating the higher the players CA, thus higher the attributes. However the distribution of attributes matters, because you might not know this but certain attributes are weighted against CA in different ways. For example, for a striker, 1 pace = 1 CA point. So 20 pace uses 20 CA points, however mentals like Determination/Leadership/Flair don't increase CA at all, and 1 point of Work Rate/Decisions/Concentration might only be worth 0.5 or less CA points. and hidden mentals do not effect CA at all! So a player with 20 consistency can have the same CA as a player with 1. So you see there is a lot of room for a player to have much stronger attributes in certain areas even if he overall has less CA. Anyways my point is, star ratings are not as reliable as assessing attributes yourself. However, if a player with overall lower attributes is performing better then this is most likely just variance, stick the better player back in, he will perform better in the long run (unless of course, he has terrible hidden mentals). Also to address what you said about "Taking a few months for attributes and stars to rise based on performance", unfortunately FM doesn't work this way. Attributes dictate performance, not the other way round. Attributes will rise due to training/first team experience, although morale effects training and performances effect morale so maybe indirectly playing well can effect attributes but... not really. If a player is under 20 years old you might see 20 CA point increase a season if he is a playing regular football (30 CA points would be considered amazing), after 20/21 you'll be fortunate to see +10CA a season unless the gulf between his current CA/PA is very large. Typically speaking, players over 21 won't improve that much unless they have a big gap between CA and PA. If your player only has a 1.5 star PA, then I don't think there's any chance he will ever be a good player. He is just overperforming due to variance most likely.
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