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  1. Really cool stuff! Can you do Sudan as well pls?
  2. I have tried with the old database. So where you select the editor data files, you just select AfEx Tunesia? I did not test it, but If I select that for some reason I can't have the sudenese league. (I know right.) Probably it is me, now I need to wait until everyone updates their league so I can have everything fresh and working. EDIT: When you update it to 19.3 can you just enable all leagues so I don't need several different updates to enable the 10-12 biggest leagues in Africa pls? thx a lot mate!
  3. I have some free time to do this but I have no idea how. Is there a good tutorial on how to do this?
  4. Any news? I'm only waiting for this update so i can start my unemployed super save. thx!
  5. Any news on the release date with the facepack? Cheers guys, you are awesome!
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