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  1. Bordeaux Season 8 4 Champions League in a row, I won PSG 5-0 in the final! 1490765812_!!!!!!FM20.4.1FireandWaterVOL24321OXP103EC.fmf
  2. They was very good, I won the last 3 CL. And in French first season Second, and after I won all French championship
  3. For all games i used the 4312 , and to keep the score I use this 4411. Against City I used to the man marking to mark theirs DLP who play MDC, I used it to half time but i loss 2-0, so I stop use the man marking and I win the games. But against Paris in French cup final with a man marking I won easily 3-1, even if I had a red card in the 15 minutes ! 997963911_!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1FIREWATERKnapVOL24312P103FA.fmf 664192233_1!!FM20.3.0TeaforOne4411p100CC.fmf
  4. Great season + I won the Club World Championship Great comeback in CL final ! Great comeback in 1/2 CL
  5. I have resolve the problem to the data analyst, thanks. What is "leastforwardgoing" ?
  6. You say when they play together Pogba and Bruno, Pogba is the lowest, but you choice to mark Bruno ? We have to mark the lowest MC no ? And I can't see your second SS in my game ? My assitant coach don't tell me things above theirs previous games. Why?
  7. Who can post SS to different opponent tactic and tell what player we have to use man marking please ? I'm confused with this. Thanks
  8. Which player we have to mark in the midfielder ? Sorry I am confused
  9. What AMC I have to use to mark a MC ? And what MC I have to mark ? The lowest ? Sorry I'm french..
  10. Bordeaux Season 5, I won the CL for the first year after lose in semi final and final against Liverpool (They won 4 CL in 6 years old) Liverpool in 1/4 CL (big revenge) Paris in CL final Monaco with B team in French cup final
  11. With postive mentality away I have very good result 664192233_1!!FM20.3.0TeaforOne4411p100CC.fmf
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