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  1. Why would FM be the only game that ever gives me a graphics card issue? I've play Hitman, Dark Souls, FM16, FM17, and the new Deus Ex game all in the last week and only FM17 has crashed at all. There are also about 10 or more threads on here with others having the exact same error message for a crash, I highly doubt it's a graphics card issue. I'll follow that procedure just in case, but it definitely seems to be the game eating up all available memory for no good reason (as I said, it was at 6GB+ of system memory usage last crash, that's not normal, and that's not video card memory).
  2. There's a bunch of threads on here as well, hopefully this gets fixed soon, I can barely get through on match without a crash at the moment and I hate losing progress due to a crash
  3. Another update, just sitting at the menu now lagging like crazy with CPU usage spiking at 90%
  4. All my steam folders have always been excluded from any anti virus program I've used, that is still the case. Just read in another thread as well, so thought I'd update mine, the error says "tried to allocate zero bytes". Also this time at the crash there was at least 6GB memory used by FM according to the task manager, and there was a temporary flash of the screen followed by some kind of 'display kernel' error (but I suspect this might just be because the game used all my RAM and the PC glitched out.
  5. I'll try Borderless windowed now, it had been running well for a while but just had another crash now. BTW I was able to see that at the time of the crash FM17 was using about 4.7GB memory, that seems quite high right? Maybe there's a memory leak somewhere... DxDiag.txt
  6. Hi all, As with a number of others in these forums, my game is crashing due to 'dangerously low memory'. It occurs sporadically, and occurs even without any custom graphics. I have 8GB RAM installed on my system, and a GTX 980 with 4gb video memory as well. I have almost 1TB free HDD space, and am using an Intel i7 4970k CPU. I'm running Windows 10 x64. I haven't even got up to my first friendly game for the season yet and I've had four crashes. There is no opportunity to save before the crash. I am using quite a large database (~90,000) but used more than this in FM16 with no issues (also had custom graphics on that game). I've been alt-tabbing out trying to keep an eye on the memory, and I've never seen it go beyond 2.7GB RAM usage (normally a lot lower than that though). Could there be an issue with how the 64bit application is actually handling the memory? I checked using process-explorer and the application is definitely a 64 bit one (so steam downloaded the right one), but it's obviously crashing out about where a 32bit exe would in terms of RAM.
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