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  1. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Farnborough. 2012/2013. Blue Square Premier. Now, I would have taken a play-off place this season, seeing as there isn't much difference in terms of quality between the BSP and BSS, but I didn't think that we'd win the bloomin thing, and with relative ease; as far as the graph goes, we were doing well until the 28th game, of which we stepped up a few gears and won the league, and promotion with relative ease. Squad player's of the season were no doubt Curtis Gartside and Craig Davies, 50 goals between the two strikers Cameron Stewart was a pain on the right flank, always getting into good positions to and delivering a good cross, decent season for him. Conor Henderson just like Stewart, a good season from the young man, a fair few assists and a pain the backside for the opposition. Danny Fitzsimons very impressive at LB, I'm hoping that he will provide more of the same next season. Transfers lots came in, lots went out, win - win Finances Up and down. Me Next season: Stay up.
  2. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Farnborough. 2011/2012. Blue Square South. Table oh yes, my main aim for this season was to simply try and get into the play-offs, but we managed to go one better, and actually win the damn thing, play-off final top, top game. Graph bit of an slow start to the season but we managed to pull ourselves together and make a real charge for the play-offs in the last dozen or so games. Squad some very impressive performances this season, namely Anthony Griffith, McMahon and Springett both had decent seasons as well. Transfers mostly improvements on last season squad, and a lot of deadwood went out. Finances steadily on the fall. Me Aims for next season: Don't get relegated. Improve the finances
  3. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Farnborough. 2010/2011. Blue Square South. Table So, not a bad start to my Farnborough career, judging by our start to the season I would have taken this finishing position any day, we started slowly, very slowly, this may have been due to the fact that our players needed time to gel, or it could be the fact that up front we had no one who could run at opposition defenses, so, I brought in two more strikers, and then our season turned around, in the end, we were unlucky not to get into the play-offs. Squad It was pleasing to see three players with 10 or more goals, defensively we were pretty solid, but our lack of goals at the start of the season probably cost us. Transfers Lots of players came in, just......lots Finances Nothing I could do really, a decent cup run next season would be nice. Alun Armstrong he may not have the best stats in the world, or be the youngest, but his ex-Ipswich ties made me bring him in, and boy did he repay my faith in him, he's like the Kevin Davies of the lower divisions, superb. McMahon another one of my freebies, might not have the best stats in the world, but his assists were crucial over the course of the season, more of the same please. Me Next season Play-offs please. That's how I work, I spend one season trying to survive in the division and then the next season I'll make an attempt to get promoted/into the play-offs.
  4. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Just started this, the luck of the draw gave me Farnborough, here is Me. And here is the Squad
  5. Would this laptop run fm11 well

    You could build your own desktop for an extra £40, but then you'd need to buy a monitor and windows 7 if you don't have them already.
  6. Do you play anything else?

    I play COD on the Xbox 360, the others on my laptop, which I should be replacing with a new desktop soon.
  7. Do you play anything else?

    COD:MW2, World of Warcraft, Star Trek: Online, and FM.
  8. FM2011: Who will be the new stars?

    Connor Wickham, his form at the back end of last season and in the Under 17 European Championships were sensational.