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  1. Welcome back Mr H. I know that everybody first will se CF, but if u closer look u will see that mentality is lower, and D-line is lower too. Well after trying couple off settings, and read some post on this forum i finally come on this tactic. Read two posts of SFraiser... Creative Freedom and Less is More.. Everythihg is there explain and i just implement this theory in your tactic.
  2. Ok, this is a link http://www.filefront.com/17385279/Mr Hough Winger 10.3A-E (Arsenal, Aug 2009).tac But this is only for bigger team and u must have realy good players.
  3. Yep, but my settings are realy radical , and i think work only on bigger team. Played 25 won 25 games, scored 93 conc 10 goals. I am Arsenal.
  4. Last 2-3 days i work on some changes. Last season i play whit Arsenal and won everything. I conc. 45 goals and this is tooooo much for me. So il try to fix this. Also i think that my MC-s can be much better.
  5. Just changed settings of back four and def line to push up. MC-s, AMR/L, FC-s and Keeper is the same like in original Mr. Houghes tactic
  6. Fine by me. This is your tactic i was only try to hepl. And i cant wait your new tactic in FM11
  7. On this save none. Set defalut. On other games i use SFraiser traning.
  8. Uff finally i came home after work... I dont care if i play home or away or it is bigger team. This is my style of playing let opponent woried how will i play, and try to stop me .
  9. He have topic about infuence of team talk on team. So i think little about team talk. And this is my conclusion. In real life player play for money not for glory. So For the fans is not my oppinion. If u are stronger team i expect to win, players got sallary for this. If u are weaker or similar team U can win this becouse i convince u that u bether and u give maximum on field. I give u sallary and i expect from u to win or play best u can. If u play goooooood i give u more money or sell in bigger team for bigger sallary. For the fans against QPR in League cup )) give me a break...Expect to win...
  10. ok guys this is a link http://www.filefront.com/17318460/Mr Hough Winger 10.3A-A (Arsenal, Nov 2009).tac But i must say all credits for this tactic go to Mr. Houghes, for def settings to Kawee and for team talk to SFraiser.. I only took this 3 parts and mix them. And how Mr. Houghes say in first post u must have right player for some position. For egg. in Kawee tactic Sandro,Fellaini and Hazard was brilliat but Fabregas not. In Mr Houghes tactic Fellaini and Fabregas was briliant but Sando and Hazard not.
  11. Sorry this is Mr. Hughes post and tactic and only if he agree i put link.
  12. Keeper settings is original of Mr. Hughes tactic. And other thing. Team talk is important!! I have little test whit 2 games. First against Tottenham,and secand aganist Wigan. 1. Home - Tottanham -For the fans- win 2-1 or 1-0 or draw 3-3 -You can win today - win 5-0 or 4-0 or 6-0 2.Away - Wigan -You can win today -win 1-0 or lose 1-0 -Expect to win - win 5-0 or 6-0 So if i play against weaker team i set Expect to win, and if i play simmilary or stronger team i set You can win today
  13. I change all settings of backs and def line to Push Up.
  14. Sorry about late replay but i was on hockey game Firs of all i play Kawee tactic and i so thet def setting was realy good. So i take def setting of his back four and put them in Mr.Hughes tactic. Also i so in Mr. Hughes tactc gap in betwen def line and mid line, so i change def line from normal tu Push Up. And now it is all realy good.. This is resolt after my last post: Arsenal - Stuttgart 8-0 H Champions Arsenal - Portsmouth 4-0 H Premier Arsenal - Man Utd 2-0 H League Cup Arsenal - Fulham 3-0 A Premier Arsenal - Stuttgat 5-2 A Champions - i concedend 2 goals whit 10 player when my defender was iny.
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